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Repository Description
MotionToastView A Beautiful Multipurpose Motion Toast Library in iOS using Swift
Tagged 🏷 A wrapper type for safer, expressive code.
SASL SASL C library for Swift.
StencilSwiftKit A framework bringing additional nodes & filters to Stencil dedicated to Swift code generation
CollectionViewPagingLayout A simple but highly customizable `UICollectionViewLayout` for `UICollectionView`.
RosSwift ROS Robotic Operating System - Swift implementation of core client libraries and rosmaster. Based on roscpp.
BonaFideCharacterSet Bona fide character set.
Popover Custom macOS Popover 💬
OpenWeatherKit :partly_sunny: Swift OpenWeatherMap Kit :partly_sunny:
SCNBezier Create animations over Bezier curves of any number of points
Fetch A resource based network abstraction based on Alamofire.
Amplitude Native iOS/tvOS/macOS SDK
SectionReactor A ReactorKit extension for managing table view and collection view sections with RxDataSources
URITemplate Swift implementation of URI Template (RFC6570)
NordicDFU OTA DFU Library for Mac and iOS, compatible with nRF5x SoCs
InflectorKit Efficiently Singularize and Pluralize Strings
SwiftUIMapView MKMapView in SwiftUI
morsel 📇 Swift library for creating HLS playlists and fragmented mp4 files. Works on Linux and iOS.
Docopt A command-line interface description language and parser that will make you smile
Telegraph Secure Web Server for iOS, tvOS and macOS
UITextView+Placeholder A missing placeholder for UITextView
BasketballJerseyNumber Custom data type for representing basketball player numbers with additional validation rules.
CocoaAsyncSocket Asynchronous socket networking library for Mac and iOS
NWHTTPProtocol An HTTP protocol implementation (an `NWProtocolFramer`) and a tiny HTTP server for Network.framework
Introspect Introspect underlying UIKit components from SwiftUI
CSVEncoder Swift CSV Encoder
SWindow Easy to use Swift windows manager
Stubber A minimal method stub for Swift
soto-cognito-authentication Authenticating with AWS Cognito for Vapor
Then ✨ Super sweet syntactic sugar for Swift initializers
CheckmarkCollectionViewCell UICollectionViewCell with checkbox when it isSelected and empty circle when not - like "Select" mode.
ICY ICY / Essent e-thermostaat client in Swift
ElegantCalendar The elegant full screen calendar missed in SwiftUI.
SwiftDate Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates, time and timezones in Swift
S3Storage A skelpo/Storage implementation for Amazon S3
Web3swift Elegant Web3js functionality in Swift. Native ABI parsing and smart contract interactions.
KKBOXOpenAPISwift KKBOX Open API Swift Developer SDK for iOS/macOS/watchOS/tvOS
XPaver Make XML navigation by XPath easier
Astral An HTTP networking library that separates the process of building the URLRequest into logical data structures
UICollectionViewFlexLayout A drop-in replacement for UICollectionViewFlowLayout
Fastlane 🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps
EmojiKit 📚 Ultimate Emoji Generator library for Swift
MacroApp A SwiftUI-like, declarative way to setup MacroExpress Endpoints
Cooking Cook classes/structs with the taste you love. Naming your extensions in the Swifty way people love.
Shell Module exposing Unix command line tools as Swift 5 @dynamicCallable functions
RVS_IPAddress A "Smart Parser" for IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses. Includes a String extension.
Umbrella ☂️ Analytics abstraction layer for Swift
SwiftRewriter A Swift Package Manager console app and library to convert Objective-C code into Swift.
KituraStencil Stencil templating for Kitura
variable-injector Continuous Integration Tool for Swift Projects
Easing Easing functions in Swift 5
Epoxy Epoxy is a suite of declarative UI APIs for building UIKit applications in Swift
tuist 🚀 Create, maintain, and interact with Xcode projects at scale
AVFoundationCombine Combine extensions for AVFoundation
TTESwift My favourite things
SwiftPackageManifest A package for decoding the output of `swift package dump-package`
EllipticCurve An elliptic curve library written in Swift 4
WikipediaKit Wikipedia API Client Framework for Swift on macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS
thincloud-ios-sdk The ThinCloud SDK for iOS.
Carte 🍴 Open source license notice view generator for Swift
LogicKit A Prolog-like language as a Swift Embedded Domain Specific Language.
Uridium swift metal like api on vulkan
Parma A SwiftUI view for displaying Markdown with customizable appearances.
StorageKit Core services for creating storage providers integrations.
SGLImage SwiftGL Image Library
SwiftMessages A very flexible message bar for iOS written in Swift.
Loadability Powerful, modern networking and caching with SwiftUI support
Slugify Convenience for sluggifying your strings.
CiNiiKit CiNii API client written in Swift
CommandLineKit Swift framework to create command line interfaces.
MastodonKit MastodonKit is a Swift Framework that wraps Mastodon's API
PureMVC PureMVC Standard Framework for Swift
TemplateKit 📄 Easy-to-use foundation for building powerful templating languages in Swift.
FlatBuffers FlatBuffers: Memory Efficient Serialization Library
Autograph Swift source code generation kit.
Carthage A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa
DocSlice A library / executable for separating PDF pages into multiple smaller files.
Quick The Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework.
Sugar A package of sugar for Vapor 🍬
Futures Demand-driven asynchronous programming in Swift
Ranges `SwiftRanges` provides some kinds of range that are not implemented in Swift Standard Library.
Runtime A Swift Runtime library for viewing type info, and the dynamic getting and setting of properties.
SemVer A Swift implementation of a semantic Version as described at
SwiftBelt A macOS enumeration tool inspired by harmjoy's Windows-based Seatbelt enumeration tool. Author: Cedric Owens
SwiftTweaks Tweak your iOS app without recompiling!
WolfWith A Swift implementation of the With-Operator.
Git A high-level swift framework based on the GIT macOS command line utility
SwiftEventCenter A simple and easy to use event manager
hummingbird-redis Hummingbird integration with Redis driver RediStack
Impose Impose is a simple dependency injection library for Swift
Stackdriver 💬 Helper for logging and error logging to Google Cloud Stackdriver
Parade 🚸 OperationQueue Manager
PerfectRequestLogger SPM module for request logging filters for the Perfect framework for server-side Swift
icu-swift Swift APIs for ICU
Config Extensible configuration generation for projects in swift
LazyViewSwiftUI Lazy load a SwiftUI view to fix a problem with NavigationLink
swift-create-xcframework A simple Command Line Tool to create XCFrameworks by wrapping xcodebuild.
Blake2 An Objective-C wrapper for the Blake2 hashing algorithm
DSFToolbar A SwiftUI-style declarative NSToolbar wrapper for macOS.
XCTAssertCrash Asserts that an expression crashes by using Mach Exception Handler or POSIX Signal Handler.
Google Use Google APIs via REST in Swift.
Idioms Swift idioms
KeyboardKit KeyboardKit is a Swift library that helps you create custom keyboard extensions for iOS and ipadOS.
SwiftEliza A Swift + iOS implementation of the ELIZA chatbot.
GampKit Google Analytics Measurement Protocol API for Swift
GraphQL The Swift GraphQL implementation for macOS and Linux
BitcoinKit Bitcoin protocol toolkit for Swift
Disk Delightful framework for iOS to easily persist structs, images, and data
Fetch Simple http in swift
CombineProperty Get the current value of Combine Publishers with Reactive-Swift-style Properties
APIClient Lightweight URL-based API client
SwifterSwift A handy collection of more than 500 native Swift extensions to boost your productivity.
CountryPicker A simple, customizable Country picker for picking country or dialing code. 🇮🇳 🇯🇵 🇰🇷 🇩🇪 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇮🇹 🇷🇺 🇬🇧
Reachability Replacement for Apple's Reachability re-written in Swift with closures
SwiftCoroutine Swift coroutines for iOS, macOS and Linux.
Perfect Server-side Swift. The Perfect core toolset and framework for Swift Developers. (For mobile back-end development, website and API development, and more…)
healthkit-on-fhir HealthKitOnFhir is a Swift library that automates the export of Apple HealthKit Data to a FHIR Server.
SDWebImageLinkPlugin A SDWebImage loader plugin, to support load rich link image with LinkPresentation framework
DateToolsSwift Dates and times made easy in iOS
SelectionList Simple single-selection or multiple-selection checklist, based on UITableView
Baby Create models from a JSON file, even a Baby can do it.
Shusky A command-line tool for executing git hooks in Swift :dog2:
SkeletonView ☠️ An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents they are awaiting
KnuthAlgorithmD Swift implementation of Donald Knuth's multi-precision unsigned integer division Algorithm D, from The Art of Computer Programming, Vol 2: Semi-numerical Algorithms, Chapter 4.3.3
jira-swift Jira Client for Swift
LoadableImage Lightweight but useful loadable image component for SwiftUI with loading indicator, caching and image placeholder
SCNMathExtensions A Swift µ-Library of math extensions for SCNVector3, SCNQuaternion, SCNMatrix4
DynamicCodable Easily preserve arbitrary Codable data structures when unarchiving
Android Swift library for Android
R.swift.Library Library containing types used by the R.swift project
SwiftUIVisualEffects View modifiers that wrap UIVisualEffectView, with environment integration.
SwinjectAutoregistration Swinject extension to automatically register your services
Spot Simple CoreLocation wrapper
JelloSwift Swift soft body physics engine
TLVCoding TLV8 (Type-Length-Value) Coder library
SPIRV-Cross A SwiftPM repository for SPIRV-Cross
JSONValue Simple Swift JSON representation supporting subscripting and pattern matching.
SHDateFormatter A date formatter supporting encoding as well as decoding of many different date and time formats including the often used ISO8601 standard.
SwiftCubicSpline Swift implementation of cubic spline interpolation (
Base32Crockford Encode, Decode and Generate Random String in Base32Crockford Format
HyperHooks-Core HyperHooks Core for usage with HyperHooks DOM and HyperSwift
Form Form is an iOS Swift library for building and styling UIs
rswift Strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, fonts and segues in Swift projects
Tabman ™️ A powerful paging view controller with interactive indicator bars
libcmark_gfm Swift compatible framework for cmark-gfm
CocoaAsyncSocket Asynchronous socket networking library for Mac and iOS
Venice Coroutines, structured concurrency and CSP for Swift on macOS and Linux.
Liquid Create a playful backsplash in SwiftUI.
DSFSecureTextField NSSecureTextField with a 'visibility' button.
XMLParsing XMLEncoder & XMLDecoder using the codable protocol in Swift 4
SwiftUIFormattedText A proof-of-concept library for HTML-like formatted text in SwiftUI
SwiftExec :rocket: Simple process execution with Swift
FluentSeeder The easiest way to seed a database using Fluent.
DIAttribute Introduce dependency injection attribute (@Inject)
DSFDragSlider A macOS 2d virtual trackpad control
Beethoven :guitar: A maestro of pitch detection.
AlamofireLogging HTTP Logging support for Alamofire
Selfish A tool to automatically insert explicit `self` references in the Swift files in the current directory.
BinaryCodable Swift Codable-like interfaces for binary representations.
KangarooStore A very lightweight Core Data framework
ScClient Native iOS/macOS client written in swift 4/swift 5
Themeable Easy, type-safe UI theming in Swift
SwiftUITextView UITextView wrapped for use with SwiftUI
ModelResponse A simple protocol for converting Vapor models to public facing types
XcodeProject Xcode Project manipulation from Swift
SQLite.swift A type-safe, Swift-language layer over SQLite3.
VisualEffects A semi-official SwiftUI wrapper for UIVisualEffectView
SwiftyToolz A Collection of Basic Reusable Tools for Swift
SmokeAWSGenerate Code generator to generate the SmokeAWS library from service models.
CX11.swift Swift Package for X11
DependencyInjectorObjectMapper Dependency injector Swift support ObjectMapper
LiquidKit Liquid template language parser engine in Swift.
swift-win32 A Win32 application framework for Swift
MapboxNavigation Turn-by-turn navigation logic and UI in Swift on iOS
Beethoven :guitar: A maestro of pitch detection.
Args A Swift package that parses command line arguments and returns a hash of the passed flags
YelpProvider Yelp Vapor Provider
ios-sherpa A drop-in view controller for displaying a User Guide or FAQ.
PackStream PackStream implementation in Swift
SwiftBinary Binary auto-parsing for Swift.
SecurePropertyStorage Helps you define secure storages for your properties using Swift property wrappers.
AVPlayerItemHomeOutput Coordinate the output of content associated with your HomeKit lightbulbs. #Ambilight
DTPagerController A fully customizable container view controller to display a set of ViewControllers in a horizontal scroll view. Written in Swift.
Ditto A lightweight routing system written in Swift.
FlowingMenu Interactive view transition to display menus with flowing and bouncing effects in Swift
AnyCodable Type-erased wrappers for Encodable, Decodable, and Codable values
DependencyInjector Dependency injector made in pure Swift
MarkdownUI Render Markdown text in SwiftUI
XCTAssertNoLeak Provides assert function that check memory leak in Swift.
TypographyKitPalette 🎨 Makes your TypographyKit color palette available in Xcode Interface Builder.
Privacy A wrapper over system privacy APIs
swift-algorithms Swift Algorithms is an open-source package of sequence and collection algorithms, along with their related types.
WolfConcurrency Swift tools and conveniences for concurrency, including Dispatch and an implementation of promises.
DockProgress Show progress in your app's Dock icon
Lisk Swift 4 library for Lisk - Including Local Signing for maximum security
MisoDispatchWorkItemKeeper Swift package to cancel async operations on class/struct deletion
xcparse Command line tool & Swift framework for parsing Xcode 11+ xcresult
XCOpen A tool to easily open a file of .xcodeproj, .xcworkspace or .playground by Xcode.
SwiftyImageIO A swift wrapper around ImageIO framework
RxSmartThrottle Observable.throttle with custom intervals
Releases A Swift package for resolving released versions from a Git repository
CoreXLSX Excel spreadsheet (XLSX) format support in pure Swift
Bloombox Bloombox for Swift - Retail cannabis SDK and tools for iOS
RxFlow RxFlow is a navigation framework for iOS applications based on a Reactive Flow Coordinator pattern
CryptoSwift CryptoSwift is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in Swift
MailCore Emailing wrapper for Vapor 3 apps
Java Java swift module
PianoKeyboard Piano keyboard view for iOS, in Swift
Miles A thin wrapper around XCTest Macros to make tests just a bit more readable.
swift-collections-benchmark A benchmarking tool for Swift Collection algorithms
HotSwiftUI Utilities for Hot Reloading SwiftUI apps.
LegibleError Beating `Error.localizedDescription` at its own game.
Structure Algebraic and data structures
XcodeGen A Swift command line tool for generating your Xcode project
ShamirSecretShare A swift implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing over GF(2^8)
Defaults Swifty and modern UserDefaults
Drawer A SwiftUI bottom-up controller, like in the Maps app. Drag to expand or minimize.
StandoutJiraKit Jira kit for swift development specialised for Standout AB
SDWebImageHEIFCoder A SDWebImage coder plugin to support HEIF image without Apple's Image/IO framework
Mint A package manager that installs and runs executable Swift packages
SG90Servo Swift library for the SG90 Servo Motor, adaptable for other servos (9g ES08A, SM-S4303R, S3003, etc...).
NavigationSearchBarModifier A clean way to attach a search bar with a scope bar in SwiftUI.
SwiftOnSockets Swift on Sockets
Gifu High-performance animated GIF support for iOS in Swift
Finch A configurable command line tool to easily create and format version changelogs
SwiftUIPolygonGeofence Draw a geofence similar to how you would use the photoshop pen tool.
SwiftyBeaver Convenient & secure logging during development & release in Swift 3, 4 & 5
PHDiff Swift implementation of Paul Heckel's diff technique.
ProgressSpinnerKit A library to display an ActivityIndicator for CLI.
AzureAuth R package for OAuth 2.0 authentication with Azure Active Directory
Superhighway A tiny networking library with Combine support
Networking Easy HTTP Networking in Swift a NSURLSession wrapper with image caching support
SSpec Behavior Driven Development in Swift
RVS_BlueThoth A Native Swift Core Bluetooth LE Central (Client) Abstraction Driver
URLImage Asynchronous image loading in SwiftUI. Lightweight, pure SwiftUI Image view, that displays an image downloaded from URL, with auxiliary views and local cache.
Extension A collection of extensions of Cocoa, for quick developing
Notarize Command line utility to notarize apple application
SwiftConfettiView Swift Confetti View ! Who doesn't like confetti? 🎉🎉
Localizer 🇮🇸🇩🇪🇯🇵🇲🇽 Swift localization helper
Network A network request tool based on URLSession
SwiftyContacts A Swift library for Contacts framework.
SwiftQueue A swift library for a queue data structure.
FineJSON More useful JSONEncoder, Decoder
Aether-example swift Aether UI framework example
WebPackMiniS A super simple mini version of WebPack written in Swift
Task A task-management framework built atop Combine.
RomanNumeralKit First-class Roman numeral support for Swift.
Color Simple extensions for working with Color and UIColor.
Eunomia The team's go-to utilities for iOS and OSX, named for the Greek goddess of green pastures, law and legislation
AssetsPickerViewController Powerfully Customizable - Multiple Photo & Video Picker Controller
Bolt Bolt implementation in Swift
AMPopTip An animated popover that pops out a given frame, great for subtle UI tips and onboarding.
ElsevierKit Elsevier API client written in Swift
Marathon Marathon makes it easy to write, run and manage your Swift scripts 🏃
SwiftAWSSignatureV4 AWS's signature version 4 in cross-platform Swift
FioriSwiftUI SwiftUI implementation of the SAP Fiori for iOS Design Language.
CHDF5 Swift package manager module map for HDF5
Janus A Swift wrapper for Janus RESTful API.
Delaunay Delaunay, CDT and Conforming triangulation
Euler Swift Custom Operators for Mathematical Notation
siteify Build web site from a project’s Swift sources.
Sketching Collection of sketching algorithms in Swift
Async Syntactic sugar in Swift for asynchronous dispatches in Grand Central Dispatch
MultiPeer 📱📲 A wrapper for the MultipeerConnectivity framework for automatic offline data transmission between devices
GradientProgressBar 📊 A customizable gradient progress bar (UIProgressView).
SwipeCell Swipe Left2Right & Right2Left, pure SwiftUI implementation
NFCReader Scan and decode NFC tags on iOS
HPNetwork A protocol-based networking stack written in Swift
CursorPagination Opaque cursor pagination for Vapor's Fluent.
VKPinCodeView VKPinCodeView is simple and elegant UI component for input PIN. You can easily customise appearance and get auto fill (OTP) iOS 12 feature right from the box.
Commander Compose beautiful command line interfaces in Swift
CoreDataToSwiftUI Rule based CRUD CoreData Frontends for SwiftUI
TweeTextField Lightweight set of text fields with nice animation and functionality. 🚀 Inspired by
Koba Security Headers for Kitura
XML Swift XML Tree Serialization
UserDefaultsStore Why not use UserDefaults to store Codable objects 😉
octokit.swift A Swift API Client for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise
XcodeProj 📝 Read, update and write your Xcode projects
SwiftUICharts A simple line and bar charting library that supports accessibility written using SwiftUI.
DirectToSwiftUI Rule based CRUD Database Frontends for SwiftUI
SwiftUIPolygonGeofence Draw a geofence similar to how you would use the photoshop pen tool.
Aesthete A Swift package from Dunesailer Research for working with aesthetic concepts
CombineX Open source implementation for Apple's Combine
Schedule Schedule timing task in Swift using a fluent API. (A friendly alternative to Timer)
DSFImageFlipbook A simple 'flipbook' of images that can be presented as flipbook-style animation
PersonalityKit A Swift Package from Dunesailer Research that contains tools for generating and managing simulated human-like personalities
MoRegex Regular Expression for Swift
Wordsmith A Swift Package from Dunesailer Research for the generation of interesting creative text elements
SwiftCron SwiftCron is meant to make scheduling and repeating functions easy in Swift in macOS and Linux
SwiftUIRules Dynamic, Rule based @EnvironmentKeys for SwiftUI
AlgoChecker Mad technique to detect algorithm (Time Complexity) of a given function
Shark Swift CLI for strong-typing images, colors, fonts and localizations
DSFStepperView A custom stepper text field for macOS and iOS, supporting Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI and Catalyst
apns Helpful extensions and abstractions for using APNSwift
PerfectSessionMySQL MySQL Driver for Perfect Sessions.
Surge Surge has been moved to its own organization on GitHub (@Jounce)
PSPDFKit-SP Swift Package for PSPDFKit for iOS
PotentCodables 🧪 PotentCodables - A potent set of implementations and extensions to the Swift Codable system
RxViewController RxSwift wrapper for UIViewController and NSViewController
SimpleSwiftLogger A minimal Swift logging class with multiple levels and color coding
fd Swift file descriptor / socket library
Datable Swift convenience functions to convert between various different types and Data
SpotCache Memory and Disk file cache for cacheable network resources.
ImageScrollView Scrollable and zoomable image view for iOS in Swift
Service 📦 Dependency injection / inversion of control framework.
Skribent Skribent is an easy zero config logger which still can be extended and is typesafe.
SheetyColors An action sheet styled color picker for iOS.
Gtk A Swift wrapper around gtk-3.x and gtk-4.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
XCLogParser Tool to parse Xcode and xcodebuild logs stored in the xcactivitylog format
Ocean This is a mini toolset that enhance Foundation framework more easily to use.
ExyteGrid The most powerful Grid container missed in SwiftUI
IBMWatsonRestKit Core networking and authentication library for the Watson Swift SDK
VectorPlus A utility & library for converting SVG paths to Core Graphics images.
Gorush Vapor service to easily integrate push notifications via Gorush
SwiftyMessenger Swift toolkit for passing messages between iOS apps and extensions.
Version Represent and compare versions via semantic versioning (SemVer) in Swift
ElasticsearchVapor A Swift elasticsearch client using SwiftNIO
Saber Dependency injection (DI) & Inversion of Control (IoC) command line tool for Swift based on code generation
SwiftLocation 🛰 CoreLocation Made Easy - Efficient & Easy Location Tracker, IP Location, Gecoder, Geofence, Autocomplete, Beacon Ranging, Broadcaster and Visits Monitoring
LogDistributedNotifications Log distributed notifications on macOS
SwiftCLI A powerful framework that can be used to develop a CLI in Swift
wren-swift The wren scripting language as a Swift package, w/ some Swift API wrappers
Logboard Simple logging framework for your framework project.
LoggerAPI Logger protocol
RxAlamofire RxSwift wrapper around the elegant HTTP networking in Swift Alamofire
Perfect-MariaDB A stand-alone Swift wrapper around the MariaDB client library, enabling access to MariaDB servers.
FileUtils Easy way to work with files, directories and paths in swift on macOS and linux.
Transport Implementation of the Pluggable Transports 2.1 Swift API
SSToastMessage SSToastMessage is written purely in SwiftUI. It will add toast, alert, and floating message view over the top of any view. It is intended to be simple, lightweight, and easy to use. It will be a popup with a single line of code.
SystemKit macOS system library in Swift
WeakableSelf A Swift micro-framework to easily deal with weak references to self inside closures
ExceptionCatcher Catch Objective-C exceptions in Swift
SnapKit A Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X
RxAutomaton 🤖 RxSwift + State Machine, inspired by Redux and Elm.
HotKey Simple global shortcuts in macOS
CoreDataModelDescription Declarative way to describe a Core Data model in code.
libwebp-Xcode A wrapper for libwebp + Xcode project. Support Carthage && CocoaPods && SwiftPM.
PocketSVG Easily convert your SVG files into CGPaths, CAShapeLayers, and UIBezierPaths
ScheduleView A library for presenting schedules and timetables in an iOS app.
Zipper 🗳A library to create, read and modify ZIP archive files, written in Swift.
iPages Quickly implement swipable page views.
AppIconSetGen Tool to generate App Icon set for iOS, macOS, watchOS apps
SwiftRandom A tiny generator of random data for swift
SwiftfulLoadingIndicators A collection of lightweight SwiftUI loading animations.
StackdriverLogging Swift (apple/swift-log) LogHandler for logging JSON to GCP Stackdriver
SwiftySass A LibSass wrapper for Swift
MIDIWebView WebMIDI API integration into WKWebView
Replacer An easy-to-use library to stub HTTP requests using URLSession and to swizzle methods
RocketBoot Speed up you app's launching when you using Carthage or Punic to manager your Third-Party frameworks
AlertToast Create Apple-like alerts & toasts using SwiftUI
MacUtility Taking the Mac out of the General Utility and putting it in its own package
S3SignerAWS Pure Swift AWS S3 Signer, generates V4 Auth Headers and V4 presignedURLs
Graphics Helpful tools for creating graphical objects
Evil Optical Character Recognition in Swift for iOS&macOS. 银行卡、身份证、门牌号光学识别
SkeletonView An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents he is waiting
swift-profile-data-manager Project to manage profile data related to the sign up process
ReactantUI Reactant extension for UI declaration in XML
TMLPersistentContainer Shortest-path multi-step Core Data migrations in Swift
SQLite.swift A type-safe, Swift-language layer over SQLite3.
xcprojectlint A security blanket for Xcode project files
StateMachine State machine creation framework written in Swift inspired by GKStateMachine from Apple GameplayKit
Math Helpful mathematical tools for music and graphics
Common Basic data structures, protocols and utilities for Swift
ReteEngine A Rete-based rule engine
TwilioSwift Server Side Swift API for Twilio
ContainerController UI Component. This is a copy swipe-panel from app: Apple Maps, Stocks. Swift version
AlmostForceUnwrap Throwing force unwrap operator for Swift
iPhoneNumberField Elegant SwiftUI phone number textField.
Haptica Easy Haptic Feedback Generator 📳
URL-QueryItem Extensions to make working with URLQueryItems & URLs easier
NotationModel Structures for the describing music notational elements
ElasticsearchService 🔍 Elasticsearch integration for your Vapor apps.
pyTanks.SwiftPlayer A Swift Client for Joel Eager's pyTanks Server
danger-swift ⚠️ Stop saying "you forgot to …" in code review
SDWebImageAVIFCoder A SDWebImage coder plugin to support AVIF(AV1 Image File Format) image
PerformanceTesting Structures for testing performance characteristics of data structures and algorithms
TinyNetworking Tiny Networking Library
YVAnchor Faster and easier layout constraints
Verify A state validation solution with declarative composition and easy reuse.
SwiftCompilationDatabase SwiftCompilationDatabase produces a CompilationDatabase from the Swift compiler.
Vaux A HTML DSL library for Swift
PerfectCloudFormation Support for CloudFormation server instances.
ReverseJson Generate Swift and Objective-C data models from json data
MultilineTextField A lightweight SwiftUI wrapper for UITextView that makes it behave like a multiline TextField.
IGListKit A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists.
hummingbird Lightweight, flexible HTTP server framework written in Swift
Sentry The official Sentry SDK for iOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS
Kitura-Credentials A pluggable framework for validating user credentials in a Swift server using Kitura
swift-file-data-manager Project to manage file uploads that need to be done during a sign up process
MLQuestionCheck A check component for Swift projects
Actions Swift / AppKit action abstraction
gausskrueger 🌐 Convert GK4 coordinates to WGS84, and vice versa
MCP3008 A Swift library for the MCP3008 (and MCP3002,MCP3004) 10 bits SPI ADC
Tokamak SwiftUI-compatible framework for building browser apps with WebAssembly and native apps for other platforms
Arguments Swift argument processing, using Docopt.
Karte 🗺 Conveniently launch directions in other iOS apps
Imgurr A CLI tool to upload and delete from Imgur
NumericText TextField replacement for SwiftUI that restricts input to numbers
PerfectThread Core threading library for Perfect Server Side Swift. Includes support for serial and concurrent thread queues, locks, read/write locks and events.
JSONPatch JSON Patch RFC6902 implementation in Swift
fluent Vapor ORM (queries, models, and relations) for NoSQL and SQL databases
CALE Swift module for Arcade Learning Environment library.
KeyboardKit A framework that makes it easy to add hardware keyboard control to iOS and Mac Catalyst apps.
ParserCombinator Simple ParserCombinator framework for Swift
TemporaryFile SwiftTemporaryFile provides functions related to temporary files.
MidiParser Read/Write SMF(Standard Midi Files) in Swift for iOS/macOS
CodablePlus A collection of extensions around the Swift `Codable` implementation.
CombineMIDI Connect MIDI using Combine to SwiftUI (or UIKit)
Zewo Lightweight library for web server applications in Swift on macOS and Linux powered by coroutines.
SemanticVersion Swift abstraction for a semantic version (of the form major.minor.patch)
Keychain iOS Keychain Helper
CancelForPromiseKit CancelForPromiseKit provides clear and concise cancellation abilities for PromiseKit and for the PromiseKit Extensions. While PromiseKit includes basic support for cancellation, CancelForPromiseKit extends this to make cancelling promises and their associated tasks simple and straightforward.
SnapKit A Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X
SwiftUIGraphPlotLibrary Graph Plot library build with SwiftUI
Player ▶️ video player in Swift, simple way to play and stream media on iOS/tvOS
Segmentio Animated top/bottom segmented control written in Swift.
CryptoSecurity 🔒CryptoSecurity - Obsolete - Replaced with
Moat A line of defense for your Vapor application including attack filtering + extras.
SwiftParser Experimental swift parser generator
SwiftSignatureView A lightweight, fast and customizable option for capturing fluid, variable-stroke-width signatures within your app.
BowArch 🏛 Functional Architecture in Swift using Bow
BundleInfoVersioning Lightweight package that allows you to observe changes in the Info.plist
SwiftMarkdown Swift cmark wrapper for SwiftPM
RPiLight 24-Hour LED Controller for Raspberry Pi. Aimed at Aquarium Use.
ClosurePublisher 📡 Combine Publisher for closure results
LocMapper Tool to manage the localization of the mobile apps
swift-collections A package of production grade Swift data structures
JSONAPI Swift Codable JSON:API framework
IotaC A Swift wrapper for Iota C implementation.
Kommander-iOS A lightweight, pure-Swift library for manage the task execution in different threads. Through the definition a simple but powerful concept, Kommand.
Bits A bite sized library for dealing with bytes.
swift-chess Chess represented in swift
Networker Type-safe, API-agnostic networking.
Commercetools The e-commerce iOS SDK from commercetools.
SentryCocoaLumberjack CocoaLumberjack integration for Sentry
hummingbird-mustache Mustache template engine for Hummingbird server framework
SKClient Create a custom SlackKit client
MAImage Easy iOS image caching library
Predicate A small addition to Swift adding predicate matchers for filtering operators using KeyPaths, it just feels natural™
Then :clapper: Tame async code with battle-tested promises
SwiftyTM1637 A Swift class to drive the TM1637 chipset (i.e. 7-segment LK-Digi Display)
SimplyLogger Simply Swift logging
Euclid Great-circle mathematics helper library for platforms using Swift -
ActionOver A custom SwiftUI modifier to present an ActionSheet or a Popover menu
Nextbike 🚲 Minimal wrapper for the Nextbike API listing all bike racks and available bike counts
SDWebImageSwiftUI SwiftUI Image loading and Animation framework powered by SDWebImage
Scientist A Swift library for carefully refactoring critical paths.
XMPP Pure Swift XMPP library
INIParser A lightweight INI file parser in Server Side Swift
Swiftbrew Homebrew for Swift packages
SimpleDownloader Simple downloader
java_swift Support code for Swift Java Bridge
PureLayout The ultimate API for iOS & OS X Auto Layout — impressively simple, immensely powerful. Objective-C and Swift compatible.
MKRingProgressView ⭕️ Ring progress view similar to Activity app on Apple Watch
Scout Easier, dynamic mocking for Swift.
Deque A double-ended queue type in pure Swift
DecreeServices Declarations for popular services for use with Decree
Valigator Swift validator library
MySQLBridge 🐘 Pure SwifQL+NIO bridge to MySQL
SwiftMarkdown A library for parsing and formatting strings with markdown tags in swift
swift-nio-irc-client A Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol implementation for SwiftNIO
FlowLayout A high-performance flow layout that provides global headers, footers, section backgrounds and various configurations.
CommandLineKit Framework supporting the development of command-line tools in Swift on macOS and Linux. The framework supports managing command-line arguments, provides lightweight functions to deal with escape sequences, and defines an API for reading strings from the terminal.
Charts :rocket: SwiftUI Charts with custom styles
SQLiteExpress SQLiteExpress is a small Swift 5 library implementing a wrapper for the C API of SQLite3 on macOS and iOS.
Encoding Hex strings, endinanness, and bit packing
Swift-AI The Swift machine learning library.
NetworkImage Asynchronous image loading in SwiftUI
SpotifyAPI A Swift library for the Spotify web API. Supports all endpoints.
Rearrange Collection of utilities for interacting with NSRange
AppFolder 🗂 Never use NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains again
SwiftyProvisioningProfile Parse iOS mobile provisioning files into Swift models
Sheeeeeeeeet Sheeeeeeeeet is a Swift library for creating menus, custom action sheets, context menus etc.
OperantKit A tool for operant conditioning experiments for Swift.
Restofire Restofire is a protocol oriented networking client for Alamofire
smoke-http Specialised HTTP Client for service operations abstracted from the HTTP protocol.
Kebab A library to convert text between different cases and formats.
AEAccordion Simple and lightweight UITableViewController with accordion effect (expand / collapse cells)
NetworkConnectivity Swift Package designed as an alternative to detecting network connectivity when traditional methods do not work. Designed for iOS and macOS
ErrNo Swift enum wrapper for C errno values
SubtleVolume Replace the system volume popup with a more subtle indicator.
Caesura Modularization Library in Swift - Powered by ReSwift
Cairo A Swift wrapper around cairo-1.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
JPFanAppClient JP Fan App Swift Client (iOS, macOS, Linux)
Lighty Easy to use and lightweight logger for iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and Linux in Swift.
URLScission URLSession Log and Mock Framework
SOSwiftVocabulary DEPRECATED: The structured data vocabulary defined as a series of swift protocols.
PMJSON Pure Swift JSON encoding/decoding library
Delegated 👷‍♀️ Closure-based delegation without memory leaks
Aiger A lightweight, swifty (and incomplete) wrapper around the AIGER library
HolidayJp :crossed_flags: Japanese holiday for Swift
Kanna Kanna(鉋) is an XML/HTML parser for Swift.
FuturaFunc Functional helpers for swift
InAppPurchaseLib An easy-to-use Swift library for In-App Purchases, using Fovea.Billing for receipts validation.
BigIntCompress An algorithm for compressing collections containing elements that can be represented by a simple enum
BRBON A binary JSON-like object notation for fast memory mapped access.
swift-utils Collection of Utilities in Swift
PGNParser A Parser for Portable Game Notation including Portable Draughts Notation
mysql-nio 🐬 Non-blocking, event-driven Swift client for MySQL.
SCNLine Draw a tube or thick line in SceneKit
Light 🕊 Super thin networking layer built on top of Shallows
smoke-aws-credentials A library to obtain and assume automatically rotating AWS IAM roles written in the Swift programming language.
ANSITerminal A Swift library to access features of ANSI terminal on Unixes console (Linux and Mac).
xcopen Because, yes, sometimes I really am so lazy that I want to cd and just open whatever xcproj is in the folder
TRETJapanNFCReader NFC (FeliCa) Reader for iOS 13 Core NFC / 日本の NFC、FeliCa カード向けリーダーライブラリ(iOS 13.0 以降 Core NFC)交通系IC(Suica、PASMO など)、楽天Edy、nanaco、WAON など、運転免許証、マイナンバーカードの読み取り
Strix A parser combinator library written in Swift.
yubatake yubatake is simple blogging engine for Swift.
carton 📦 Watcher, bundler, and test runner for your SwiftWasm apps
SwiftPM The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language
SwiftKueryMySQL MySQL plugin for Swift-Kuery framework
PhotoEditorSDK PhotoEditor SDK: A fully customizable photo editor for your app.
SWXMLHash Simple XML parsing in Swift
Localize Localize is a framework writed in swift to localize your projects easier improves i18n, including storyboards and strings.
MegaUIKit Mega-Evolved UIKit
NextBusKit A simple Swift API wrapper for NextBus transit information
Yams A Sweet and Swifty YAML parser.
SwiftBase32 Base32 for Swift
soto-cloudfront Standalone Repository of AWS cloudfront Client from soto-project/soto
KeyPathMapper Swift KeyPath Mapper
Genesis Templating, scaffolding and generation tool
MPTimer A port of my fork of Mike Ash's MABGTimer to Swift, done to add the ability to use AnyObject (as opposed to an NSObject instance) as the object in the timer.
CodableX Make Codable easier using Property Wrappers in Swift.
UIExtensions A collection of SwiftUI components (views) and helper extensions.
Comprehension List Comprehension For Swift
s3-filesystem-kit Swift File Manager for AWS S3
XCSnippets Xcode snippet manager
FuturaAsync Async tools in Swift
SwiftRichString Elegant & Painless Attributed Strings Management Library in Swift
RSKGrowingTextView A light-weight UITextView subclass that automatically grows and shrinks.
VaporRecaptcha A Vapor 3 library for validating Google reCAPTCHA submissions
ExtendedError :beetle: Custom error middleware for Vapor
Lingo Powerful Swift string localization library with support for pluralization and string interpolation.
UIComponents UIComponents is a Collection of SwiftUI View Components
Bytes Swift Library for working with sequences of Bytes (aka [UInt8])
SimpleForm An easy way to build forms and return data in SwiftUI.
FocusNode FocusSquare class taken straight from Apple's ARKit examples and packed up for anyone to use with ease.
LocationProvider An ObservableObject wrapper around CLLocation
Router 🛣 Simple Navigation for iOS
HistoricalQuotations Parser for Bovespa (B3) historical quotations files as a Swift Library
CryptoOffice Office Open XML (OOXML) formats (.xlsx, .docx, .pptx) decryption for Swift
ApiCore Core API functionality (users & teams, passwords, emails, etc) for any service built with Vapor 3
QRCodeReader Simple QRCode reader in Swift
Bulk 👨‍💻 Bulk is a library for buffering the objects. Pipeline(Sink) receives the object and emits the object bulked.
storekit-extensions :rocket: Collection of useful StoreKit extensions
CloudUserDefaults User defaults stored in the cloud, automatically syncs `UserDefaults` values that use a key with a specified prefix to the cloud.
Ed25519 Ed25519 for Swift 3.x
swift-notifier Observes all notification events and sends them to a front-end via APNs
Bedrock What's deeper than the foundation?
JWTKeychain Easily scaffold a keychain using JWT for Vapor ⛓
Swift-General-Utility General utility types and functionality
FileSmith A strongly typed Swift library for working with local files and directories.
EasyPeasy Auto Layout made easy
Timepiece Intuitive date handling in Swift
HaishinKit Camera and Microphone streaming library via RTMP, HLS for iOS, macOS, tvOS.
Avatars Generates urls for remote avatar images.
ISO8601DurationFormatter A formatter for converting ISO8601 durations to DateComponents.
Cachy A Caching Library is written in Swift that can cache JSON, Image, Zip or AnyObject with expiry date/TTYL and force refresh.
ExtraEncodable A small Swift package allowing you to customize the encoding behavior of `Encodable` types
VideoEditorSDK VideoEditor SDK: A fully customizable video editor for your app.
Bootstring An implementation of Bootstring in Swift.
PersistedPropertyWrapper A Swift library to enable easy persistent UserDefaults storage
Appetizer Generate images and icons for iOS and Android
SigmaSwiftStatistics A collection of functions for statistical calculation written in Swift.
MMDB-Swift A tiny wrapper for libmaxminddb which allows you to lookup Geo data by IP address.
ParseCareKit Securely synchronize any CareKit 2.1+ based app to a Parse Server Cloud. Compatible with parse-hipaa.
CleanroomLogger CleanroomLogger provides an extensible Swift-based logging API that is simple, lightweight and performant
Stripes SwiftUI background stripes and other texture patterns
Cobalt The E-sites Swift iOS API Client used for standard restful API's
smoke-dynamodb SmokeDynamoDB is a library to make it easy to use DynamoDB from Swift-based applications, with a particular focus on usage with polymorphic database tables (tables that do not have a single schema for all rows).
glTFSceneKit GLTF extension for SceneKit
SHSearchBar The search bar that doesn't suck.
Einsteinium A collection of swift extensions
AppStoreKit Swift package for using the App Store Connect API.
CommonMark Create, parse, and render Markdown text according to the CommonMark specification
SwiftKit SwiftKit contains additional functionality for Swift.
DrivenUI DrivenUI is an iOS SDK which makes introducing and building Server Driven UI feature into iOS Applications much more convenient.
PathKit Effortless path operations in Swift
SwiftGraph A Graph Data Structure in Pure Swift
Elasticsearch A Vapor/Swift Elasticsearch client
CSQLite3 A Swift ModuleMap module for SQLite3
Macaw Powerful and easy-to-use vector graphics Swift library with SVG support
CFontConfig Swift C module for FontConfig
SessionPlus A collection of extensions & wrappers around URLSession.
UIColour UIColor for English speakers
Web3 A pure swift Ethereum Web3 library
Validation ✅ Extensible data validation library (name, email, etc)
Storage Eases the use of multiple storage and CDN services 🗄
Erbium Light weight tool for detecting the current device's capabilities
Artemis Write GraphQL queries like SwiftUI views - no strings, no dictionaries.
PerfectXML XML support for Perfect.
Pharos Pharos is Observer pattern framework for Swift that utilize propertyWrapper
Francium A small library to use for your file system.
XcodeHelperCliKit CLI tools to help in the process of building cross-platform swift through Xcode
SwiftHeroProtocol Swift HeroProtocol is a cross platform native Swift port of Blizzard Entertainment's heroprotocol python library for extracting component files of a Heroes of the Storm replay file and decoding them
GATT Bluetooth Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) for Swift (Supports Linux)
ExtensibleEnumeratedName Swift protocol for creating names that are type-safe, statically-bound, and extendible at compile time.
VaporGenerators Command line class generators for Vapor
Mobius A functional reactive framework for managing state evolution and side-effects [Swift implementation]
Swort Swift Ascii Art Generator Logic
TimeSpecification Get `timespec` in Swift.
CTXTutorialEngine Library for quick embedding contextual tutorials in your app.
LineChart A simple animated LineChart example.
Eraser 📦Swift Package for overwriting and erasing ⌫ Output
Lithium _The_ E-sites logging framework
SwiftDI SwiftDI the new way to use your dependency in Swift 5.1
SwiftAlgorithmClub A swift package of the code in
Dots Lightweight Concurrent Networking Framework
Moya Network abstraction layer written in Swift.
FoldingCell :octocat: 📃 FoldingCell is an expanding content cell with animation made by @Ramotion
TTDateFormatter SwiftPackage For formatting date in swift
CLI Command Line parser written in and for swift
SwiftUIMapView MKMapView in SwiftUI
SwiftKit Start your next Open-Source Swift Framework 📦
InputMask User input masking library repo.
ColorKit Advanced color manipulation for iOS.
SwiftShell A Swift framework for shell scripting.
x11-example A simple example that shows how to write a X11 app on Linux in Swift using the new package manager
Carthage A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa
Ragnarok Remake of destiny.
periphery A tool to identify unused code in Swift projects.
CircularProgress Circular progress indicator for your macOS app
TelegramBot A helper tool for creating telegram bots with vapor
MultiLogging Logging utility package for Vapor 3
ocmock Mock objects for Objective-C
LaunchScreenSnapshot Protects sensitive data in your app snapshot.
omr-agentcore Provides core monitoring functionality for building runtime monitoring agents
ExtendedAttributes Working with file's extended attributes easily
Natrium A pre-build (Swift) script to alter your Xcode project at pre-build-time per environment, build configuration and target.
EternalFlame [WIP] Give life 😇To Dead 💀Terminal with EternalFlame 🔥
Reflection Construct any value type. No protocol conformance required.
ThemingKit Library for theming an iOS application easily
Swiftline Swiftline is a set of tools to help you create command line applications.
SeafileAPI Seafile's API wrapper written in Swift.
Radon A lightweight commandline tool to automatically generate strong-typed image references.
Overture 🎼 A library for function composition.
Partial Type-safe wrapper mirroring the wrapped type's properties, making each property optional
Datadog Datadog SDK for iOS - Swift and Objective-C.
RealmExtensions Functional extensions for the Realm mobile database
ZLogger Light, magical, easy to use Logger for your swift apps
Plug A lightweight Swift iOS networking library
WireGuard A Swift implementation of the client side of the WireGuard VPN protocol
TraktKit Swift wrapper for API.
Smtp :email: SMTP protocol support for the Vapor web framework.
Restructure A Swift-based wrapper around SQLite.
HTTP Response Date An extension that adds a “date" property to HTTPURLResponse.
swift-mod A tool for Swift code modification intermediating between code generation and formatting.
AdvancedList Advanced List View for SwiftUI with pagination & different states
PitchSpeller Pitch speller tools for use with the dn-m ecosystem and beyond
libaom A wrapper for libaom + Xcode project. Support Carthage && CocoaPods && SwiftPM.
Fastis Simple date picker created using JTAppleCalendar library
leaf 🍃 An expressive, performant, and extensible templating language built for Swift.
SignInWithApple Utilities to simplify Sign in with Apple for Vapor projects.
DockerClient A lightweight Swift client for the Docker Remote API.
Bind A simple reactive framework for binding values and objects to one another
NavigationStack An alternative SwiftUI NavigationView implementing classic stack-based navigation giving also some more control on animations and programmatic navigation.
SwiftLinkPreview It makes a preview from an URL, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images.
ObjectEncoder Swift Encoders implementation using `[String: Any]`, `[Any]` or `Any` as payload.
MiniFuture A monadic Future design pattern implementation in Swift
Phantomlike Typesafe numeric typealiases
rest-client A REST client implementation for Vapor in Swift
SwiftPlot Swift library for Data Visualization :bar_chart:
SCountLabel SCountLabel is an easy to use Swift extension counter for UILabel
JavaScriptKit Swift framework to interact with JavaScript through WebAssembly.
TyperTool An example CLT using my Typer module
secp256k1 Swift library plus bindings for ECDSA signatures and secret/public key operations using libsecp256k1.
argparser A minimalist argument-parsing library for Swift.
ModulusOperandi Declarative modular arithmetic for Swift Integers and Floating-Point types that supports Euclidean, flooring, and truncating division algorithms.
SwiftAPNs :calling: Send push notifications from Swift via APNs
PubNub PubNub Objective-C based APIs for iOS and OS X
PathKit Effortless path operations in Swift
USBDeviceSwift wrapper for IOKit.usb and IOKit.hid written on pure Swift that allows you convenient work with USB devices
EEStackLayout A structured vertical/horizontal stack layout
AccessibilitySnapshot Easy regression testing for iOS accessibility
ConstraintsKit 🏗 Declarative, Chainable & Lightweight Auto Layout constraints framework for iOS.
twitter-text Swift implementation of twitter-text library
ReleaseRadar 📬 ReleaseRadar is a lightweight framework to check release notes after iOS app update.
octahe Evolve your application by devolving the stack.
SourceKit Swift Package Manager package for SourceKit
CFontConfig Swift C module for FontConfig
S2GeometrySwift Swift port of S2 Geometry.
AFNetworks Make Rest Apis calls easy while using MVVM patterns and DI architecture
AwsSign Swift library for signing AWS URLRequests
Firebase Firebase iOS SDK
unstandard A general purpose add on to the Swift Standard Library / Foundation
couchdb-vapor CouchDB client for Vapor
BerkananSDK Bluetooth mesh messaging SDK for apps
DummyLinuxOSLog A dummy os_log for Linux.
FakeBundle 🗄 Use Resources in your Swift Package Manager executable
FaunaDB Swift driver for FaunaDB
Base58String An Swift implementation of base 58 string encoding and decoding
Notus Notus for Swift
AzureSDK iOS client SDKs for Microsoft Azure
Perfect-FCM-Server Experimental Firebase Cloud Messaging Server in Server Side Swift
Polyline Polyline encoder / decoder in swift
FilesProvider FileManager replacement for Local, iCloud and Remote (WebDAV/FTP/Dropbox/OneDrive) files -- Swift
Bech32 Swift implementation of Bech32 encoding and segwit address format
SwiftyHUDView A simple activity indicator / HUD implemented using SwiftUI
PwnedPasswords Package for testing a password against Pwned Passwords V2 API in Vapor
EFQRCode A better way to operate QR Code in Swift, support iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.
redis Vapor provider for RediStack
ZBSimplePluginManager A simple plug-in system by using JavaScriptCore.
SwiftPriorityQueue A Generic Priority Queue in Pure Swift
SwiftyRequest SwiftyRequest is an HTTP networking library built for Swift.
Connection A path-finding library powered by GameplayKit 👾
JSON Even Swiftier JSON Handler
source-editor from [louisdh/source-editor](
ShellySwift (under construction) File operations for Swift made easier
SourceDocs Generate Markdown documentation from source code
RootCAChallengeResolver A package to support use of URLSession to make SSL request where the service utilizes a self-signed certificate. Using RootCAChallengeResolver encourages less pervasive disabling ATS
swift-deque A double-ended queue collection for Swift
EmptyDataView EmptyDataView enables you to show user-friendly views when table data is empty.
BetSwift Swift library for Betfair exchange
TerraProxy-CLI Terraria Proxy Server
Cluster Easy Map Annotation Clustering 📍
Manifest A Swift Interface for an SPM Project's Manifest File
Shapes Commonly Used Shapes and Utilities In SwiftUI
SCNViewController The Missing SCNViewController Class (a Swift µ-library)
mustache A simple Mustache parser/evaluator for Swift
EloRatingSystem Elo Rating System written in Swift for Swift Package Manager
XCFrameworkBuild A script program that helps you build XCFramework quickly, and supports conversion of .framework and .a before .xcframework.
vapor 💧 A server-side Swift web framework.
JikanSwift Jikan Swift wrapper
Magnetic SpriteKit Floating Bubble Picker (inspired by Apple Music) 🧲
TinyConstraints Nothing but sugar.
NKButton A fully customizable UIButton
CollectionViewSlantedLayout A CollectionView Layout displaying a slanted cells
SwiftyTextTable A lightweight library for generating text tables.
Just Swift HTTP for Humans
clova-cek-sdk-swift SDK of the Clova CEK for Swift
Zip Effortless ZIP Handling in Swift
Sitrep A source code analyzer for Swift projects.
Aether 60 fps swift UI framework powered by metal/vulkan
TPPDF TPPDF is a simple-to-use PDF builder for iOS
LoadingView Easy to use, highly customisable, animated view to display a loading
ValueTransformerKit ValueTransformer toolkit for swift
Health A framework unifying HealthKit, CareKit & ResearchKit.
StateMachine Swift implamentation of Finite State Machine using Combine & Generics
MaterialOutlinedTextField A simple Material Design outlined text field implementation in Swift
ArchitectureComponents A port of Android Architecture Components to iOS.
ContentSecurityPolicy A Swift library for defining Content Security Policy (CSP) header values
Minimalist Observable Property and Signal for building data-driven UI without Rx
InjectPropertyWrapper Swift @Inject Property Wrapper
VaporCountries Generic Vapour Package to add Country data to ant database
RFC3339DateFormatter DateFormatter conforming to RFC3339
ReCombine A Swift Redux library utilizing Apple's Combine Framework.
inquiry-ios Public repository that hosts the Persona Inquiry SDK iOS binaries
CDKOraccInterface A simple interface to Oracc open data on the internet
TRON Lightweight network abstraction layer, written on top of Alamofire
Cheats 🎮 Console video game-style cheat codes for iOS apps.
Closures Swifty closures for UIKit and Foundation
datapackage-swift A Swift library for working with Data Package.
AudioKit iOS player implementation with AVPlayer or AVAudioEngine. Using callbacks for current time, total time and tracking progress
ESPullToRefresh #Busy Re-Building....# An easy way to use pull to refresh and infinite scrolling in Swift. Pod 'ESPullToRefresh'
ParallaxSwiftUI Add a motion parallax effect to your SwiftUI views to add some depth to your UI
tableschema-swift A Swift library for working with Table Schema.
Gatekeeper Rate limiting middleware for Vapor 👮
Yaml Load YAML and JSON documents using Swift
Configurate Build stackable configuration objects for Swift applications.
PasswordRules A Swift library for defining strong password generation rules
Vulkan Swift package for Vulkan
Logger Really lightweight logger for your CLI app
StringTemplate Quickly and easily apply a template to a target string.
BTree Fast sorted collections for Swift using in-memory B-trees
Kitura-Session-Redis Kitura-Session store using Redis as the backing store
CDKSwiftOracc Cuneiform documents for Swift
InterposeKit A modern library to swizzle elegantly in Swift.
CLIKit Swift package for writing command line tools.
Yakka A Swift toolkit for coordinating the doing of stuff
Tagging 🏷 Type-safe tags in Swift
Swim This is a simple library for extending the Swift Standard Library.
Markin Swift library for parsing a Markdown-like text format.
Capable Keep track of accessibility settings, leverage high contrast colors, and use scalable fonts to enable users with disabilities to use your app.
PromiseKit Promises for Swift & ObjC.
chaqmoq-routing Routing component
UAParserSwift 🗺 User-Agent Parser based upon ua-parser.js
HackMan 🤖🔜🤯 Stop writing boilerplate code yourself. Let hackman do it for you via the command line.
Kitura-WebSocket WebSocket support for Kitura
MathParser String → Number
Guardian Service Side Swift:Vapor 3 based API Guardian Middleware. 🦁
Auth 👤 Authentication and Authorization framework for Fluent.
Sliders :rocket: SwiftUI Sliders with custom styles
JPEG decode, inspect, edit, and encode jpeg images in pure swift
EinstoreCore Core functionality for Einstore, mobile Enterprise AppStore
TwitterClientCLI CLIのツイッタークライアント
Stimpak Swift Dependency Injection Container
GitignoreIO Create useful .gitignore files for your project
PLCrashReporter Reliable, open-source crash reporting for iOS, macOS and tvOS
Position 🛰 Lightweight and efficient location positioning in Swift
CombineTesting A Swift package to allow easy testing of Combine components.
SFSymbolsFinder Set of available SF Symbols
HTTPMediaTypes HTTP media types
XCTestHTMLReport Xcode-like HTML report for Unit and UI Tests
stenographer An efficient logging library for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS, written in Swift. Log to console, file, HTTP service, or your own endpoint. Simple to get started, but smartly customizable. A fork of LogKit.
SwaggerParser Swift library for parsing OpenAPI 2.0 (f.k.a. Swagger) documents into native structures.
SwiftUIPolygon An animatable SwiftUI Polygon Shape with support for mesh rendering
Bootstrap A Leaf wrapper for Bootstrap 🍃
Koloda KolodaView is a class designed to simplify the implementation of Tinder like cards on iOS.
LayoutAid Declarative AutoLayout DSL and utilities for iOS, tvOS, and macOS
RxContacts RxContacts is a RxSwift wrapper around the Contacts Framework.
Systemator System information and monitoring for local and remote mac/ubuntu servers
Core 🌎 Utility package containing tools for byte manipulation, Codable, OS APIs, and debugging.
DevBoard A board with parameters during development & testing 📺Goodbye console logging!
SwiftSky SwiftSky let's you easily integrate the Dark Sky API into your Swift apps.
fswift A Swift package/framework that provides a functional API with a set of types, extensions and utilities
PythonBridge Swift Python Bridge
abseil-cpp Abseil Common Libraries (C++)
DLInterval A mathematical abstractions of intervals in Swift
Templator API for template management for Vapor
RxDataSources UITableView and UICollectionView Data Sources for RxSwift (sections, animated updates, editing ...)
GTImageFetchable A Swift protocol for fetching, caching and handling remote and local images fast and reliably in iOS apps as a Swift Package.
GroupWork Easy, concurrent, asynchronous tasks in Swift.
SwiftlierCLI Command-Line Swift Enhancements
HKDF HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function (HKDF) in Swift
Diomede LMDB-based RDF Quadstore implemented in Swift
ProductHunt Product Hunt badge for iOS
AutoAPI 📱 AutoAPI Swift lib - the parsing library for the Auto API vehicle data model
FisherYates Example package for use with the Swift Package Manager
SplitRow A row for Eureka to put two rows side by side into the same UITableViewCell
CVideo4Linux A quickie Swift module for the Video4Linux library
LevelLogger A vapor logger provider. With level based configuration.
LSSLibrary Swift Package Manager 로 다루는 라이브러리
appstoreconnect-cli An easy to use command-line tool for interacting with the Apple AppStore Connect API
CodeQuickKit A Swift library simplifying some everyday tasks.
R.swift.Library Library containing types used by the R.swift project
VaporErrorKit WebError handling library for Vapor 4
HTTP 🚀 Non-blocking, event-driven HTTP built on Swift NIO.
Rainbow Delightful console output for Swift developers.
SwiftSoup SwiftSoup: Pure Swift HTML Parser, with best of DOM, CSS, and jquery (Supports Linux, iOS, Mac, tvOS, watchOS)
SwiftyMarkdown Converts Markdown files and strings into NSAttributedStrings with lots of customisation options.
SwiftShortcuts An iOS 14 Shortcuts creator written in Swift, inspired by SwiftUI.
Log Logging to console and file
YMFF Feature management made easy.
InstructionPack SPM supported version of Instructions
Frisbee Another network wrapper for URLSession. Built to be simple, small and easy to create tests at the network layer of your application.
swift-graphql A GraphQL client that lets you forget about GraphQL.
Randomizable Any type random value generator to reduce boilerplates for unittest
SwiftZulipAPI A Zulip library written in Swift.
SwiftBeanCountParser Parser to parse plain text into a ledger model
SwiftKuerySQLite An SQLite plugin for the Swift-Kuery framework
SwiftUIX An extension to the standard SwiftUI library.
WebError Web optimised Error protocol and tools for Swift
RefreshUI RefreshUI provide native refresh control to SwiftUI.
RxSwiftExt A collection of Rx operators & tools not found in the core RxSwift distribution
ReactorKit A library for reactive and unidirectional Swift applications
InflectorKit Efficiently Singularize and Pluralize Strings
DynamicColor Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily in Swift and SwiftUI
tm Time Machine recovery utility for the six-or-so people who still use Time Machine for version control.
PDFAuthor A pure Swift library for generating PDF documents on iOS and MacOS
ElementaryCycles Find elementary circuits of a directed graph
SwiftGen The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs!
PerfectSlackAPIClient A Slack API Client for the Perfect Server-Side Swift Framework
OrderedDictionary Ordered dictionary data structure implementation in Swift
TimesheetSyncApi Timesheet Sync API for Swift
FHIRModels Swift library for FHIR® resource data models
PageView SwiftUI view enabling navigation between pages of content, imitating the behaviour of UIPageViewController for iOS and watchOS
vintage A command-line tool to check for outdated Swift Package Manager dependencies
SwordRPC A Discord Rich Presence Library for Swift
AlamofireImage AlamofireImage is an image component library for Alamofire
TAP A Swift package for the Test Anything Protocol (v13)
FPTF Swift types for working with the friendly-public-transport-format
Deluge A Combine powered Deluge JSON-RPC API client.
CardStack A easy-to-use SwiftUI view for Tinder like cards on iOS, macOS & watchOS.
savannakit A high-performance, protocol oriented, framework for creating native IDEs for iOS and macOS, written in Swift
ClassyFlux Simple yet fully-featured Flux pattern implemented in Swift
BananaKit Bananas, delivered.
SwiftTypeAdoptionReporter Generate reports on how frequently specified Swift types are being used in your iOS codebase
Dip Simple Swift Dependency container. Use protocols to resolve your dependencies and avoid singletons / sharedInstances!
BinaryCoder An example implementation of Swift.Codable using a simple binary format
MaterialShowcase ✨ An elegant way to guide your beloved users in iOS apps - Material Showcase.
BetterXC 🔧 Regenerate Xcode project and add optional SwiftLint/Sourcery integrations.
BlowMindStyle Framework that will help to orginize styles in your app
PrettyStackTrace A Swift library for printing a breadcrumb trace on a fatal signal.
URITemplate Swift implementation of URI Template (RFC6570)
Leash Network Abstraction Layer in Swift - Powered by Alamofire
swift-atomics This package implements an atomics library for Swift, providing atomic operations for a variety of Swift types, including integers and pointer values. The goal is to enable intrepid developers to start building synchronization constructs directly in Swift.
SLazeKit SLazeKit is a framework providing models mapper and CoreData serializer for RESTful resources.
PerfectCrypto Cryptographic Operations
PangoCairo A Swift wrapper around pangocairo-1.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
swiftreplmadness Example of using your own packages in the Swift REPL
azure-functions-swift Azure Functions in Swift! Purely in Swift!
Antlr4 A heavily modified adaption of ANTLR4's Swift runtime used in SwiftRewriter
LSM303 LSM303 Accelerometer access through Swift on Raspberry Pi
SwiftCommonMark Parse and create CommonMark documents in Swift.
Kitura-NIO A networking library for Kitura, based on SwiftNIO
TartuWeatherProvider Tartu Weather provider cocoapod for iOS
CELLULAR Collection of µ-frameworks and utility classes/extensions used in CELLULAR swift projects.
MLVideoPlayer A Simple Video player write in swift
API A state-of-the-art framework for modeling application programming interfaces.
CBtls btls SwiftPM system package.
Macro An unopinionated SwiftNIO based asynchronous I/O framework, Node.js like.
ChatLayout ChatLayout is an alternative solution to MessageKit. It uses custom UICollectionViewLayout to provide you full control over the presentation as well as all the tools available in UICollectionView. It supports dynamic cells and supplementary view sizes.
swift-package-manager The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language
CodableDefaults Micro library for UserDefaults with Codable.
swift-corelibs-xctest The XCTest Project, A Swift core library for providing unit test support
CwlDemangle An implementation of Swift mangled symbol parsing and demangled printing in Swift.
Poste Tiny tiny framework to meet async & await functions for Swift.
Alamofire Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift
ToothpasteSqueezer Some SwiftySCAD for a toothpaste squeezer
TaskKit Swift replacement for Operation and OperationQueue
OpenCombine Open source implementation of Apple's Combine framework for processing values over time.
Shell Sync & async shell API written in Swift with complete test coverage.
swift-corelibs-xctest The XCTest Project, A Swift core library for providing unit test support
SwiftLint A tool to enforce Swift style and conventions.
CRuby Swift system module for libruby
swift-package-manager The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language
Cserd Swift package wrapper for the Serd RDF library
Geohash Native Swift geohash package supporting binary and character encoding
savannakit A high-performance, protocol oriented, framework for creating native IDEs for iOS and macOS, written in Swift
DrX The Rx doctor is in the house, curing all your ailments with simple-yet-expressive operators and extensions. Includes Cocoa Touch support!
Netswift A type-safe, high-level networking solution for Swift apps
Kiri Yet another network abstruction layer on top of Alamofire. Background story is ->
Ocelot An OpenKitten JWT implementation
ReactiveCocoa Reactive extensions to Cocoa frameworks, built on top of ReactiveSwift
NatParkSwiftKit Swift library for the US National Park Service application program interface (NPS API)
postgres-nio 🐘 Non-blocking, event-driven Swift client for PostgreSQL.
CCairo Swift C Module Cairo
DictionaryDecoder A Swift library for serializing Codable types to and from [String: Any].
MyLibrary animateDemo
FHConstraints Extension for UIView with usefull constraint methodes.
ExtensionProperty 🗜The utility interface for Associated Object
GraphQLer GraphQL generator for Swift
fluent-dynamodb Fluent ORM for DynamoDB
X11 Swift Package for X11
SwiftIndexStore SwiftIndexStore is a IndexStore reader library for Swift.
Decomposed CATransform3D manipulation made easy.
RouteComposer Protocol oriented, Cocoa UI abstractions based library that helps to handle view controllers composition, navigation and deep linking tasks in the iOS application. Can be used as the universal replacement for the Coordinator pattern.
KeyHolder Record shortcuts in macOS, like
Maverick Textbundle powered blog engine.
savannakit A high-performance, protocol oriented, framework for creating native IDEs for iOS and macOS, written in Swift
HLSCore A collection of Swift packages for working with HLS
GhostTyping Beautiful view for iOS with typing animation like a ghost.
PerfectCSQLite3 C module import for sqlite3.
TapticKit Make use of Taptic engine for haptic feedback
SDGCornerstone The Foundation of the SDG Module Family
AnnotationInject Swift dependency injection annotations. Using Sourcery and Swinject.
Utilities Miscellaneous functions, subscripts, and infix operators
ActionsKit UI integrations for Actions framework
Lift Lift is a Swift library for generating and extracting values into and out of JSON-like data structures.
PeekPop Peek and Pop with backwards-compatibility
SwiftDuxNavigation SwiftDux based application routing.
FluentPostgreSQL PostgreSQL driver for Fluent
SwiftCLI A powerful framework for developing CLIs in Swift
JWKTransform Library to convert keys of JWK format to more popular formats such as PEM.
HTTPKit A Swift library containing constructs for interacting with APIs over the HTTP protocol
Mechanica A cross-platform library of Swift utils to ease your iOS | macOS | watchOS | tvOS and Linux development.
swift-crypto Open-source implementation of a substantial portion of the API of Apple CryptoKit suitable for use on Linux platforms.
SplitTabBar UISplitViewController and UITabBarController in sync
SwiftOutdated A swift subcommand for displaying when your dependencies (SwiftPM or Xcode) are out of date
CSAuthSample Swift and ObjC-based library to assist with implementing a privileged helper tool in a macOS application.
ApplicationExtensions iOS/macOS application extensions
SwiftSlug A simple package to convert strings to URL slugs.
SPARQLSyntax SPARQL 1.1 Parser and Abstract Syntax
Perfect-CURL cURL support for Perfect.
PwnedPasswords A small Swift wrapper for HIBP's PwnedPasswords
TigaseSwiftOMEMO OMEMO support for Tigase Swift XMPP library
AnyDate Swifty Date & Time API inspired from Java 8 DateTime API.
SpritePencilKit Swift package for a pixel-art drawing canvas.
RopeLibpq Module map for PostgreSQL
Builder Experimental build system on top of spm.
ocmock Mock objects for Objective-C
SwiftkubeModel Swift Kubernetes API objects
FileExistence A wrapper for Foundation fileExists
PythonKit Swift framework to interact with Python.
Noted Notifications made even easier
DevicePpi Gets the PPI resolution of the iOS device
SourceKit Swift Package Manager package for SourceKit
NumericAnnex Numeric facilities for Swift
BuilderConfiguration Configuration support for Builder
Geometry3DValueTypes Useful value types when dealing with 3D geometry
Cepoll A Swift package importing the epoll linux headers for other Swift packages to utilize.
SafeBrowsing Protect your users against malware and phishing threats using Google Safe Browsing
OptionalAssign Custom assign operator that safely unwraps and assigns non-nil optionals.
TableKit Type-safe declarative table views.
java_util Swift bridge to java.util.*
XCTAssertUnrecoverable Make it possible to test that universal error / logic failure occurs.
swift-distributed-tracing-baggage Minimal context propagation container with Logging
BinaryCoder An example implementation of Swift.Codable using a simple binary format
SDWebImageSVGCoder A SVG coder plugin for SDWebImage, using Apple's built-in framework
SwiftImGui Swift wrapper for Dear ImGui
ResultPromises Helps arrange async code like sequance and monades.
CombineDataSources Table and collection view data sources for Combine
XCGLogger A debug log framework for use in Swift projects. Allows you to log details to the console (and optionally a file), just like you would have with NSLog() or print(), but with additional information, such as the date, function name, filename and line number.
CWRateKit Swift library for creating "Rate Us" popup
MapNavigationKit Easy & more detailed online routing information for MapKit & other map frameworks
TokenView Minimalist UITextView for editing tokens (like a much-simplified NSTokenField)
GraphViz A Swift package for working with GraphViz
QGrid 🎛 QGrid: The missing SwiftUI collection view.
ValidatableValue Generic value wrapper with built-in validation.
PerfectCRUD CRUD is an object-relational mapping (ORM) system for Swift 4+.
JSONtoCodable A generating tool from Raw JSON to Codable (Swift4) text written in Swift4.
CSQLite System module for sqlite3
BubbleTransition A custom modal transition that presents and dismiss a controller with an expanding bubble effect.
Nanoseconds Simple high-resolution timing for Swift
MMFoundation Aho
Cron Cron for Swift
Bundles Swift Bundle utilities.
EndpointsRequests A Swift library to manage gets and posts from servers.
MLTontiatorView A Simple Custom Activity indicator view
swift-log A Logging API for Swift
Request Declarative HTTP networking, designed for SwiftUI
Object3D A Swift module which lays the foundation for modeling complex 3D objects
DynamicButtonStack A view for UIKit apps that dynamically lays out a collection of buttons in either a column or a row to suit the button content and the available space.
Coercion Swift type coercion support.
QLoop Declarative asynchronous operation loops in pure Swift
TitanLoggingSwiftyBeaver Titan functions that log requests and responses to SwiftyBeaver. Best used with Google Cloud Platform.
ReSwift Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift - Inspired by Redux
SwiftMagicHelpers Scalable helpers library for Swift
Transition Easy interactive interruptible custom ViewController transitions
ActivityNavigationItem Indicate loading on UINavigationItem
JSONFeed JSON Feed ( parser written in Swift 4 using the Codable protocol.
JSON The fastest Native Swift JSON available
LNPopupUI A SwiftUI-friendly API for the LNPopupController framework
CollectionExtensions Swift Foundation Collection class extensions and utilities.
Swiftx Functional data types and functions for any project
LoginServiceKit Easy manage login items for macOS. Not support Sandbox application.
PathBuilder SwiftUI result builder for Path
llbuild A low-level build system, used by Xcode and the Swift Package Manager
Cully 🏡 A Swift-based DSL to make Auto Layout friendlier.
MiseEnPlace A Framework for converting and interpreting common measurements used in cooking.
Cglob Swift c glob wrapper
GZIP A simple NSData category for gzipping/unzipping data in iOS and Mac OS
SwipeMenuViewController Swipable tab and menu View and ViewController.
FSPagerView FSPagerView is an elegant Screen Slide Library. It is extremely helpful for making Banner View、Product Show、Welcome/Guide Pages、Screen/ViewController Sliders.
SPAlert Native alert from Apple Music & Feedback. Contains Done, Heart & Message and other presets.
MBProgressHUD MBProgressHUD + Customizations
PerfectMosquitto A Swift Class Wrapper of Perfect-libMosquitto, the MQTT client
XMLParsing XMLEncoder & XMLDecoder using the codable protocol in Swift 4.2
Soft A Spotify Web API library built for Swift - including Linux support
Sauce Mapping various keyboard layout sources and key codes in macOS. (e.g.: QWERTY, Dvorak)
Euler The open-source computational framework for the Swift language
Highlightr iOS & macOS Syntax Highlighter using Highlight.js as a driver. SPM version.
SwiftTimeit A TimeIt function written in swift based loosely after IPython timeit magic.
HyperSwift SwiftUI apps with React Hooks and HyperScript
LiteSupport A test runner for compiler-like Swift projects
CommandShell Swift framework for building command line tools.
NetworkService NetworkService is a small wrapper for Apples NetService classes in Foundation
Conduit Robust Swift networking for web APIs
SlidingRuler A sliding ruler control for SwiftUI
Coverage Xcode coverage report analysis tool
DelayedJob Run a task at a later time. But only run once if it's already scheduled.
NBAColors The colors and logos of every NBA team.
HwpKit Swift Package for Reading & Writing HWP File
UIKit-Modifiers SwiftUI-like modifiers for many UIKit views and controls
RemoteContentView SwiftUI view that makes loading content easy
HypertextApplicationLanguage What HTML does for web browsers, HAL does for applications
SwiftRLP RLP encoding in Swift
HotSoda HotSoda is Ability Management Utility for Vapor Applications.
SwiftRewriter 📝 Swift code formatter using SwiftSyntax.
Sourcery Meta-programming for Swift, stop writing boilerplate code.
Toast A Swift extension that adds toast notifications to the UIView object class.
swift-template A template based module generator for Swift projects.
VaporSMTPKit SMTP support in Vapor 4
gir2swift A simple GIR parser in Swift for creating Swift types for a .gir file
SIWA SignIn With Apple Button for SwiftUI
Kitura-CredentialsJWT A plugin for the Kitura-Credentials framework that supports JWT authentication.
WebView 🕸 WKWebView wrapped in a SwiftUI View
SwiftOxfordAPI A framework to use Oxford Dictionaries API written in Swift
SwiftUIPager Native Pager in SwiftUI
MultipeerKit MultipeerConnectivity + Codable = ❤️
Inflect Swift implementation of PERL library Inflect, Convert english words into their Singular or Plural Form 📚
TaggerKit 🏷 TaggerKit helps you to quickly implement tags in your UIKit apps, so you can go on and test your idea without having to worry about logic and custom collection layouts.
DictionaryCoding Swift Decoder/Encoder which converts to/from dictionaries.
Align Intuitive and powerful Auto Layout library
Swift-Common Common code used by various Uber open source projects
CodableXPC Implementation of Encoder and Decoder Protocols targeting libxpc
Machismo Mach-O Parser
Future Streamlined Future<Value, Error> implementation
WolfNumerics Some useful numeric types and methods for Swift.
Files Some extra bits for Swift Foundation's URL class.
CallbackURLKit Implementation of x-callback-url (Inter app communication) in swift
Cancellor Bind multiple cancellables to the lifetime of another object like a view controller.
SourceKit Swift Package Manager package for SourceKit
CypherPoetReduxUtils A collection utilities for architecting SwiftUI apps in the Redux/Elm style of Reducers, Actions, Side Effects and Middlewares.
CRC32 Calculates CRC sums of 32 bit lengths
Fuse A lightweight fuzzy-search library, with zero dependencies
Veil A flexible string masking and formatting library
NumberKit Advanced numeric data types for Swift 5, including BigInt, Rational, and Complex numbers.
PCD8544 A Swift library for the Nokia3310/5110 PCD8544 Monochrome LCD display
Slurp A Swift task runner and file watcher with an interface inspired by Gulp.js
Notifwift NSNotificationCenter wrapper for Swift
EJDB2 EJDB2 Swift binding for iOS OSX Linux
BaseComponents BaseComponents aims to provide easily reusable and understandable components to increase productivity with UIKit and Foundation APIs
Perfect-Session Session drivers (for use in Perfect projects).
ZippyJSONCFamily C Family dependencies for ZippyJSON - Do not use directly!
RxDataSources-Texture ASTable and ASCollection Data Sources for RxSwift (Texture)
SPMVim SwiftPackageManager.vim makes using Swift with Vim awesome.
UserDefaultsStore Why not use UserDefaults to store Codable objects 😉
CPango A wrapper around pango-1.x for Swift
swift-nio-extras Useful code around SwiftNIO.
Hexaville The modern serverless web application engine and framework for Swift
Abstract Practical Abstract Algebra in Swift
QXTCPServer a tcp server for vapor base on swift nio
swift-se0270-range-set Swift Evolution preview package for SE-0270.
CIFilterFactory A Swift/Objective-C factory class (with generator) to provide type-safe and compiler friendly CIFilter classes
LottieExtensions Lottie SwiftUI Extensions
ViewAnimator ViewAnimator brings your UI to life with just one line
Charts Beautiful charts for iOS/tvOS/OSX! The Apple side of the crossplatform MPAndroidChart.
Images Swift Image utilities.
FluentQuery 🗃 Powerful and easy to use Swift Query Builder for Vapor 3.
Helper4Swift Helpful extensions and methods to short your coding time.
PerfectRepeater A simple library that takes a closure and executes it at the specified interval until the closure returns false or the application is terminated.
SwiperYesSwiping Add a floating left/right page action in Swift.
bson pure Swift BSON library
ThirdPartyMailer Interact with third-party iOS mail clients, using custom URL schemes.
QRSwift A Swift framework for generating QR codes
ProcedureKit Advanced Operations in Swift
Localization Localization utilities
SwagGen OpenAPI/Swagger 3.0 Parser and Swift code generator
Sword Discord library for Swift
swift-nio-ssl TLS Support for SwiftNIO, based on BoringSSL.
ForecastIO-Vapor DarkSky API wrapper for Vapor
Commandant Type-safe command line argument handling
Taylor Taylor makes beautiful words happen, a Lorem Ipsum generator for Swift.
swift-nio-transport-services Extensions for SwiftNIO to support Apple platforms as first-class citizens.
SwiftyWasmer A Swift API for the Wasmer WebAssembly Runtime
routing-kit 🚍 High-performance trie-node router.
Differ Swift library to generate differences and patches between collections.
Cwebp Swift bridge to WebP
Janus An argument-parsing library for Swift.
HexavilleFramework An Application Framework Layer for Hexaville
PerfectNet Core asynchronous networking package used in Perfect. Includes support for TCP, SSL, UNIX socket files and IO event handling.
Logger Configurable logging for Swift.
DelaunayTriangulation Delaunay Triangulation implementation written in swift
StringsLint 📱Ensure your localized strings are complete and never unused 👍
XcodeEditor An API for manipulating Xcode project files.
DepthNSDictionary Extension to navigate a nested dictionary using separator to search nested keys in a recursive implementation
swift-system Swift System provides idiomatic interfaces to system calls and low-level currency types.
Runner Subprocess support for Swift
AnsiStyle Simple Swift package to style terminal output
fluent-kit Swift ORM (queries, models, and relations) for NoSQL and SQL databases
VaporSecurityHeaders Harden Your Security Headers For Vapor
SwiftyChrono A natural language date parser in Swift (ported from chrono.js)
RxCoreLocation RxCoreLocation is a reactive abstraction to manage Core Location.
fluent-sqlite-driver Fluent driver for SQLite
Result Swift type modelling the success/failure of arbitrary operations.
SketchX Support for exporting Xcode asset catalogues from Sketch
Shout SSH made easy in Swift
PerfectAPIClient An API Client based on a network abstraction layer for the Perfect Server-Side Swift Framework
Semver Swift Semantic Versioning library
Cassowary A Swift port of the Cassowary linear constraint solver
Stencil Stencil is a simple and powerful template language for Swift.
MomXML Create or parse CoreData managed object model XMLs
jQuery-Swift jQuery resources packaged up as a Swift Package Manager Package
ESGists This is a small set of Gists API client for EZ-NET CodePiece.
Earth A customizable and easy to use framework contains CountryPicker and awesome vector flags.
AETransition Custom transitions for iOS - simple yet powerful
ViewExtensions iOS/macOS view utilities
SkyFloatingLabelTextField A beautiful and flexible text field control implementation of "Float Label Pattern". Written in Swift.
TrefleSwiftSDK TrefleSwiftSDK is a Swift wrapper around the Trefle API.
PerfectLocalAuthentication Local Authentication processes and routes
Hash Hashing algorithms
XCTestExtensions Utilities and extensions for XCTest
XPkg Cross platform package manager.
Deli Deli is an easy-to-use Dependency Injection(DI).
AsyncRequest Useful classes to handle asynchronous code
SQLiteStORM SQLite StORM Module
Promise A simpler Promise implementation
GuitarChords A guitar chord diagram drawing library built in Swift
DateTools Dates and times made easy in iOS
SwiftTestUtils Basic test utils to use across all swift projects.
BWWalkthrough BWWalkthrough is a simple library that helps you build custom walkthroughs for your iOS App
OSCCore A tiny OSC module implementation in Swift
Agrume 🍋 A lemony fresh iOS image viewer written in Swift.
TransitionButton UIButton sublass for loading and transition animation.
Eval Eval is a lightweight interpreter framework written in Swift, evaluating expressions at runtime
SwiftSimctl Swift client-server tool to call xcrun simctl from your simulator. Automate push notification testing!
SwiftMQTT MQTT Client in pure swift ❤️
Composed Composable DataSources
CoreBluetoothMock Mocking library for CoreBluetooth framework.
SwiftCloudant A Swift Lang client for Cloudant and CouchDB
SCrypto Elegant Swift interface to access the CommonCrypto routines
KituraHTTPTest Swift package to make testing handlers in the Kitura framework super easy
Markup Lightweight markup text formatting in Swift
Kingfisher A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web.
Arena A command line tool to create Swift Playground projects with SPM package dependencies
ZeroMQSwift A simple ZeroMQ layer written in Swift.
StatKit A collection of statistical analysis tools for your Swift programs.
Taskig An async/await inspired library which makes asynchronous programming in Swift a joy!
WhatsNew This package is a simple way of adding What's New pages to your app.
Plex-Monitr Plex media management made easy!
SwiftMetrics Swift Application Metrics instruments the Swift runtime for performance monitoring, providing the monitoring data programatically via an API or visually with an Eclipse Client.
Mint A package manager that installs and runs Swift command line tools
grpc The C based gRPC (C++, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C#)
CleanroomDataTransactions A protocol-independent and format-agnostic Swift library for performing one-way and two-way data transactions
SmoothOperators A collection of custom operators
Postman Postman Provider for Vapor
SwifQL 💎 A Swift DSL for type-safe, extensible, and transformable SQL queries.
swift-tools-support-core Contains common infrastructural code for both SwiftPM and llbuild.
swift-nio-irc-webclient A very simple IRC web client and WebSocket bridge for SwiftNIO
SwiftBGFX Swift bindings to bgfx – a cross-platform, graphics API agnostic, "Bring Your Own Engine/Framework" style rendering library
DynuREST A IP Update API wrapper.
SwURL Lightweight asynchronous image loading in SwiftUI. Fetch and display images from URLs. Supports placeholders, persistent storage, and more!
Flynn Actor-model programming for Swift
ZeeQL3Apache Apache APR/mod_dbd adaptors for the ZeeQL Swift ORM
ReactiveTask Flexible, stream-based abstraction for launching processes
Advance Physics-based animations for iOS, tvOS, and macOS.
Seam3 Cloudkit based persistent store for Core Data
Crust What sits between the cloud and the core of an app
SwiftGraphics SwiftGraphics is a library for creative coding and generative art tailored towards rendering SVGs meant for pen plotting.
SwiftPM The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language
Half Swift Half-Precision Floating Point
Spawn Easily spawn new processes using Swift
GitHub Swift Package client for the GitHub GraphQL API V4
COpenBlas A Swift wrapper for C libraries libopenblas-dev and liplapack-dev for Linux
Shout SSH made easy in Swift
MockingJ HTTP Stubs for swift
SwiftIP A library to help with getting IP addresses in Swift.
Burritos A collection of Swift Property Wrappers (formerly "Property Delegates")
CryptoSwift CryptoSwift is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in Swift
SwiftRegex 5th incarnation of Swift Regex library using generic subscripts
MarkdownGenerator Swift library to programmatically generate Markdown output and files
AwsLambda Swift library which enables you to invoke AWS Lambda programmatically
SwifQLVapor Helper library for SwifQL and Vapor
Changeable Follow in details changes in an object.
RadioGroup The missing iOS radio buttons group.
emeal-server 🌯 Scraping Dresden's canteens for juicy meal data
Runes Infix operators for monadic functions in Swift
ProcessRunner Execute child processes and system commands from Swift
InjectableLoggers A nice set of protocols that will help logger(s) at being loosely coupled, injectable and testable.
DiskCache A lightweight local cache lib written in Swift.
JellyfishKit API Blueprint mocking framework in swift
CodablePersist Store and Cache Anything Codable
SwiftBox SwiftBox is a package that helps building Swift/Vapor microservices.
Patterns A Swift PEG parser
ApesterKit iOS Apester Kit
ErrorUtils Handle errors with less do … try … catch clutter.
ObjectMapper Simple JSON Object mapping written in Swift
PinkyPromise A tiny Promises library.
Logger SwiftPM package for easy logging to standard output and standard error
ArgParse Pure Swift utility for command-line options and arguments.
SendGrid SendGrid-powered mail backend for Vapor
LaunchAgent Programatically create and maintain launchd agents and daemons without manually building Property Lists.
GTNetMon Integrate network monitoring capabilities in Swift projects using the GTNetMon Swift Package!
Calatrava 基于 Pjango 的开源博客。
JSONParser Elegant, type-safe JSON parsing in Swift
Sight Generate search query urls via a convenience initializer on URL
Flash Flash messages between views ⚡️
examples Simple Firebase Examples!
SKCore SlackKit model objects
Source Tired of implementing the data sources over and over again? Want to use a lightweight solution that does not mess up your view controllers? Then this is for you! The generic data source implementation for all your view controllers, that supports UITableView, UICollectionView and NSFetchedResultsController
SGLOpenGL OpenGL Loader
PjangoMySQL 适用于 Pjango 的 MySQL 数据库组件。
ElegantPages The elegant full screen page view missed in SwiftUI
Xorswift Xorshift pseudorandom number generator for Swift.
PjangoPostman 适用于 Pjango 的向 Postman 代理发出请求的组件。
CocoaMQTT MQTT for iOS and macOS written with Swift
SwiftUIFlux A very naive implementation of Redux using Combine BindableObject to serve as an example
PhoneNumber Add phone numbers as a type in my projects
Guava A Swift test double library. Guava - looks like an apple but it's not.
AtlasKit A swift library for quickly integrating a location search in your app.
PaversFRP A framework that tends to support functional programming in Swift
Alamofire Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift
ColorCode NSColor extension adding ability to handle HSL color space and CSS3 style color codes
ResourceHelper Enables you to use .bundle and other resources with SPM Unit-tests
FHExtensions Some usefull Foundation and UIKit Extensions.
Pushover 📌 Pushover API Wrapper in Swift
Strings Swift String extensions to life easier. Integer subscripting, lstrip and rstrip, string validators..
Corridor Corridor lets you easily match URLs and extract their values
About_App About_App is a drop-in About Page. It displays a single page with a product logo and additional information. It also handles rotation to landscape properly.
PublisherKit An open source implementation of Apple's Combine framework for processing asynchronous events over time
ActivityIndicatorView SwiftUI wrapper for UIActivityIndicatorView
Passport Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Vapor
RxNimble Nimble extensions making unit testing with RxSwift easier :tada:
FanboyKit Search podcasts via proxy
Templar Templar - template generator
BlurView SwiftUI wrapper for UIVisualEffectView.
swift-sh Easily script with third-party Swift dependencies.
XMLCoder Easy XML parsing using Codable protocols in Swift
AdvancedPageControl A simple yet powerful page control indicator animations library for iOS.
DateToolsObjC Package for Objective-C DateTools library. Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates, time and timezones
PerfectValidation A micro library to easily define validation rules for Perfect Framework (WIP)
libpq C module import for libpq.
DTCoreText Methods to allow using HTML code with CoreText
LHxHub Useful Swift extensions make developer great again !!! ⚠️
NetTime RFC 3339 compliant date/time data types.
NutView Amazing template language for web development
ObjectMapper Simple JSON Object mapping written in Swift
Franz A Kafka Client for Swift
StringComposition `SwiftStringComposition` provides some features that handles `String` as a collection of lines.
PerfectRedis A Swift client for Redis.
BottomPopup BottomPopup provides a popup-like presentation style to any view controller
PMKFoundation Promises for Swift & ObjC
cmark CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
Motor Swift cli spinner. Simple and fully customizable.
SABlurImageViews You can use blur effect and it's animation easily to call only two methods.
SwiftKit Collection of Swift Helper and Utilities
swift-aws-lambda-runtime Swift implementation of AWS Lambda Runtime
SwiftySHT20 :zap: A Swift library for the I2C SHT20 Humidity and Temperature Sensor.
Kinvey SDK for native iOS applications
BinaryCoder An example implementation of Swift.Codable using a simple binary format
THOTP Time-base & HMAC-based one-time password generator for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS
LinuxMainGen [deprecated] A tool to automatically generate LinuxMain.swift
CircleMenu :octocat: ⭕️ CircleMenu is a simple, elegant UI menu with a circular layout and material design animations. Swift UI library made by @Ramotion
Ice ❄️ A developer friendly package manager for Swift; 100% compatible with Swift Package Manager
DisjointSet A Swift implementation of a disjoint-set data structure.
DNS Swift implementation of DNS Records / RR
SemanticVersion Represent semantic versions like "1.0.0" or "1.2.3-beta1" in Swift
FitnessUnits Units of Measurement for Fitness
SwiftMysql A pure Swift Client implementing the MySQL protocol. Also supports non-blocking I/O
FreshPlanAPI API in swift
ostkit OST api wrapper for ios
Accounting An implementation of Martin Fowlers accounting pattern
hcitool Bluetooth Host Controller Interface Command Line Tool for for sending HCI commands on macOS and Linux
Injection Lightweight dependency injection framework
ignorio command line client written in Swift.
Sugar Sugar for Swift
CoreTempMonitorSwift Free CoreTemp Monitor for iOS devices
Lark Swift SOAP Client
Zoomy Adds seamless scrollView and instagram like zooming to UIImageViews in any view hierarchy.
Aiolos A floating panel for your iOS Apps
UITextView+Placeholder A missing placeholder for UITextView
DTFoundation Standard toolset classes and categories
UBloxGPS A Swift library for boards with the u-Blox 6/7/8 family of A-GPS receivers
CKB Swift toolkit for Nervos CKB
Rations A rational number type for Swift.
PaversSugar A collection of extension to facilitate swift programming.
JOSESwift A framework for the JOSE standards JWS, JWE, and JWK written in Swift.
aws-sdk-swift Swift SDK for AWS that works on Linux, macOS and iOS
PackageConfig A Swift Package that allows you to define configuration settings inside a Package.swift
TwilioVerify Twilio Verify Push SDK helps you verify users by adding a low-friction, secure, cost-effective, "push verification" factor into your own apps. This project provides an SDK to implement Verify Push for your iOS app.
SideMenu Simple side/slide menu control for iOS, no code necessary! Lots of customization. Add it to your project in 5 minutes or less.
iTextField Fully-wrapped UITextField made to work entirely in SwiftUI
Levenshtein Tiny Swift implementation of the Levenshtein algorithm
PerfectMySQL A stand-alone Swift wrapper around the MySQL client library, enabling access to MySQL servers.
PetriKit PetriNet toolset for swift
graphzahl-fluent-support A set of extensions that allow to use Fluent APIs with GraphZahl
TextAttributes TextAttributes provides type-safe API for setting text attributes for common UIKit components.
PathKit Effortless path operations in Swift
Surge A Swift library that uses the Accelerate framework to provide high-performance functions for matrix math, digital signal processing, and image manipulation.
WeatherGround Weather Underground Swift API wrapper.
SociableWeaver Build declarative GraphQL queries in Swift.
DeclarativeLayoutKit UIKit declarative layout helpers
PerfectQiniu Swift Perfect 服务器上传文件到七牛云
TrustKit Easy SSL pinning validation and reporting for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.
SlamMacOSKit Fast Closure based Swift Package for MacOS Development
Bolt-swift Bolt implementation in Swift
Lingo Swift code generation for Localizable.strings files
DoctorPretty Wadler's "A prettier printer" embedded pretty-printer DSL for Swift
DictionaryNestedSubscript Nested subscript for Dictionary.
BlockchainSwift 🔗 Simple Blockchain, written in Swift.
PerfectSQLite A stand-alone Swift wrapper around the SQLite 3 client library.
RichString The easiest way to work with attributed strings in Swift.
NIOCronScheduler ⌚️Swift cron scheduler based on Swift NIO (both v1 and v2)
TransitionPatch Declarative sequence for converting value.
Tokamak Development fork of
UIPheonix Inspired by game development UIPheonix is a super easy, flexible, dynamic and highly scalable UI framework + concept for building reusable component/control-driven apps for macOS, iOS and tvOS. The same API apply for cross platform development! Think of it as using Lego blocks, you can use similar ones and move them around easy as pie.
LeafErrorMiddleware Serve up custom 404 and server error pages for your Vapor App
Diff.swift The fastest Diff and patch library in Swift. Includes UICollectionView/UITableView utils.
CalendarKit 📅 Calendar for iOS, iPadOS and macOS in Swift
objective-c PubNub Objective-C based APIs for iOS and OS X
LoremIpsum Lorem Ipsum generator for Swift
Cheetah A really fast JSON library
Fuzi A fast & lightweight XML & HTML parser in Swift with XPath & CSS support
SwiftRex Swift + Redux + (Combine|RxSwift|ReactiveSwift) -> SwiftRex
SwiftSemantics Uses SwiftSyntax to parse Swift code into its constituent declarations
queues-redis-driver A Redis implementation for
Dir Working with directories in a nice way using Swift.
ZeroMQ A ZeroMQ library created by our folks from Zewo. The original ->
soto-cloudwatch Standalone Repository of AWS CloudWatch Client from soto-project/soto
Koreaniga A Korean postpositions processing package for *new-age*.
ImageFetcher Fetch images from the Web.
DataDrivenRxDatasources DataDrivenRxDatasources - MVVM abstraction boilerplate code over RxDataSources.
lns Because no one can remember how to use `ln -s` when it really matters
SpeechRecognizerButton UIButton subclass with push to talk recording, speech recognition and Siri-style waveform view.
Validator Drop in user input validation for your iOS apps.
KeychainAccess Simple Swift wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS.
CGLayout Powerful autolayout framework, that can manage UIView(NSView), CALayer and not rendered views. Not Apple Autolayout wrapper. Provides placeholders. Linux support.
Bitrise An easy to use command-line tool for interacting with the Bitrise API
UseAutoLayout UseAutoLayout @propertyWrapper for Swift
Proton Purely native and extensible rich text editor for iOS and macOS Catalyst apps
XMLCoder Swift Encoder and Decoder for XML documents
AssociatedTypeRequirementsKit A Swift µFramework for dealing with the classic "Self or associated type requirements" errors
XPKit XP Library for Swift
XMLWrangler Easily deal with XMLs in Swift
typokana This command line tool can check spelling and show proposed correction.
WatsonDeveloperCloud :iphone: The Watson Swift SDK enables developers to quickly add Watson Cognitive Computing services to their Swift applications.
ySwiftCodeUpdater This package is just a helper for some of YOCKOW's other packages.
RxSwift Reactive Programming in Swift
MultilineTextField Multiline Text Field - UITextField with multiple lines or UITextView with placeholder
Highlightr iOS & OSX Syntax Highlighter.
Lottie An iOS library to natively render After Effects vector animations
PaversParsec Haskell parsec rewritten in Swift.
Stagehand Modern, type-safe API for building animations on iOS
SwiftEntitlements A simple Swift package that extracts application's entitlements
JGProgressHUD-SwiftUI Easily show HUDs with SwiftUI! Lightweight SwiftUI wrapper for JGProgressHUD for iOS, tvOS, Catalyst.
PathKit Effortless path operations in Swift
ComposableRequest A Swift library to abstract API clients.
SwiftPhoenixClient Connect your Phoenix and iOS applications through WebSockets!
SwiftTableViewGroup SwiftTableViewGroup 是符合 SwiftUI 设计的 UITableView 和 UICollectionView 数据驱动(SwiftTableViewGroup is a UITableView and UICollectionView data driver compliant with SwiftUI design)
Endpoints Type-Safe Swift Networking
JSONAPIOpenAPI A library that adds support for generating OpenAPI compliant documentation from JSON API compliant models.
TestSpy Swift Framework for Spy Objects
RxECNetworking An extension of ECNetworking.
Bitrise An easy to use command-line tool for interacting with the Bitrise API
swiftxml A lightweight xml parser written in pure swift
PerfectLDAP A simple Swift class wrapper of OpenLDAP.
ReusableKit Generic reusables for UICollectionView and UITableView
PNG decode, inspect, edit, and encode png images in pure swift
AnyCodable Type-erased wrappers for Encodable, Decodable, and Codable values
FreeformJSON Type-safe freeform JSON data structure with Codable support for Swift
ECTimelineView An horizontal or vertical infinitely scrolling UICollectionView implementation. Loads data synchrounously and asynchronously.
IDPPlanner An Iterative Dynamic Programming Query Planning library
JSONWebToken.swift Swift implementation of JSON Web Token (JWT).
PubliclyVerifiableSecretSharing An implementation of Publicly Verifiably Secret Sharing (PVSS) in Swift.
HTTPCodable Make a REST call, and get a Codable back, wrapped in a Future.
Mokka A collection of helpers to make it easier to write testing mocks in Swift.
RealityUI A Swift Package for creating familiar UI Elements and animations in a RealityKit rendered Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality scene.
CBORCoding Easy CBOR encoding and decoding for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.
HypertextApplicationLanguage What HTML does for web browsers, HAL does for applications
RingSig Implementation of a ring signature scheme in Swift
Mockolo Efficient Mock Generator for Swift
MKJIcons Vector iOS icons animated using code
WAKit WebAssembly Runtime written in Swift.
FocusEntity Bringing the scanning box from SceneKit to RealityKit
NamedPoint Giving names to CGPoint values in CGRect
Cpcre Swift bridge to PCRE
PostgresStORM PostgreSQL StORM Module
KituraKit Swift client library for using Codable routes with Kitura
Math Modular arithmetic and bitwise operations
QuickConstraint Extension functions for making layout programmatically easier and faster
Sprinter A library for formatting strings on iOS and macOS
AStack The Missing SwiftUI Adaptive and Accessible Stacks Library.
BFKit BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to develop Apps faster.
Bob Extensible Slack Bot used to communicate with TravisCI and GitHub
ErrorHandler Error handling library for Swift
swift-travis A Travis v3 API client written in Swift
Queuer Queuer is a queue manager, built on top of OperationQueue and Dispatch (aka GCD).
FrameLayoutKit FrameLayoutKit is a super fast and easy to use autolayout kit
ZeeQL3 The ZeeQL (EOF/CoreData/AR like) Database Toolkit for Swift
XcodeTools Tool to manage Xcode project versions.
Kvitto App Store Receipt Validation
Graphaello A Tool for Writing Declarative, Type-Safe and Data-Driven Applications in SwiftUI using GraphQL
AdvancedOperation AdvancedOperation
Swinject Dependency injection framework for Swift with iOS/macOS/Linux
Auburn An idiomatic Swift library for using Redis
Base58Swift A pure swift implementation of base58 string encoding and decoding
SwiftOutline SwiftOutline is a tool to generate relationship graph of iOS ViewControllers
DeviceKit DeviceKit is a value-type replacement of UIDevice.
SPIRV-Cross Elegant bindings to glslang and SPIRV-Cross
HypertextApplicationLanguage What HTML does for web browsers, HAL does for applications
llbuild2 A fresh take on a low-level build system API.
LoginItemKit Add non-sandboxed macOS applications to user login items
swiftpress Super simple swift and markdown blog...thing
ncryptf-swift ncryptf for Swift 4+ - Secure API authentication and end to end encryption
Bivrost :fire: :rainbow: Bridge between Solidity Contracts and Swift
Disk Delightful framework for iOS to easily persist structs, images, and data
swift-package-collection-generator A collection of packages and tooling for generating and consuming package feeds.
ed25519 Ed25519 for Swift 3.x
Archery Archery allows you to declare all your project's metadata and what you can do with it in one single place.
HtmlKituraSupport ☁️ Kitura plugin for type-safe, transformable HTML views.
penny penny v 2
TypesafeUserDefaults A type safe extension to UserDefaults
FDSoundActivatedRecorder Start recording when the user speaks
Bagel a little native network debugging tool for iOS
SlackKit Build Slack apps, in Swift
BarChartKit UIKit / SwiftUI library for creating Bar Chart similar to chart used in iOS Health app.
MailKit A Swift framework for sending emails
SwiftImage SwiftImage: an image library in Swift with Swifty APIs and value semantics
CoreDataKit Core Data for a Type Safe Swift
SimpleSwiftServer A Swift executable equivalent to Python's SimpleHTTPServer — plus more!
SteamPress A Blogging Engine and Platform written in Swift for use with the Vapor Framework
Highlightr iOS & OSX Syntax Highlighter.
PromiseK A simple Promise library for Swift
GIO A wrapper around gio-2.x for the Swift Package Manager
example-package-deckofplayingcards Example package for use with the Swift Package Manager
KVVlive KVV live API bindings written in Swift.
ShortcutRecorder The best control to record shortcuts on macOS, written in ObjC with Swift in mind
GLibObject A wrapper around gobject-2.x for the Swift Package Manager
FlowStack A grid layout view for SwiftUI
Decree Framework for making Declarative HTTP Requests
CIconv Libiconv wrapper for Swift
Stencil Stencil is a simple and powerful template language for Swift.
Swift-AI The Swift machine learning library.
KuriDemo Demonstration for Kuri
ColorSet Change theme color of your apps without Reactive extension.
Facebook Used to integrate the Facebook Platform with your iOS & tvOS apps.
NavigationTitle Add a navigation title view to your SwiftUI project
HashKit HashKit is wrapped C style library CommonCrypt in Swift.
CopyOnWrite μframework encapsulating the `CopyOnWrite` type, to make implementing value semantics easy!
CombineRextensions Useful extensions for using CombineRex in SwiftUI, such as bindings, Views and gestures
SwiftyHaru A safe cross-platform Swift wrapper for LibHaru — a library for creating PDF documents.
AERecord Super awesome Swift minion for Core Data (iOS, macOS, tvOS)
Rideau 🎪Rideau is a drawer UI similar to what Apple's apps use. (e.g Maps, Shortcuts) Multiple snappoints
sModel sModel is a Swift framework written on top of FMDB to provide simple but powerful ORM tools for managing data in a SQLite database.
RAGTextField Subclass of UITextField that adds an animated placeholder and an optional hint label below the text.
SwiftExpression Swift Implementation of Regex built on NSRegularExpression
Hamilton A great way to manipulate vectors and quaternions in Swift
AsyncK An alternative of `async/await` in Swift
swift-nio-irc-server A Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server for SwiftNIO
MeteoLVProvider observations provider
L10n-swift Localization of the application with ability to change language "on the fly" and support for plural form in any language.
Gdk A Swift wrapper around gdk-3.x and gdk-4.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
ESTabBarController :octocat: ESTabBarController is a Swift model for customize UI, badge and adding animation to tabbar items. Support lottie!
Libssh2Prebuild Libssh2 prebuilt binaries for Apple platforms.
Zip Swift framework for zipping and unzipping files.
CustomButton Customizable button for your macOS app
Match3Kit Library for simple Match3 games.
gysb Generate your swifty boilerplate
SwiftyExpat Simple wrapper for the Expat XML parser.
Kitura A Swift web framework and HTTP server.
VaporTestUtils Basic test utils to make testing Vapor apps a little simpler.
SwiftyCast Easy Object to UnsafeRawPointer Casting in Swift
KeyPathKit KeyPathKit is a library that provides the standard functions to manipulate data along with a call-syntax that relies on typed keypaths to make the call sites as short and clean as possible.
ProxyResolver macOS proxy resolution
Deferred Work with values that haven't been determined yet.
SwiftExif Swift wrapper around libexif
QGrid 🎛 QGrid: The missing SwiftUI collection view.
nanopb Protocol Buffers with small code size
HorizonDefaults Automatically synchronize your app's User Defaults over iCloud.
COpenSSL C module OpenSSL import for Perfect (Linux).
SwiftLogger Tiny Swift logger
Mailjet ✉️ Mailjet provider for Vapor
Lightning A Swift Multiplatform Single-threaded Non-blocking Web and Networking Framework
VaporRedisClient Adapter to use vapor/redis with reswifq.
MKZoomLevel An implementation of logarithmic zoom level getter & setter missed in MKMapView.
chaqmoq-http HTTP component
ScopedDefaults Type-safe and structured UserDefaults in Swift
CustomOperation Custom async Operation implementation in Swift
Pangu 🌚中文和英文之间没有空格可怎么行?
Geotum Convert Lat/Lon to UTM and vise versa
DeallocationChecker Catch leaking view controllers without opening Instruments.
OrderedSet A mutable random access collection of unique elements, which behaves like a set, but guarantees insertion order
Recombine Unidirectional data flow with Combine
SwiftyStringScore Swift string fuzzy ranking. Score of 0 for no match; up to 1 for perfect. "String".score(word:"str"); //=> 0.825
SkelpoMiddleware Random Vapor Middlewares that Might be Useful
vipera Project is now called Swift template, check the link ➡️
Kitura-CredentialsGoogle A plugin for the Kitura-Credentials framework that authenticates using the Google web login
UICollectionViewLeftAlignedLayout-Swift UICollectionViewLeftAlignedLayout swift version, base on
HD44780LCD A Swift library for 16x2/20x4 Character LCDs with the HD44780(or clones) controller
Prex 🔁Unidirectional data flow architecture with MVP and Flux combination for Swift
FritzBoxKit Swift SDK to communicate with Fritz!Box routers.
StringIndex Sensible indexing into Swift Strings
ModalPresentationView Remove the boilerplate of modal presentations in SwiftUI
GCDWebServer The #1 HTTP server for iOS, macOS & tvOS (also includes web based uploader & WebDAV server)
BugfenderSDK-iOS Bugfender SDK for iOS, a remote logger tailor-made for mobile
SwiftSVG A simple, performant, and lightweight SVG parser
PermissionsSwiftUI A SwiftUI package to beautifully display and handle permissions.
hive-mind An AI developed to play the Hive board game.
RediStack Non-blocking, event-driven Swift client for Redis.
OptionalAPI Optional extensions for Swift Optional Monad... use it or not... it's optional.
Environmentalism Simple package that loads variables from your DotEnv files.
SwiftyDijkstra Simple objective implementation of Dijkstra algorithm (shortest path search) written in Swift
Docopt A command-line interface description language and parser that will make you smile
FFCParserCombinator Parser Combinator types and functions in Swift
Sodium Safe and easy to use crypto for iOS and macOS
ShitLib The only library you hope to remove!
FHDiffableViewControllers UITableViewController and UICollectionViewController based on a DiffableDataSource.
Fuzzy 🔍 simple and fast fuzzy string matching in Swift
Version semver (Semantic Version) Swift µFramework.
Viperit Viper Framework for iOS using Swift
PinLayout Fast Swift Views layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable & chainable. [iOS/macOS/tvOS/CALayer]
ORSSerialPort Serial port library for Objective-C and Swift macOS apps
mockingbird A convenient mocking framework for Swift
Prelude 🎶 A collection of types and functions that enhance the Swift language.
libsass A Swift wrapper around the LibSass C/C++ port of the Sass engine.
IGIdenticon Swift identicon generator
Telesign A Telesign provider for Vapor.
SwiftyXMLParser Simple XML Parser implemented in Swift
Deferred Work with values that haven't been determined yet.
AEViewModel Swift minion for convenient creation of tables and collection views
Fileable UNIX command like simple file management library for Swift.
NDArray Float NDArray library for Swift, accelerated with Accelerate Framework
cariocamenu The fastest zero-tap iOS menu.
RoundedDecimal 🧮 Swift decimals where the number of decimal places can be either compile-time or run-time guaranteed - Swift Micro Package
Turf A Swift language port of Turf.js.
WolfNesting An operator for easily and visually creating nested object hierarchies, such as UIViews, NSViews, or SpriteKit or SceneKit nodes.
SwiftWebAssembly Load WebAssembly modules from Swift
Dflat Structured Data Store for Mobile
SwiftDataTables A Swift Data Table package, display grid-like data sets in a nicely formatted table for iOS. Subclassing UICollectionView that allows ordering, and searching with extensible options.
ImageSizeFetcher Finds the type/size of an image given its URL by fetching as little data as needed
GLSceneLib A simple scene graph renderer for OpenGL written in Swift.
FRadioPlayer A simple radio player framework for iOS, macOS, tvOS.
ApplicationRouter Modern library for routing in iOS application
BBLayoutKit A simple and lightweight Auto-Layout Kit that makes you feels laying out views as a fun game. BBLayaoutKit supports UIKit on iOS & tvOS and AppKit on MacOS so you wouldn't have to worry about using different solutions on different platforms. BBLayoutKit is compiled on Xcode 11.4 using Swift 5.2 and will be updated for all future releases.
CocoaAsyncSocket Asynchronous socket networking library for Mac and iOS
RangeUISlider :iphone: :large_blue_circle::heavy_minus_sign::large_blue_circle: An iOS range selection slider compatible with UIKit and SwiftUI. Developed using autolayout and highly customizable using IBDesignabled and IBInspectable or programmatically. It support also RTL (right to left) languages automatically out of the box.
ghaw GitHub at work
cujira 🐳 cujira is a command line tool that makes easy to show issue list from Jira.
MockDuck A network mocking layer for iOS, tvOS, and macOS
GRPCClient :repeat: Client-side library that depends on SwiftGRPC which is a library of gRPC written in Swift.
NumberTicker Robinhood-like Rotating Number View | SwiftUI
WolfGeometry Swift methods, types, and extensions for doing geometrical calculations.
MPUtils Swift utility classes and extensions
SwiftSDL2 A Swift wrapper for the SDL2 API
SPMArgumentParser The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language
Ferno Vapor Firebase Realtime database provider
Rockstar A high level iOS framework with a swifty API
SLLog Simple yet advanced swift logger
Parser Library to create composable parsers, based on's series on Parsing
RandomFactory Randomized model generator for Swift.
atlantis A little and powerful iOS framework for intercepting HTTP/HTTPS Traffic.
UnsplashSwiftUI This SwiftUI package makes using the Unsplash API in an app simple and easy.
SwiftScriptRunner Swift Script Runner
SSCustomTabbar Simple Animated tabbar with native control
BTree Fast sorted collections for Swift using in-memory B-trees
LineBot SDK of the LINE Messaging API for Swift.
Rester A command line tool to test (REST) APIs
Balam Swift NoSQL functional database
SwiftRandom A tiny generator of random data for swift
OrderedDictionary A Swift OrderedDictionary implementation based off of a Dictionary and an Array
Changeset Minimal edits from one collection to another
ocmock Mock objects for Objective-C
CoreXLSX Excel spreadsheet (XLSX) format parser written in pure Swift
rage-ios Pragmatic network abstraction layer for iOS applications
Parsley A Markdown parser for Swift, using Github Flavored Markdown and Metadata
RKPointPin A UIView which points at a RealityKit Entity from screenspace
ValueCodable A Value struct to decode arbitrary data
MultipeerKit MultipeerConnectivity + Codable = ❤️
HomeKitExtensions :rocket: Collection of useful HomeKit extensions
CXML2 Swift C Bindings for libxml2
SWCompression A Swift framework for working with compression, archives and containers.
WelcomeKit This package is an extremely easy way to recreate the "Welcome" (or "What's New") screen that's native to Apple platforms.
SDWebImagePhotosPlugin A SDWebImage plugin to support Photos framework image loading
Nats Nats client implemented in swift
Poppo A simple twitter library for Swift
FHIR These are Swift classes for data models of FHIR elements and resources
Gestalt An unintrusive & light-weight iOS app-theming library with support for animated theme switching.
Saga A static site generator written in Swift
IsNotEmpty A Boolean value for Collections that returns true if they are not empty.
StatusAlert Display Apple system-like self-hiding status alerts. It is well suited for notifying user without interrupting user flow in iOS-like way.
CoreJSON Core JSON data model and utilities
ShapeScript Source code for the ShapeScript 3D modeling app for macOS
SwiftQueue Job Scheduler for IOS with Concurrent run, failure/retry, persistence, repeat, delay and more
CircularProgress SwiftUI package that creates an animated circular progress bar
ContextKit A Public Basic API for providing a Compositable Type Safe Dict
Commandant Type-safe command line argument handling
Swim Cross platform image library for Swift
DataCompression Swift libcompression wrapper as an extension for the Data type (GZIP, ZLIB, LZFSE, LZMA, LZ4, deflate, RFC-1950, RFC-1951, RFC-1952)
Legatus Combine 🚜 - driven REST API client, based on Alamofire 🔥
Swifter Tiny http server engine written in Swift programming language.
Runtime A Swift Runtime library for viewing type info, and the dynamic getting and setting of properties.
OysterKit OysterKit is a framework that provides a native Swift scanning, lexical analysis, and parsing capabilities. In addition it provides a language that can be used to rapidly define the rules used by OysterKit called STLR
DebugReflect Debug dump support for Swift
Rocket Define your release steps 🚀
CredentialsDropbox Kitura Credentials framework OAuth2 token type authorization validation for Dropbox
SwiftAdditions Madd's Swift wrappers and extensions
fastfood 🍔🍟 Share Fastfile between projects
ARKit-SmartHitTest I've put a function found in Apple's ARKit examples into a Swift Package & CocoaPod so it's easy to use.
open-crypto 🔑 Hashing (BCrypt, SHA2, HMAC), encryption (AES), public-key (RSA), and random data generation.
MongoKitten Native MongoDB driver for Swift, written in Swift
Difference Simple way to identify what is different between 2 instances of any type. Must have for TDD.
EliminationMenu Some kind of dropdown/up menu that eliminates all values which were not selected.
WS281x A Swift library for WS281x (WS2811,WS2812*,WS2813*) RGB led strips, rings, sticks, matrices and more.
CZlib Simple gzip extension for Data
INIParser A lightweight INI file parser in Server Side Swift
SwiftAlfred Build awesome Alfred workflows with Swift!
Anybar A minimal swift package for talking to AnyBar
MemoryLayoutKit Swift structure representation tool kit
CTColorPicker HSB ColorPicker for SwiftUI
FluentTestApp Easily test Fluent libraries
SupportEmail Pre-populates emails with support information in iOS/iPadOS apps
MockSix Mocking microframework for Swift
CommonCrypto Common crypto for Open source Swift on OS X.
Siren Notify users when a new version of your app is available and prompt them to upgrade.
FirebladeECS A dependency free, lightweight, fast Entity-Component System (ECS) implementation in Swift
Shout SSH made easy in Swift. Special supported numeric host & external prebuild Libssh2.
SwiftyVector Vector types for Swift
SwiftWebUI A demo implementation of SwiftUI for the Web
GISLib Swift 5.0:提供地图经纬度距离计算及在一个圆(以地图上的经纬度坐标为圆心)内随机生成一个点
vapor 💧 A server-side Swift web framework.
ECUICollectionViewMultiDelegate Adds the ability for a collection view to have multiple delegates.
SimpleMDM Swift library for SimpleMDM API
AntMessageProtocol Swift Implementation of the ANT Message Protocol
SwiftClockUI SwiftUI library to display a clock. You can move the arms to change the time, change the style of the clock and customise some configurations.
Protected Make any variable thread safe.
Spek 🎏 Function builder BDD testing framework in Swift
FMPhotoPicker A modern, simple and zero-dependency photo picker with an elegant and customizable image editor
SES Standalone Repository of AWS email Client from soto-project/soto
GridStack A flexible grid layout view for SwiftUI
HandyUIKit Handy UI features that should have been part of UIKit in the first place.
SwiftAtomics Atomic operations bridged from Clang to Swift
xcodeproj-modify Adds a Run Script phase to an Xcode project.
WatsonDeveloperCloud :iphone: The Watson Swift SDK enables developers to quickly add Watson Cognitive Computing services to their Swift applications.
fileproxy Background downloads
Introspect Introspect underlying UIKit components from SwiftUI
BluetoothMessageProtocol Swift Implementation of Bluetooth Message Protocols. Encode and Decode BLE Characteristics
sqlite-kit Non-blocking SQLite client library with SQL builder built on SwiftNIO
swtws A command line tool for Swift Tweets
SLChat Chat server component built using Kitura-WebSocket.
PlayDocs Command line tool for converting Swift Playgrounds to Markdown and HTML.
IncrementableLabel Incrementable UILabel for iOS and tvOS
EasyInject A lightweight composition and dependency injection framework for Swift.
SwiftStringObfuscator Swift String Obfuscator
TweenKit Animation library for iOS in Swift
FitDataProtocol Swift Implementation the Garmin Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer Protocol.
VaporSpices Vapor 3 Package for pre-populating any database with Spice related data.
SignalRClient Swift SignalR Client for Asp.Net Core SignalR server
Regex A pure Swift NFA implementation of a regular expression engine
Semver Semantic versioning framework in Swift
CEPCombine Complex Event Processing powered by Combine for Swift.
CJavaVM Allows using `libjvm` in other Swift packages.
CertificateSigningRequest Generate a certificate signing request (CSR) programmatically on iOS/macOS/watchOS/tvOS devices
Floaty :heart: Floating Action Button for iOS
FontAwesome Use FontAwesome in your Swift projects
CBGPromise Simple promises in Swift, inspired by KSPromise
TrainInformationService Information services for trains in the UK, using the National Rail open API
Monolith A Swift package for dealing with binary network protocols
Unarchiver Simple gzip extension for Data
CJavaVM Allows using `libjvm` in other Swift packages.
SwiftDraw A Swift library for parsing and drawing SVG images to CoreGraphics contexts.
apns APNs(Apple Push Notification Service) SDK
MarqueeLabel A drop-in replacement for UILabel, which automatically adds a scrolling marquee effect when the label's text does not fit inside the specified frame
RedisProvider Adds Redis Cache to Vapor
ServerSecurity :warning: Historical TLS API - please use SwiftNIO instead
TelegramBotAPI Swift Telegram Bot API and Telegram Bot API Generator
Puma 🐯 Build utilities in pure Swift
acho 🍋 Acho is a Swift library to generate interactive CLI prompts
TextTable Swift package for easily rendering text tables. Inspired by the Python tabulate library.
MarkdownKit A framework for parsing and transforming text in Markdown format written in Swift 5 for macOS, iOS, and Linux. The supported syntax is based on the CommonMark specification. The framework defines an abstract syntax for Markdown, provides a parser for parsing strings into abstract syntax trees, and comes with generators for creating HTML and attributed strings.
TakeASelfie An iOS framework that uses the front camera, detects your face and takes a selfie.
gdpr-swift Swift extension to sanitize user data to be GDPR compliant
JTAppleCalendar The Unofficial Apple iOS Swift Calendar View. Swift calendar Library. iOS calendar Control. 100% Customizable
SwiftLint A tool to enforce Swift style and conventions.
Stevia :leaves: Write concise Autolayout code
UtilityKit A collection of Swift utilities
SemanticVersioningKit Small library to create and parse Semantic Versioning conforming representations.
KVKCalendar A most fully customization calendar and timeline library for iOS 📅
Chalk Terminal colors using Swift 5’s string interpolation extensions.
WaterfallGrid A waterfall grid layout view for SwiftUI.
NDArray A Multidimensional Array library for Swift
IBAnimatable Design and prototype customized UI, interaction, navigation, transition and animation for App Store ready Apps in Interface Builder with IBAnimatable.
SwiftRewriter 📝 Swift code formatter using SwiftSyntax.
BrilliantHTML5Parser An HTML 5 processor to parse, edit or create HTML5 files in Swift. Designed to be used together with BrilliantTemplate
SwiftKafka Swift SDK for Apache Kafka
Spinner Powerful Swift CLI Spinners
SwiftCSV CSV parser for Swift
SwiftyNats A swift client for interacting with NATS servers
TPInAppReceipt Reading and Validating In App Purchase Receipt Locally.
Pageboy 📖 A simple, highly informative page view controller
SwipyCell Easy to use UITableViewCell implementing swiping to trigger actions.
TcxDataProtocol Training Center XML Format
Malline Templating engine for Swift, similar to Handlebars & Mustache.
Repeat 🕦 Modern Timer in Swift, Debouncer and Throttler (alternative to NSTimer) made with GCD
Web3swift Elegant Web3js functionality in Swift. Native ABI parsing and smart contract interactions.
View2Pdf A simple package to convert html to pdf
SwiftFFmpeg A Swift wrapper for the FFmpeg API
Adyen Adyen SDK for iOS
SwiftDate 🐔 Toolkit to parse, validate, manipulate, compare and display dates, time & timezones in Swift.
IomtFhirClient The IomtFhirClient Swift library simplifies sending IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) data to an IoMT FHIR Connector for Azure endpoint.
ConfigCop A Swift command line application that verifies xcconfig files against a template.
XcodeGen A Swift command line tool for generating your Xcode project
SwiftDux Predictable state management for SwiftUI applications.
Chameleon 🤖 A Slackbot written in Swift for Mac & Linux
swift-backtrace 💥 Backtraces for Swift on Linux
hmap hmap is a command line tool written in Swift to work with Clang header maps produced by Xcode.
OperationPlus NSOperation's missing pieces
Spin.Swift Spin aims to provide a versatile Feedback Loop implementation working with the three main reactive frameworks available in the Swift community (RxSwift, ReactiveSwift and Combine)
CasePaths 🧰 Case paths bring the power and ergonomics of key paths to enums!
Marathon [DEPRECATED] Marathon makes it easy to write, run and manage your Swift scripts 🏃
NotarizationAuditLog Decode JSON audit log from notarization process
TigaseSwiftOMEMO OMEMO support for Tigase Swift XMPP library
Marcel A MIME parser for iOS/Mac
smoke-framework A light-weight server-side service framework written in the Swift programming language.
Sdifft using the Myers's Difference Algorithm to compare differences between two equatable element
SKRTMAPI Connect to the Slack Real Time Messaging API
Swiftz Functional programming in Swift
PerfectSysInfo This project provides a Swift library to monitor system performance in essential metrics.
CurrencyConverter Utilities for doing currency conversion with the Money library
PromiseQ Promises with async/await, suspend/resume and cancel features for Swift.
UniFlow Unidirectional data flow & finite state machine merged together - app architecture done right.
MySQL A type safe MySQL client for Swift
Reader function wrapper ⚔
Promissum A promises library written in Swift featuring combinators like map, flatMap, whenAll, whenAny.
ACInteractor Swift Package for a Use Case centric architecture as proposed by Robert C. Martin and others.
JSONFeed A Swift encoder and decoder for the JSON Feed format
CommandRegistry ⚠️DEPRECATED⚠️ Beautifully handle subcommands on your SwiftPM command line tool
WebSocketCompression A WebSocket compression library based on SwiftNIO
Skull Swift SQLite
MapboxMobileEvents Mapbox Events Framework for iOS
MessagePack A MessagePack encoder and decoder for Codable types
CardVision Library for Reading Apple Card Transaction History Screenshots
Starscream Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX
XGBoostSwift A Swift interface for XGBoost
FlowKit A declarative type-safe framework for building fast and flexible list with Tables & Collection
HTMLKit A type-safe DSL that renders dynamic HTML templates in Swift
TwitterTextEditor A standalone, flexible API that provides a full-featured rich text editor for iOS applications.
Syft A library for parsing your own PEG grammars in Swift.
soto-dynamodb A Dynamodb typesafe client for swift (This is part of soto-project/soto)
AloeStackView A simple class for laying out a collection of views with a convenient API, while leveraging the power of Auto Layout.
CSCodeSignature A library providing a Swifty interface for reading macOS code signatures.
Symbols A typesafe wrapper around the new system symbols API for UIKit and Swift UI
VaporFirestore Firestore REST Client
WeTransfer-Swift-SDK A Swift SDK for WeTransfer’s public API
CCommonCrypto A Swift package manager module wrapper for CommonCrypto
ACBTokenField A swift extension on NSTokenField which makes it highly customizable and removes a lot of boilerplate code from implementation
RefreshableScrollView Add a Pull to Refresh feature to the ScrollView or List
Money A precise, type-safe representation of a monetary amount in a given currency
AppIcon AppIcon generates *.appiconset contains each resolution image for iOS
terse Infix operators for SwiftNIOs monadic futures
BetterSheet A powerful SwiftUI sheet replacement
GModule A Swift wrapper around gmodule-2.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
Rate A type-safe ratio of Foundation unit quantities
Localize_Swift Swift friendly localization and i18n with in-app language switching
CwlPreconditionTesting A Mach exception handler that allows Swift precondition failures to be caught and tested.
SRP Secure Remote Password (SRP) for Swift
Auth Auth client library for Swift command-line tools and cloud services. Supports OAuth1, OAuth2, and Google Application Default Credentials.
SwiftMath Cross-platform math library with SIMD support
CSProgress A higher-performing, easier-to-use replacement class for Apple's NSProgress, written in Swift.
MCP4725 Swift library for interacting with the MCP4725 I2C 12-bit DAC.
Manual Manual generates unit test fixtures and Go model objects from an OpenAPI 2.0 spec.
Spasibo 🙏 Support your favourite open source projects
Signals A micro-library for creating and observing events.
vapor-aws-lambda-runtime Run your Vapor api server on AWS Lambda using the official Swift Server runtime.
ID3TagEditor :musical_note::guitar:A Swift library to read and write ID3 Tag of any mp3 file. Supported ID3 tag version: 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4. Supported platform: iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Linux Ubuntu. :musical_note::guitar:
sockets 🔌 Non-blocking TCP socket layer, with event-driven server and client.
ApplicationConfiguration A simple and codable way to configure a Perfect Application (WIP)
PostgresBridge 🐘 Pure SwifQL+NIO bridge to Postgres
OpenAPIKit Codable Swift OpenAPI implementation.
Vuckt A Swift Vector Library That Doesn't Suck
SKServer A server module for creating Slack apps in Swift
Serializer Codable serialization to custom formats made easy
Smile :smile: Emoji in Swift
async-http-client HTTP client library built on SwiftNIO
AnyLint Lint anything by combining the power of Swift & regular expressions.
Euclid A Swift library for creating and manipulating 3D geometry
FlexibleRowHeightGridLayout A UICollectionView grid layout designed to support Dynamic Type by allowing the height of each row to size to fit content.
DatabaseKit 🗄 Core services for creating database integrations.
rswift Get strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, fonts and segues in Swift projects
SeaTouch Easily and elegantly display touches on screen in your iOS app. Taps appear as a subtle ripple effect, while longer presses show continual tracking. Absolutely great for presenting your screen to an audience, either live or in a recording!
NetUtils Swift library that simplifies getting information about your network interfaces and their properties, both for iOS and OS X.
SLLogKitura SLLogKitura is a provider for SLLog. Indetgrated with Kitura LoggerAPI
Geohash Geohash library written in Swift
Predicate Treat predicates abstractly.
Freedom The Freedom to Open URLs in Third-Party Browsers on iOS with Custom UIActivity Subclasses.
querykit-cli QueryKit command line tool to produce type-safe accessors
Guitar A Cross-Platform String and Regular Expression Library written in Swift.
UMUtils iOS Utility Library
HKDFKit Simple HKDF utility with Objective-C interface
URLEncodedForm 📝 Parse and serialize url-encoded form data with Codable support.
ResolverContainer Swift resolver container implementation
DataURI A pure Swift parser for Data URIs.
Siren Notify users when a new version of your app is available and prompt them to upgrade.
SwiftGen The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs!
CNKit 🗺 Campus Navigator API wrapper
MultipeerHelper A light swift wrapper around the iOS MultipeerConnectivity framework. Including an example project using RealityKit's MultipeerConnectivityService.
JSONRPCKit A type-safe JSON-RPC 2.0 library purely written in Swift
CSErrors A set of additions to `Error`, `CocoaError`, and `URLError` which provide some handy features.
NetworkKit A reactive HTTP Networking in Swift using PublisherKit
Rye A framework for displaying non intrusive alerts to your users
Gryphon The Swift to Kotlin translator.
VinContent Main content extraction
MLStarRating Star Ratings for swift projects
BartyCrouch Localization/I18n: Incrementally update/translate your Strings files from .swift, .h, .m(m), .storyboard or .xib files.
bow-openapi 🌐 Functional HTTP client generator from an OpenAPI/Swagger specification.
Shell 🧪 Shell is a µ-library written in Swift to run system commands
SwiftyChrono A natural language date parser in Swift (ported from chrono.js)
KituraMarkdown Templating engine for Kitura that uses Markdown based templates
PacketStream A high-level multi-platform Swift interface for capturing network traffic
Website 🌐
CardStack A SwiftUI package that lets you implement swipable cards in your project.
grpc-vapor gRPC Vapor is a Vapor middleware framework that enables Vapor servers to support, route, encode and decode gRPC requests.
PopOverDatePicker PopOverDatePicker is a PopOver style DatePicker view.
SwiftPlantUML A command-line tool and Swift Package for generating class diagrams powered by PlantUML
IPAPI Geolocation API client written in Swift.
CSVImporter Import CSV files line by line with ease
Conf Config made easy
RijndaelSwift A simple Rijndael implementation in Swift
HealthKitToFhir The HealthKitToFhir Swift Library provides a simple way to create FHIR Resources from HKObjects.
TOMLDecoder From TOML to Swift Codable types.
Regex Cross-platform Swift regex library
CountedSet A generic Swift counted set implementation.
AdyenWeChatPayInternal Adyen WeChat Pay SDK Wrapper
XestiMonitors An extensible monitoring framework written in Swift
TactileSlider UIControl slider that can be dragged from any point within its bounds, similar to those in Control Center and
SwiftySensors Bluetooth LE Sensor Manager for iOS and macOS
ServiceModelSwiftCodeGenerate Modular code generator to generate Swift applications from service models.
Marshal Marshaling the typeless wild west of [String: Any]
Beak A command line interface for your Swift scripts
Rexy :dragon_face: POSIX Regular Expressions in Swift
Log a simple logging protocol
Synopsis Swift source code scanner.
finch tiny todos as a Swift CLI tool
IntegirtySwift An unified product for check many topics about integrity & security.
JSONSchema JSON Schema validator in Swift
Kitura-CredentialsGitHub A plugin for the Kitura-Credentials framework that authenticates using the GitHub web login
Tentacle A Swift framework for the GitHub API
HandySwift Handy Swift features that didn't make it into the Swift standard library.
AddressURL Useful extension for URL to support IP and email addresses
emu A fun little collaborative library for data structures and algorithms written in Swift.
Semver Semantic versioning framework in Swift
SwiftPowerStorage Core of SimplyLogger product
Srt2BilibiliKit 把字幕文件作为弹幕发到B站;A swift solution for uploading SubRip file as danmaku to Bilibili
console-kit 💻 APIs for creating interactive CLI tools.
AnyCodable Generic Any? data encapsulation meant to facilitate the transformation of loosely typed objects using Codable.
CouchbaseClusterManager Docker container for Couchbase Server cluster provisioning and configuration.
Multipart 🏞 Parses and serializes multipart-encoded data with Codable support.
SwiftyJSON The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift.
FTAPIKit Declarative and generic REST API framework using Codable.
ECNetworking A simple swifty networking layer. Supports custom interceptions.
SwiftDB A modern database abstraction layer, batteries included.
Microya Micro version of the Moya network abstraction layer written in Swift.
BoostBLEKit Bluetooth LE protocols for LEGO® Boost in Swift
JRPCSwiftNio JSON RPC Server stack implemented on top of Apple Swift-Nio library
KeyboardKit KeyboardKit is a Swift library that helps you create iOS keyboard extensions.
SwiftVersionCompare Compare semantic versions in swift.
SwiftLinkPreview It makes a preview from an URL, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images.
STTextView 📝 STTextView is a light-weight library that adds a placeholder to the UITextView.
Player ▶️ video player in Swift, simple way to play and stream media on iOS/tvOS
Result Swift type modelling the success/failure of arbitrary operations.
Parsey Swift Parser Combinators
AEAppVersion Simple and Lightweight App Version Tracking for iOS written in Swift
JWTAuth Provides custom model authentication and authorization through JWT tokens.
TurtleBuilder Turtle graphics library built on Swift function builders
TOMLDeserializer Parse TOML files into Swift objects.
PagingKit PagingKit provides customizable menu UI. It has more flexible layout and design than the other libraries.
api-client Easy HTTP Client for Swift
Runtime WebAssembly-compatible fork of wickwirew/Runtime: Swift Runtime library for viewing type info, and the dynamic getting and setting of properties.
SVEVideoUI A video component for SwiftUI
appboy-ios-sdk Public repo for the Braze iOS SDK
Flint Generate projects and files from template.
TLDExtract A pure Swift library to allows you to get the public suffix of a domain name
PerfectNotifications Apple Push Notifications (APNs) Server-Side library.
HDF5Kit HDF5 for iOS and OS X
FunOptics 🔍Simple functional Optics in Swift
XcodeProjKit Parse project file and write it to open step format.
openssl All inclusive Swift package to use OpenSSL 1.1.1d from Swift (include Mac arm)
ErrorsCore Errors Core for LiveUI apps
RxAppState RxSwift extensions for UIApplicationDelegate methods to observe changes in your app's state
AsyncNinja A complete set of primitives for concurrency and reactive programming on Swift
Networking Dependency based HTTP Networking Framework in Swift by CELLULAR.
FregaderoDeCocina This is a kitchen sink repository of swift utilities.
Geodesy Geodesy functions in Swift 🌎
SwiftGraphs Graphs in Swift
WS 🍬 An elegant way to use websockets with Vapor
ClangSwift A Swift wrapper for the libclang C API (version 4.0.x)
JSON For dealing with ambiguous JSON that doesn't connect to a specific type
SwiftyShell Helper to run sh commands on swift
URLQueryItemEncoder A Swift Encoder for encoding any Encodable value into an array of URLQueryItem.
BigInt Arbitrary-precision arithmetic in pure Swift
PerfectZip Perfect Zip compression utility.
Markdown A small and fast Markdown parser library for Swift.
VaporCron ⏲ Swift cron scheduler for Vapor
Navigation Navigation is a framework that provides an another look on iOS app screens navigation
BinarySearch Swift module for binary search in sorted collections.
AEXML Swift minion for simple and lightweight XML parsing
URLRequestOperation Using OperationQueue for your URL requests (with a built-in retry mechanism)
ReactiveSwift Our fork of ReactiveSwift that fixes SPM compatibility by removing testing libraries.
Reactor 🔄 Unidirectional data flow in Swift.
KrakenKit TensorFlow ToolKit for Swift.
Downpour ☔️ Get TV & Movie info from downloaded file names
GlueKit Type-safe observable values and collections in Swift
secp256k1 secp256k1 bindings for swift with SPM support
NotarizationInfo Decode info from apple notarization process
Paginator Offset pagination for Vapor 🗂
Instant-SP Swift Package for PSPDFKit Instant
SwifterSwift A handy collection of more than 500 native Swift extensions to boost your productivity.
RetryingOperation Retrying operations with no persistence, wrapped in a single Foundation Operation, in Swift
DiceKit A Swift module for simulating dice both real and unreal
SwiftObserver Elegant Reactive Primitives for Clean Swift Architecture #NoRx
GenericJSON A simple Swift library for working with generic JSON structures
NVActivityIndicatorView A collection of awesome loading animations
SipHash Simple and secure hashing in Swift with the SipHash algorithm
TextBundle Markdown TextBundle implemented in 100% Swift
AtomicSwift The atomic qualifier Swift was missing
GitDiffSwift A Git diff parser written in Swift
CenteredCollectionView A lightweight UICollectionViewLayout that 'pages' and centers its cells 🎡 written in Swift
KeyboardNotificationsObserver An observer of `UIKeyboard` notifications.
VaporXFPMiddleware A Vapor middleware to redirect reverse proxy requests originating as http to https.
ClockTimePicker ClockTimePicker is a SwiftUI view of a clock with draggable hour and minutes hands for selecting the time of a date.
Romanize Romanies Hangul using Revised Romanisation of Korean
Fluxor Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift 🚀 based on Combine 🚜
SwiftTryCatch Adds try-catch support for Swift
RxRetroSwift A Reactive way inspired by the simplicity of Retrofit when creating REST API Calls.
Kronos Elegant NTP date library in Swift
SGCircuitBreaker A Swift implementation of the Circuit Breaker design pattern
Coordinator A declarative navigation API for SwiftUI.
spawn A small command-line tool to quickly tryout a Swift Package Manager package locally
Pigeon Async state management for SwiftUI (and UIKit) 🐦
EthereumABI Ethereum ABI parser in vanilla Swift. Supports ABIv2 spec for Solidity 0.5
swift-base64-kit Base64 encode and decode without the use of Foundation in pure Swift.
BitriseTrace Catch bugs before they reach production — get detailed crash reports and monitor how your app is performing across the entire install base.
HTMLSpecialCharacters Library to escape/unescape HTML special characters in Swift.
nio-h2 Non-blocking, event-driven HTTP/2 client built on Swift NIO
SwiftyHawk Hawk authentication implementation in Swift
PublicSuffix Converted Public Suffix List in Swift.
Rasterize Create rasterized versions of SwiftUI views
ImageResizer A light-weight Swift package to resize images with ease on iOS and macOS
DayPeriodFormatter A formatter for localized day periods (morning, afternoon, night, etc.)
NFCReader Scan and decode NFC tags on iOS
JWTVapor An integration between the Vapor and vapor/jwt packages
Ephemeris Calculate Moon and Sun positions in Swift.
LoggerKit 🤖Simple logging framework
TerraformKit Invoke Terraform directly from your Swift Projects
SwiftArgs A minimal, pure Swift library for making command-line tools / interfaces.
CGPointVector Makes it easy to use CGPoint as vectors in Swift
Corkboard 📌 API wrapper
SourceKitLSP Language Server Protocol implementation for Swift and C-based languages
SwiftPastTen A Swift framework that telling the time passing a given time format (HH:mm) into "British"
SwiftPrometheus Client side Prometheus library in Swift
SwiftTryCatch Adds try-catch support for Swift
TextFormater a pod to convert String to NSAttributedString
JSON-DSL A simple JSON DSL for Swift
SwiftSerial A Swift Linux and Mac library for reading and writing to serial ports.
ListPagination Swift package providing extensions of RandomAccessCollection to support List pagination in SwiftUI
SwipeCellKit Swipeable UITableViewCell/UICollectionViewCell based on the stock, implemented in Swift.
SGSL Simple scientific library for Swift based on GNU Scientific Library
FuzzCheck Swift package fuzzing engine
Sectioner Small extension on Collection that groups its elements.
PorterStemmer2 :snowman: A Swift wrapper over the Porter Stemmer 2 / libstemmer
FFFoundation Some useful additions and classes for Apple's Foundation framework
Test Convenience wrapper around XCTest
Arrow 🏹 Parse JSON with style
XcodeEdit Swift library for reading and writing Xcode project files in OpenStep format
Sqlable Swift library for making storing data in a SQLite database simple and magic-free
RemoteImage Swift package for a SwiftUI remote image view
MockImagePicker Mock UIImagePickerController for testing camera based UI in simulator
AdaptiveController :octocat: AdaptiveController is a 'Progressive Reduction' Swift UI module for adding custom states to Native or Custom iOS UI elements. Swift UI component by @Ramotion
BioSwift An attempt to create a set of freely available tools for biological computation written in pure Swift
NodesSSO Allow users to login using Nodes SSO 🔑
StyleDecorator Easy string decoration with styles
FluentTestTools Test tools for Vapor 3's Fluent
Magnet Customize global hotkeys in macOS.
ZeeQL3Freddy Freddy JSON support for ZeeQL objects
UIXKit An extension to UIKit.
CLISpinner Swifty Terminal Spinner
JustNetworking A small architecture library for simplify the networking layer
HPOpenWeather Request OpenWeather data with ease in Swift
MultipartForm The missing multipart form support for URLSession.
QRIO Lightweight framework for QR scanning and generation
EllipticCurveKeyPair Sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt using the Secure Enclave
DeckKit DeckKit is a tiny library that helps you create card-based apps in SwiftUI.
NCA Neural Cognitive Architectures
HPDarkSky Swift library to communicate with the DarkSky weather API
Networking ⚡️ Elegantly connect to a REST JSON Api. URLSession + Combine + Decodable + Generics = <3
SimpleFileLogger 📝 A Swift Vapor provider for simple file logging on Vapor sites
Symbolic Type-safe wrapper for SF Symbols
XMLTools Swift XML API with XPath-Like Syntax and Namespaces support
aws-sdk-swift-core Core framework of Soto the Swift SDK for AWS
SCRecorder iOS camera engine with Vine-like tap to record, animatable filters, slow motion, segments editing
SwiftSpeech A speech recognition framework designed for SwiftUI.
AlertReactor A ReactorKit extension for UIAlertController
flock Object graph in Swift
Shuttle Swift package heavily inspired by
TypeSwift A module providing tools for parsing TypeScript models into swift ones
prediction-builder-swift A library for machine learning that builds predictions using a linear regression.
OhhAuth Pure Swift implementation of the OAuth 1.0 protocol as an easy to use extension for the URLRequest type. (RFC-5849)
Keystore Ethereum keystore creation / private key extraction for Swift
Palau NSUserDefaults with Wings!
ViewInspector Runtime introspection and unit testing of SwiftUI views
BSONSerialization BSON Serialization in Swift
ITunesServicesKit Wrapper over software related functions on the iTunes API
NetworkGear `SwiftNetworkGear` will provide various functions about network.
Cron Cron for Swift
UniSocket Sockets for Swift
JSONConfig A JSON configuration utility for Perfect Swift
Holmes `Serialize` and `Deserialize` protocols for Sherlock
Alter Alter is framework to make mapping Codable property and key easier.
Interstellar Simple and lightweight Functional Reactive Coding in Swift for the rest of us
SwiftUIImageViewer Image viewer built in SwiftUI, allowing for both local and remote images
ConfigParser A pure-Swift INI Config parser
JSONUtilities Easily load JSON objects and decode them into structs or classes
Freddy A reusable framework for parsing JSON in Swift.
Elementary Experimental, uni-directional and purely functional architecture in Swift.
SoracomAPI An SDK for the Soracom API in Swift. (BETA)
CombineBloc An implementation of the ´BLoC´ (Business Logic Component) with Apple's Combine framework
SwiftyMath Pure Math in Pure Swift.
VersionTrackerSwift Versions tracker for your iOS, macOS, and tvOS app
Ricemill 🌾 ♻️ 🍚 Unidirectional Input / Output framework with Combine. Supports both of SwiftUI and UIKit.
CGFloatLiteral CGFloat(10) becomes 10.f
GottaGoFast A pure Swift benchmarking library that works on Linux
RegularExpressionDecoder A decoder that constructs objects from regular expression matches.
LoadableViews Easiest way to load view classes into another XIB or storyboard.
WrapperKit 🌷 Swift Property Wrappers Kit
Snap A customizable Snapping Drawer à la Apple Maps.

 100% in SwiftUI.
Ogma Write parsers quickly in Swift with an intuitive SwiftUI-like DSL
Immutable Missing non-mutating functions in Swift
stream-reader A simple stream protocol in Swift with concrete implementations
Swifter :bird: A Twitter framework for iOS & OS X written in Swift
RIBs Uber's cross-platform mobile architecture framework.
APIKit Type-safe networking abstraction layer that associates request type with response type.
SimpleAnalytics A lightweight analytics reporting package for iOS and macOS projects.
Apollo 📱 A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift
AwsDynamoDB Swift library providing easy access to common DynamoDB operations
FlexibleInputStackBar Easiest input bar above the keyboard.
DomainParser A Full Swift Lightweight Framework that uses the Public Suffix list to Parse URLs
libde265-Xcode A wrapper for libde265 + Xcode project. Support Carthage && CocoaPods && SwiftPM.
ObservableArray Utility package with implementation of Swift Combine-enabled ObservableArray
CFreeGLUT A quickie Swift module for the freeglut library
MacroExpress An unopinionated SwiftNIO based web framework, Express.js/Connect like.
UBJSONSerialization UBJSON Serialization in Swift (with the help of Apple’s Foundation)
SQLite SQLite.Database is a simple Swift wrapper around SQLite
Nifty Dice Roller Dice roller that can be used from the command line.
Lunch Lunch is helper of UI Test with Swift.
Maaku The Maaku framework provides a Swift wrapper around cmark with the addition of a Swift friendly representation of the AST
AcknowList Acknowledgements screen displaying a list of licenses, for example from CocoaPods dependencies.
SMJobKit Swift API for SMJobBless and friends
Plister SPM-based helper for working with Plists at the command line
UIDeviceComplete UIDevice extensions that fill in the missing pieces.
Resistance A Swift library for creating and manipulating resistors and their values.
SwiftLCS Swift implementation of the longest common subsequence (LCS) algorithm.
ChromaColorPicker :art: An intuitive iOS color picker built in Swift.
SwiftConfettiView Swift Confetti View ! Who doesn't like confetti? 🎉🎉
Swime 🗂 Swift MIME type checking based on magic bytes
SwiftScanner String Scanner in pure Swift (supports unicode)
NeedleFoundation Compile-time safe Swift dependency injection framework
Buildkite A Swift library for the Buildkite REST and GraphQL APIs
BillboardSwiftLibrary Swift API for downloading Billboard charts
FDBarGauge The successor to F3BarGauge
Freddy A reusable framework for parsing JSON in Swift.
CPostgreSQL PostgreSQL C module map
FuturaLog Swift log system
AELog Simple, lightweight and flexible debug logging framework written in Swift
pecker CodePecker is a tool to detect unused Swift code.
SSegmentRecordingView View to show recording video segments as Instagram, TikTok, etc
libtess libtess swift package
SwiftResult A `Result` type for Swift compatible with SE-0235
Harvester A Swift interface to the Harvest time tracking API
SwiftyOLED A Swift library for OLED displays based on SSD1306 and SSD1305 drivers.
CloudFoundryEnv Easy access to Cloud Foundry application environment for Swift Packages.
NetworkKit Modern networking layer easy to customize and setup
FDChessboardView An iOS / Mac view controller for chess boards
Vulkan Vulkan bindings for Swift
RecordingOverlay Add a border layer of the color of your choise around the device screen. Perfect to show an active state, or a recording state.
DynamicButton Yet another animated flat buttons in Swift
ImageSlideshow Swift image slideshow with circular scrolling, timer and full screen viewer
messagepack Moved to:
ASCollectionView Lightweight custom collection view inspired by Airbnb.
Pailead A palette generating and extraction Swift library for macOS, iOS, and Linux
SampleKitura Let's try Server-Side Swift with Kitura by IBM
XMLCoding XMLEncoder & XMLDecoder using the Codable protocol in Swift 4.2
git-kit GitKit is a Swift wrapper around the git command line interface.
FlowGraph Simple State Machine for Swift
FluentPostGIS Swift PostGIS support for FluentPostgreSQL and Vapor
inotify Swift wrapper around the CInotify library
Telescope A SwiftUI-oriented remote image caching system
Ariadne Elegant and extensible routing framework in Swift
Reset Makes resetting a password a breeze 🏳
PerfectCMongo libmongo-c
DeviceGuru DeviceGuru is a simple lib (Swift) to know the exact type of the device, e.g. iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. Please ⭐️ this repo on the top right corner to make this repo popular.
BitByteData Read and write bits and bytes in Swift.
INI Swift INI parser based on (NS)Scanner
Bluebird Promise/A+, Bluebird inspired, implementation in Swift 5
LUExpandableTableView A subclass of UITableView with expandable and collapsible sections
Komondor Git Hooks for Swift projects 🐩
TensorSwift A lightweight library to calculate tensors in Swift, which has similar APIs to TensorFlow's
Pagination Simple Vapor 3 Pagination
SwiftKnex A Mysql Native Client and Query Builder written in Pure Swift
ECScrollView A SwiftUI ScrollView supporting offset & deceleration callbacks
Swifty360Player iOS 360-degree video player streaming from an AVPlayer.
SwiftlySearch A small, lightweight UISearchController wrapper for SwiftUI
animagus-swift-example Animagus Swift Example
FDTake Easily take a photo or video or choose from library
WolfStrings A library of conveniences for working with Swift strings and NSAttributed strings.
SwiftyBeagle Server-Side-Swift API monitoring based on your iOS client apps code
HKDFKit Simple HKDF utility with Objective-C interface
bez Utilities for working with bezier curves in SwiftUI
IHProgressHUD A clean and lightweight progress HUD based on SVProgressHUD, converted to Swift with the help of Swiftify.
BigNumber A lightweight, Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library for Swift!
SMLib SuperMemo SM2 Algorithm in Swift
Ether A Command-Line Interface for the Swift Package Manager
Currier Super easy FP function currying for Swift
FDTextFieldTableViewCell A UITableViewCell with an editable text field
MoyaSugar 🍯 Syntactic sugar for Moya
UInt256 An UInt256 library written in Swift 4
MonetaryAmount 💵 A Swift representation of money / monetary amounts and ISO 4217 currency designations - Swift Micro Package
xcode-simulator-tool Manage root certificates in Xcode simulators
SwipeCell SwipeCell is a SwiftUI library, used to achieve the left and right sliding menu effect similar to the iOS mail app.
Antlr4 ANTLR4 runtime for the SwiftyBibtex library.
SwiftyGPIO A Swift library for hardware projects on Linux/ARM boards with support for GPIOs/SPI/I2C/PWM/UART/1Wire.
Downpour ☔️ Get TV & Movie info from downloaded file names
RKProgressBar A simple RealityKit Entity class for creating a geometry to show progress in the form of a capsule
ModernAVPlayer ModernAVPlayer is a persistence AVPlayer wrapper
ALBNoSQLDB This project has been renamed to AgileDB and can be found here:
APIota APIota is a lightweight Swift library for defining REST API clients for use in iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and Linux apps.
Siren Notify users when a new version of your app is available and prompt them to upgrade.
CellKit Table View and Collection View data source wrapper
Datastore Generic entity key/value datastore. Core-data backed (for now)
Curses Curses provides a Swift object wrapper for the curses programming library for Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04)
MetalPetal A GPU accelerated image and video processing framework built on Metal.
websocket-kit WebSocket client library built on SwiftNIO
Moya-ModelMapper ModelMapper bindings for Moya.
HiveEngine An engine to maintain the state of a game of Hive.
FTPropertyWrappers Property wrappers for User Defaults, Keychain, StoredSubject and synchronization.
SwiftyNotifications Highly configurable iOS UIView for presenting notifications that doesn't block the UI.
MiniDOM Minimal XML DOM for Swift
ParkKit 🚘 ParkAPI wrapper
Pipes PureMVC Swift MultiCore Utility: Pipes
KWStepper A stepper control with flexible UI and tailored UX.
FTTestingKit Mockups and async extension to XCTestCase
SwiftLEB LEB128 implemented in Swift
PerfectCBSON libbson
Finite Finite is a simple, pure Swift finite state machine.
ItemsDataSource :recycle: Generic datasource for UICollectionView
Algebra Abstract Algebraic Structures in Swift
StringMetric String metric/similarity functions implemented in Swift.
VisualEffectView Dynamic blur background view with tint color (UIVisualEffectView subclass) 📱
PrettyColors Styles and colors text in the Terminal with ANSI escape codes. Conforms to ECMA Standard 48.
Silica Pure Swift CoreGraphics (Quartz2D) implementation (Supports Linux)
LoggerKit Swift framework to log messages in a colorful and clear way.
OpenAPIDiff Diffing Library for OpenAPI documentation.
Cachyr A small key-value data cache for iOS, macOS and tvOS, written in Swift.
Weekday Neat Swift library for dealing with week days
graphzahl-vapor-support A set of extensions that allow to use GraphZahl with Vapor
UnifiedLogHandler SwiftLog unified logging backend
swift-nio-redis-client A high performance Redis protocol (RESP) implementation for SwiftNIO
VaporMonitoring Monitoring for Vapor
RxCocoaNetworking A Moya-inspired, RxTest-testable networking framework built on top of RxCocoa
CSDL2 Swift wrapper package for SDL2.
MapleBacon 🍁🥓 Lightweight and fast Swift library for image downloading, caching and transformations
jwt-kit 🔑 JSON Web Token signing and verification (HMAC, RSA, ECDSA) using BoringSSL.
Chalk ✏️Expressive styling on terminal string. (chalk for swift)
MicroExpress A micro web server framework on top of Swift NIO
Dysprosium Deallocation helper for runtime objects
Life Conway's Game of Life written in Swift 👾
mapbox-accounts-ios Integration between your account and Mapbox mobile SDKs on iOS
MPU6050 A Swift library for the MPU-6050 (and MPU-6000 family) Accelerometer and Gyroscope
Autobahn CLI tool written in Swift heavily inspired by
PerfectMustache Mustache template support for Perfect.
CommonMarkAttributedString Create NSAttributedStrings from Markdown Text
recommender Recommendation library for Vapor
JOSESwift A framework for the JOSE standards JWS, JWE, and JWK written in Swift.
PunycodeSwift PunycodeSwift is a pure Swift library to allows you to encode and decode punycoded strings
COpenSSL 🔒 OpenSSL module map for SPM.
WiremockClient An HTTP client for Wiremock standalone instances
BJOTPViewController Entering OTP made simpler.
FoundationCombine Combine extensions that require only the Swift Standard Library and Foundation.
Draco Swift package for Google's Draco static library with C interface for encode and decode.
SwiftFSM Simple Finite State Machine Package for Swift
SwipeableTabBarController UITabBarController with swipe interaction between its tabs.
VDKit This repository contains useful extensions on Foundation and UIKit
CDRCodable An OMG Common Data Representation (CDR) encoder and decoder for Swift `Codable` types.
Windless Windless makes it easy to implement invisible layout loading view.
FuntastyKit A collection of Swift utilities and protocols used in our projects
Atributika Convert text with HTML tags, links, hashtags, mentions into NSAttributedString. Make them clickable with UILabel drop-in replacement.
Int2X Int2X made of IntX
Assist App Store Connect API access via Swift command line tool.
GoogleSignIn Minimalistic Google Sign In oAuth 2.0 client written in Swift
TigaseSwift Tigase Swift XMPP client library
OAuthSwift Swift based OAuth library for iOS
ShowSomeProgress Progress and Activity Indicators for iOS apps
SlidersExamples A companion project to explore the Sliders SwiftUI Library
trash Just because you're at the command line doesn't mean you can't use the safe Mac Trash.
SwiftBacktrace Stack traces for Swift on Mac and Linux using `libunwind`.
FluentMongo Swift ORM (queries, models, relations, etc) built on MongoDB.
ASCollectionView A SwiftUI collection view with support for custom layouts, preloading, and more.
Combinatorics Combinatorics in Swift
BitcoinKit Bitcoin protocol toolkit for Swift
AvWeather Swift package to process data from
KeychainItem Keychain Item Property Wrapper
SwiftReorder Easy UITableView drag-and-drop cell reordering
HaskellSwift A functional library for Swift programmers
fluent-mongo-driver MongoDB support for Fluent built on MongoKittten.
EnumProperties 🤝 Struct and enum data access in harmony.
ReRxSwift ReRxSwift: RxSwift bindings for ReSwift
LocalizableUI This library was created to set the localized key of the UI elements directly in the interface builder of xcode. It supports all kind of UI elements for iOS and offers localized keys for all common text properties.
SLazeCoreData iOS CoreData serializer for SLazeKit
Complex Complex numbers in Swift
CombineEx An enhancement work for swift combine, like google/promises
SLTools Tools for Kitura
SquirrelToolBox Toolbox for Squirrel framework
Bluetooth Pure Swift Bluetooth library
ImageScout A Swift implementation of fastimage. Supports PNG, GIF, and JPEG.
Sheet 📑 Actionsheet with navigation features such as the Flipboard App
OLEKit Swift support for Microsoft OLE2 (also known as Structured Storage or Compound File Binary Format)
SION SION handler in Swift. also handles / JSON / Property List /[SION,Swift]
ColorKit SwiftUI Color Pickers, Gradient Pickers And All The Utilities Needed To Make Your Own!
ImageCoordinateSpace UICoordinateSpace for UIImageView image
RVS_BasicGCDTimer Basic GCD Timer Class
PaperOnboarding :octocat: PaperOnboarding is a material design UI slider. Swift UI library by @Ramotion
VaporBridges 💧Vapor wrapper for Bridges
PerfectPostgreSQL A stand-alone Swift wrapper around the libpq client library, enabling access to PostgreSQL servers.
vipergen A VIPER module generation tool written in Swift
BooleanExpressionEvaluation Evaluate a string boolean expression with variables
Geometry A geometry file providing the repetitious boilerplate needed for your project.
NotarizeProcess Utility object to launch `xcrun altool` to get notarization information
Html 🗺 A Swift DSL for type-safe, extensible, and transformable HTML documents.
Promise A Promise library for Swift, based partially on Javascript's A+ spec
KeyedCache A key/value based caching mechanism.
AppStoreConnect-Swift-SDK The Swift SDK to work with the App Store Connect API from Apple.
BigInt A BigInt library for Swift
Reusable A Swift mixin for reusing views easily and in a type-safe way (UITableViewCells, UICollectionViewCells, custom UIViews, ViewControllers, Storyboards…)
Bootstrap Test repo for auto generated docs
KituraOpenAPI OpenAPI support for Kitura
color CLI to convert HEX and RGB colors
MongoDBStORM MongoDB Swift ORM
LittleBlueTooth A simple library that helps you in connecting with BLE devices
AEConicalGradient Conical (angular) gradient for iOS written in Swift
FloatingPanel A clean and easy-to-use floating panel UI component for iOS
PLzmaSDK PLzmaSDK is (Portable, Patched, Package, cross-P-latform) Lzma SDK.
FunctionalTableData Declarative UITableViewDataSource implementation
Logician Logic programming in Swift
PerfectSquishy Swift extension of HTML
EventBottle In app event log recorder/viewer for debugging
mysqlclient C module import for MySQL client Linux.
Braintree 💰Not official Swift Braintree provider for Vapor 3
Witness Monitor file system events using Swift
TAP Test Anything Protocol for Swift
FTLinearActivityIndicator Add the missing network activity indicator on iPhone X
Whatever Whatever offers you a placeholder when you are not sure what to type in code.
GeoJSON 🌍 Swift types for working with GeoJSON data
Punycode PunycodeSwift is a pure Swift library to allows you to encode and decode punycoded strings
Manual Manual generates unit test fixtures and Go model objects from an OpenAPI 2.0 spec.
GradientLoadingBar ⌛️A customizable animated gradient loading bar.
XCTAssertAutolayout Provides assert function that check autolayout error in Swift
ZEGBot Build your Telegram Bot with Swift! (works on macOS / Ubuntu)
PerfectSessionPostgreSQL PostgreSQL Driver for Perfect Sessions.
Cairo Swift library for Cairo
Mixpanel Official iOS (Swift) Tracking Library for Mixpanel Analytics
ToastUI A simple way to show toast in SwiftUI.
Hopoate Lightweight Dependency Injection for iOS
Transformers A framework to transform data like JSON elegantly using the power of Swift programming language.
LightweightObservable 📬 A lightweight implementation of an observable sequence that you can subscribe to.
NimbleMockSix Nimble matchers for MockSix
AudioKitUI User Interfaces for AudioKit
SwiftXmlRpc An XML-RPC protocol implementation for Swift
swiftredunda Swift library for Redunda
APNGKit High performance and delightful way to play with APNG format in iOS.
Consumer Mac and iOS library for parsing structured text
FengNiao A command line tool for cleaning unused resources in Xcode.
SimpleEncrypter A simple protocol for Data->Data encrypt
CHDF5 Swift package manager module map for HDF5
IPAUploader 👨🏼‍💻 Uploads your apps to TestFlight & App Store.
GraphiteClient Lightweight Swift framework for feeding data into Graphite and statsD.
STARSDK iOS Version for the STAR SDK
CountryKit A μlibrary in Swift containing all the countries with their localized name, ISO code, phone code, country code, flag image and emoji.
JJLISO8601DateFormatter A 10x+ faster drop-in replacement for NSISO8601DateFormatter
NetService Swift NetService (Bonjour / Zeroconf / mDNS) implementation for Linux
SwiftyLinkerKit A Swift module to control LinkerKit things in a convenient and easy way.
AMKit A set of utilities based on Vapor, by a Vapor contributor
BroadcastWriter Simple wrapper for AVFoundation AVAssetWriter; for writing asset during Broadcast Extension activity
ParserCombinator A simple Parser Combinator written in Swift
UIPreview Generate UI catalog from all your views
SListView SListView is a view group that displays a list of scrollable items.
stringray macOS command line tool for manipulating and validating  strings files
MacAddress Mac address data type for Swift, also known as EUI-48.
big-num Swift interface BIGNUM functions in BoringSSL
VaccineDataReader HTML Scrapping for obtain vaccine info
PhoneNumberKit A Swift framework for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers. Inspired by Google's libphonenumber.
Embassy Super lightweight async HTTP server library in pure Swift runs in iOS / MacOS / Linux
swift-lambda-runtime ⚠️ Deprecated AWS Lambda Runtime - please use instead
GTOverlayView Show a customizable overlay view on top of any other view in iOS based projects. Available as a Swift Package.
Kineo A persistent RDF quadstore and SPARQL engine
soto-s3 Standalone Repository of AWS S3 Client from soto-project/soto
KituraManager API Management inspired by Django REST framework
JSQCoreDataKit A swifter Core Data stack
JBits A collection of useful decorators and custom classes written in Swift 5.
GithubAPI Swift implementation of Github REST API v3
jwt Vapor JWT provider
swiftver Easily Manage Versioning in MacOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS projects.
Seagull Swift web framework
DictionaryEncoder Swift Dictionary Encoder, based off the JSON Encoder in Foundation
Grid :rocket: SwiftUI Grid layout with custom styles
iLineChart ChartView made in SwiftUI
Imperial Federated Authentication with OAuth providers
KeyboardHelper No more checking for keyboard notifications and parsing keyboard apperance info manually!
KinUtil Utility classes for iOS
appicon-generator A tool to quickly generate snazzy iOS placeholder appicons!
CodableProperty Easy transforming of Codable types written in Swift
TypographyKit 📰 Consistent & accessible visual styling on iOS with support for Dynamic Type.
Toast A Swift extension that adds toast notifications to the UIView object class.
NeumorphismUI NeumorphismUI is a library that can be used with SwiftUI. Compatible with Swift Package Manager.
PrettyColors Styles and colors text in the Terminal with ANSI escape codes. Conforms to ECMA Standard 48.
Thrift Apache Thrift native Swift library
App Center Development repository for the App Center SDK for iOS, macOS and tvOS.
Client Swift Http Client
telesign-kit A Swift package used to communicate with the Telesign API
ActiveLabel UILabel drop-in replacement supporting Hashtags (#), Mentions (@) and URLs (http://) written in Swift
StORM StORM base library
PreferencesSpellBook Swift Package to provide standard Preference window functionality for Macintosh App Development (Cocoa).
KoalaActivityIndicator 🐨 KoalaActivityIndicator is created for people who loves koala and wants to add a non boring version of activity indicator.
Seam3 Cloudkit based persistent store for Core Data
SDWebImagePDFCoder A PDF coder plugin for SDWebImage, using Apple's built-in framework
Kommander-iOS A lightweight, pure-Swift library for manage the task execution in different threads. Through the definition a simple but powerful concept, Kommand.
GenericDataSource A generic small reusable components for data source implementation for UITableView/UICollectionView in Swift.
CryptomatorCryptoLib Swift library with cryptographic functions for accessing Cryptomator vaults
Media A beautiful and declarative cross-platform wrapper API for Apple's PhotoKit
SocketSwift A POSIX socket wrapper written in swift.
MDText SwiftUI markdown
Python3 Swift Package Manager wrapper for Python 3 C API
AAA An Any Accessory.
xcbox Create temporary sandbox xcode project quickly.
LayoutExtensions iOS/macOS Layout Utilities
Cairo Swift library for Cairo
Perfect-Logger File-Based Logging.
swift-composable-architecture A library for building applications in a consistent and understandable way, with composition, testing, and ergonomics in mind.
CKit Friendly Pointer and Object-Oriented System API.
JSONDecoder-Keypath Add key path support to the JSONDecoder
Thrift Apache Thrift native Swift library
langserver-swift A Swift implementation of the open Language Server Protocol.
Branch API wrapper for Vapor4
Expressions Swift regular expression capture support.
Charts Beautiful charts for iOS/tvOS/OSX! The Apple side of the crossplatform MPAndroidChart.
DictionaryCoding Codable / [String:Any] bridge
PKCS12CLI The Command Line Interface (CLI) for applying PKCS #12 file (.p12) 🗝 with its password, automatically to store the extracted identity in the keychain🔓
UICKeyChainStore UICKeyChainStore is a simple wrapper for Keychain on iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS. Makes using Keychain APIs as easy as NSUserDefaults.
Starscream Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX
Ozzy A domain specific language (or DSL) to create macOS and Linux command line applications (or CLIs) written in Swift.
ScrollViewController Wraps your custom view and presents it on the screen in the way it fills visible area
XMLMapper A simple way to map XML to Objects written in Swift
geos GEOS packaging for SPM, CocoaPods, and Carthage
Splitflap A simple split-flap display for your Swift applications
Bridges 🌉 SwifQL+NIO provider to Postgres and MySQL
GoogleAnalyticsProvider Google Analytics for Vapor
WindowTreatment Tools for happier work with NSWindow
Pelican A Telegram Bot API package for making bots in Swift.
SwiftEndpoint Lightweight library providing higher level of abstraction for implementing networking in iOS and macOS applications
HAP Swift implementation of the Homekit Accessory Protocol
Animalese-Swift Swift library that synthesizes an approximation of the villager speech sounds from Animal Crossing. Port of
HPFoundationUtils A collection of Foundation extensions to make your life a little easier
ReplicantSwift Replicant is Operator's Pluggable Transport that can be tuned for each adversary.
GrammarKit GrammarKit is a framework that can tokenize, parse, and generate abstract syntax trees for any grammatical language, in particular programming languages but also written languages like English, Spanish, and even custom languages.
KeyboardShortcuts Add user-customizable global keyboard shortcuts to your macOS app in minutes
Performance Performance measuring utilities
EmailValidator A simple (but correct) Swift library for validating email addresses. Supports mail addresses as defined in rfc5322 as well as the new Internationalized Mail Address standards (rfc653x). Based on
LifeHash A beautiful method of hash visualization based on Conway’s Game of Life: reference library in Swift
SemiSingleton Simple thread-safe uniquing of objects
slash Slack terminal client.
Motion Animation engine for gesturally-driven user interfaces, animations, and interactions on iOS, macOS, and tvOS.
Vellum Vellum is local persistent data storage for iOS
MultipartFormDataKit Simple library for multipart/form-data for Swift.
ReactiveEmitter Lightweight observable in Swift seen from EventEmitter in JavaScript.
JNI Swift JNI helpers
ModelAssistant Elegant library to manage the interactions between view and model in Swift
ParseSwift Parse pure Swift SDK
decamelize Convert a camelized string into a lowercase one
Typer A Swift package that types the given text using AppleScript
Run Run provides a quick, concise way to run an external command and read its standard output and standard error.
PassEncoder Simple PassKit (Apple Wallet) encoding and signing in Swift.
RangeSeekSlider RangeSeedSlider provides a customizable range slider like a UISlider.
StringScanner A string scanner (similar to NSScanner) implementation purely implemented in Swift
xcb swift package for xcb
JSONDecoder Simple JSON decoder written in swift
VectorMath A Swift library for Mac and iOS that implements common 2D and 3D vector and matrix functions, useful for games or vector-based graphics
RxExpect RxSwift testing framework
FanMenu Menu with a circular layout based on Macaw
Sight A spatial search μlibrary powered by GameplayKit 👾
CSwift C Module for Swift, Swift Script and Dynamic Library Call;Swift中直接调用C语言源程序的展示程序
BadgeSwift A badge view for iOS/tvOS written in Swift
AESCryptable AES encryption/decryption with random iv. Swift 5 and up.
TPKit A collection of useful classes and categories.
mimiq A Simple Xcode Simulator Recoder
soto-apigateway Standalone Repository of AWS APIGateway Client from soto-project/soto
ARDeepLinkButton #UIButton subclass that handle deep links, shows in-app #SKStoreProductViewController or redirects to the #AppStore. Written in #Swift 2.1.1
WebBrowser Small Swift Library for opening URLs in default browser
PeekPop Peek and Pop with backwards-compatibility
SwimpleInjection Simple dependency injection in Swift
Usage A (mac|watch|i|tv)OS Information Swift Wrapper Library
BottomSheet-SwiftUI BottomSheet view in SwiftUI
OpenCombine WebAssembly-compatible implementation of Apple's Combine framework
TraceLog TraceLog is a highly configurable, flexible, portable, and simple to use debug logging system for Swift and Objective-C applications running on Linux, macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.
SwiftyUserDefaults Modern Swift API for NSUserDefaults
AppLogger Wrapper around Apple's newest Swift logging APIs (OSLog / Unified Logging / Logger).
SQLite3 C module import for sqlite3.
nanopb Protocol Buffers with small code size
NetworkKit A networking framework for Swift.
swim A command line tool to switch the current input method by identifier for macOS.
nanopb Protocol Buffers with small code size
AMSMB2 Swift framework to connect SMB2/3 shares
Perfect-LocalAuthentication-MySQL Local Authentication, MySQL module
MidnightTest Makes writing tests for Kitura-powered sites easy and fun!
LingoVapor Vapor provider for Lingo - the Swift localization library
SwiftMAC Look up a MAC address using an IP address (port of MacFinder)
mqtt-nio A Swift NIO MQTT 3.1.1 Client
SwiftKueryORM An ORM for Swift, built on Codable
NozeIO Evented I/O streams for Swift
SPM SPM is a Swift wrapper around the official Swift Package Manager.
Hyperconnectivity ⚡️ Modern replacement for Apple's Reachability written in Swift and made elegant using Combine.
Environment Type-safe environment variables in Swift.
SImage Multiplatform Core Graphics wrapper.
DS1307 A Swift library for the DS1307 (DS1302, DS3231) I2C Real-Time Clock
BeaconFinder Beacon Finder in Swift
NSString_RemoveEmoji A category that extends for detecting and removing Emoji
Manual Manual generates unit test fixtures and Go model objects from an OpenAPI 2.0 spec.
Cdirent dirent module for Swift
D20 🎲 Evaluate dice notation in Swift
SlamKit Fast Closure based Swift Package for Cross-platform OSes
smoke-aws AWS services integration for the Smoke Framework
CommandLine A pure Swift library for creating command-line interfaces
DotSwift A Swift library to encode graphs to Graphviz DOT graph description language.
ArgumentParser 📄 A simple, lightweight Swift command line argument parser library.
LinkerKitIRCBot Talk to LinkerKit components using an IRC bot
PanModal An elegant and highly customizable presentation API for constructing bottom sheet modals on iOS.
ColorMatchTabs This is a Review posting app that let user find interesting places near them
aws-lambda-go-api-proxy lambda-go-api-proxy makes it easy to port APIs written with Go frameworks such as Gin ( ) to AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.
swift-nio-ssh SwiftNIO SSH is a programmatic implementation of SSH using SwiftNIO
GetStream Swift client for Stream API
EmealKit 🎓 Studentenwerk Dresden
APIManager Framework for abstracting RESTful api requests
swift-mod A tool for Swift code modification intermediating between code generation and formatting.
CypherPoetNetStack A Combine-based networking stack for modern iOS projects.
StreamChat Official iOS SDK for Stream Chat. Build your own chat experience for iOS.
FMDB A Cocoa / Objective-C wrapper around SQLite
ImageIOSwift Swift wrapper around ImageIO
AtariKit Swift written API to launch and use The Arcade Learning Environment library.
SwiftObjectsZeeQLBridge Hook up ZeeQL KeyValueCoding w/ SwiftObjects KeyValueCoding
Kuri Automatically generates from template and imports it into Xcode project.
MachKit Swift framework to inspect, write and patch processes virtual memory.
LinuxBridge C module Linux compatibility import for Perfect
CTensorFlow C TensorFlow module for Swift
UCLKit UCL API wrapper in Swift
Capriccio Reads gherkin feature files and generates UI Tests
apnswift An HTTP/2 APNS library built on swift-nio
Lynx The OpenKitten HTTP Framework
PerfectWebSockets WebSockets support for Perfect.
SwiftLibrary 🔍 Search for swift packages right from your command line
DefaultsKit Simple, Strongly Typed UserDefaults for iOS, macOS and tvOS
RNGExtension Swift extension for RandomNumberGenerator
EFColorPicker A lightweight color picker in Swift.
DVB 🚆 Query Dresden's public transport system for current bus- and tramstop data in swift
LibrusAPI Wrapper for Librus' API written in Swift.
Prism Gett's Design System code generator. Use Zeplin Styleguides as your R&D's Single Source of Truth.
LJTool 开发中常用的工具方法
Badgy A command line tool that creates variants of your icon by adding badge overlays
MirrorDiffKit Graduation from messy XCTAssertEqual messages.
Worker Execute async code in the main or background threads. Easily switch between them.
SupportDocs Generate help centers for your iOS apps. Hosted by GitHub and always up-to-date.
Merge An extension to Combine.
MongoORM A mongo ORM using MapCodableKit and MongoKitten
Alchemy Declarative Binary Serialization for Swift Structures
wkhtmltopdf Generate and return PDFs from Vapor views
amatino-swift [Under Construction] Swift binding library for the Amatino API
AccessibleTool A swift tool to generate UITest helper codes
Graph3D A class to create a routing graph for positions in 3D coordinate space
Squirrel-Connector Squirrel ORM connector
SVMPrefs A code generation tool enable use of UserDefaults as computed properties in a class.
Scout Reading and writing in JSON, Plist, YAML and XML data made simple when the data format is not known at build time. Swift library and command-line tool.
ChartsUI A SwiftUI charts library
ImageIOPlus ImageIOPlus Swift Package
OctavKit Swift toolkit for the Octav( API
Switch 💊 An iOS switch control implemented in Swift with full Interface Builder support
Crossroad :oncoming_bus: Route URL schemes easily
TMDb The Movie Database Swift Package
Schemata Schemas and Projections with Swift KeyPaths
RPG-card-generator A Swift CLT to interface with
NavigationBarHelper A library that helps to manage the navigation bar style. It helps to remember bar attributes between different VCs and keep the transition smooth.
Typology Swift type checking and semantic analysis for developer tools
NSResultKit Objective-C compatible wrapper of Swift's Result type
SBObjectiveCWrapper Objective-C Wrapper for SwiftyBeaver Logger (Swift 2, 3, 4 & 5!)
xml-coding Swift based XML Encoder/Decoder for Codable classes
Keybro Keybro - is a quick wrapper for UIKeyCommand. This tool allows easily adding keyboard shortcuts to your app for debugging and testing applications especially in a simulator.
fluent-mysql-driver 🖋🐬 Swift ORM (queries, models, relations, etc) built on MySQL.
VImage Image processing framework
SwiftGoogleTranslate Lightweight framework for using Cloud Translation API by Google
GCOverseer Observe and manage game controllers using Combine.
PerfectTensorFlow TensorFlow C API Class Wrapper in Server Side Swift.
PagedLists Paginated UITableView and UICollectionViews for iOS.
Swack Slack API in Swift
combine-schedulers ⏰ A few schedulers that make working with Combine more testable and more versatile.
ResourcePackage Manage resources for iOS application
BuyMeACoffee Buy Me a Coffee framework for iOS
SwiftUI > IfLet if let and if binding let for SwiftUI
opentracing-objc OpenTracing API for Objective-C
RxSpriteKit :space_invader: Reactive Extensions for SpriteKit
FileKit Simple and expressive file management in Swift
RealmCoder JSON Encoder / Decoder for Realm objects
Ward A Swift micro-framework to clean up memory management syntax. Featured in SwiftWeekly!
Perfect-RequestLogger SPM module for request logging filters for the Perfect framework for server-side Swift
Elapse Elapse is tiny helper library for manipulating TimeInterval.
XcodeGen A Swift command line tool for generating your Xcode project
FetchedResultsPublisher Wraps NSFetchedResultsController from CoreData as Publisher from Combine framework.
Toybox 🧸 Xcode Playground management made easy
Ascii Global definitions of ASCII characters
SwiftyGFX A Swift graphics library useful when working with dot matrix displays.
BRUtils General purpose Swift extensions, types, functions etc. Part of the Swiftfire webserver project.
Hash 🔐Lightweight generation of message digests & HMACs with support for popular cryptographic algorithms.
Http A library to create and process Http Requests and Responses. Part of the Swiftfire project.
ModelGen 🎰 A CLI to generate Models for many languages, based on a JSON Schema and a template.
SQLeleCoder Serialize/deserialize Codable types into SQLite tables or parameters.
SwiftyReceiptValidator A Swift library to handle App Store receipt validation.
Telegrammer Telegram Bot - written with Swift 5.2 / NIO, supports Linux, macOS
Dep Framework that implements a dependency injection using the Service Locator pattern and provides a convenient way to use these dependencies using @Dependency property wrapper
FirebaseKitura Kitura Firebase token verifier
RouteKit Type-safe URL routing for Swift
swift-index Proof of concept of a (sort of) centralized SwiftPM package index
SecureSockets A Swift framework for secure connections using openSSL.
Kitura-CredentialsFacebook A plugin for the Kitura-Credentials framework that authenticates using the Facebook web login
SFSymbol All the SFSymbols (1.1 & 2.0) at your fingertips
Kitura-Session A pluggable framework for managing user sessions in a Swift server using Kitura
PathTemplate Turn path strings like "/user/:name" into regular expressions, and more
UserCaches A key-value storage cache tool on iOS Platform. Like UserDefaults.
MultiToggleButton Multiple state tap-to-toggle UIButton (like old camera flash button)
libxml2 libxml2 support module for Perfect.
Clibsodium Swift Package Manager package for libsodium
SwiftCrypto A simple wrapper in Swift around the CommonCrypto framework
DuctTape 📦 KeyPath dynamicMemberLookup based syntax sugar for Swift.
CloudKitFeatureFlags A library that lets you setup feature flagging for your iOS app using CloudKit
TimelaneCore Timelane + Core
Apache A Swift wrapper for CApache. Make Apache GREAT again!
MonthYearPicker A UIControl subclass for selecting a date using a month and a year
Twinkle :sparkles: Twinkle iOS/tvOS app elements in Swift
EnhancedCircleImageView Simple and useful circle UIImageView.
RCWL0516Radar A Swift library for the RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar
Grebe Simplifies the gRPC-Swift development workflow.
fluent-postgres-driver 🐘 PostgreSQL driver for Fluent.
Nunchuck A Swift Library for the I2C Wii Nunchuck controller.
Panels Panels is a framework to easily add sliding panels to your application
Submissions Provides a common structure to deal with data based API requests
Mapper A JSON deserialization library for Swift
CTLS LibreSSL / OpenSSL module map for Swift
PlatformModifier Modifiers for specific platform.
VHProgressBar Vartical and Horizontal ProgressBar
swift-srp Swift Secure Remote Password
SFSafeSymbols Safely access Apple's SF Symbols using static typing
CombineViewModel An implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern using Combine.
PostgresClientKit A PostgreSQL client library for Swift. Does not require libpq.
swifter Tiny http server engine written in Swift programming language.
AugmentedButton UIButton subclass with augmented functionality
EthereumAddress Ethereum Address module for other projects
DangerXCodeSummary A Danger-Swift plugin that adds build errors, warnings and unit tests results generated from xcodebuild to your Danger report
SwiftDDP A Meteor client, written in Swift
PerfectAPIClient An API Client based on a network abstraction layer for the Perfect Server-Side Swift Framework
Zip Swift framework for zipping and unzipping files.
Player ▶️ video player in Swift, simple way to play and stream media on iOS/tvOS
Log Logging protocol
Sourcery Meta-programming for Swift, stop writing boilerplate code.
CHITouchySuperButton Drop-in UIButton subclass designed to make custom animations easy
UnicodeSupplement Unicode Supplement for Swift.
WolfFoundation A variety of types and conveniences built on or extending Foundation.
RequestKit The foundation of octokit.swift, TrashCanKit, TanukiKit and VloggerKit
catena Catena is a distributed database based on a blockchain, accessible using SQL.
macos-trash Move files and folders to the trash
ReactiveStreams An interpretation of Reactive Streams in Swift
SofarKit Access Sofar admin data with Swift [WIP]
SwiftlySalesforce The swiftest way to build iOS apps that connect to Salesforce
FloatingPointMath Protocol-Oriented Math Functions for Swift
MangerKit Request podcasts via proxy
XTerraPacket Terraria Packet Library in Swift
kineo-endpoint SPARQL 1.1 Protocol implementation in Swift
MeowVapor Meow plugin for API generation
Communicado A simpler way to share on iOS.
composable-core-motion A library that bridges the Composable Architecture and Core Motion.
mogif mogif — a command for creating a animated GIF with characters.
CodyFire 🌸 Powerful Codable API requests builder and manager for iOS.
Regex A delightful and expressive regular expression type for Swift.
Fakery :alien: Swift fake data generator
Bradel Simple framework to manage a TableView in an MVVM environment
BDUIKnit A Swift Package Manager packed with SwiftUI custom reusable UI components and extensions.
HTMLAttributor Attribute string from HTML
Snail An observables framework for Swift
BinaryCoder An example implementation of Swift.Codable using a simple binary format
Configuration-INIDeserializer Use INI config files with Configuration!
BowLite 🏹 Bow Lite is a cross-platform library for Typed Functional Programming in Swift
FeedKit Searchable caching feed client
LSFileWrapper A Swift and Objective-C replacement for NSFileWrapper that loads / saves content on-demand with minimal memory footprint. Understands how to save / serialize objects like NSData, UIImage, NSImage, NSDictionary, etc...
deferred A lock-free, asynchronous Result: a future Result, a promised Result, a deferred Result.
Errands µ-library for quick and simple running sequential asynchronous tasks
SDWebImage Asynchronous image downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category
ShellOut Easily run shell commands from a Swift script or command line tool
Adhan High precision Islamic prayer time library for Swift
JSQCoreDataKit A swifter Core Data stack
NamiSDK-SwiftPackageManager Repository for Swift Package Manager installation
SimpleCLI *Deprecated* simple Swift CLI library (mostly to turn arguments into a dictionary and generating the usage string right now)
Swiftgger OpenAPI support for server side Swift projects.
TMSwiftUtilities Frequently used functions in Swift.
SwiftInspector SwiftInspector is a command line tool built on top of SwiftSyntax to help inspect usage of Swift code
SystemKit macOS system library in Swift
CardStackView Inifinite swipeable stacked UIViews.
SwiftyGif High performance GIF engine
soto-ecs Standalone Repository of AWS ECS Client from soto-project/soto
TimedCache Timed Cache
HandyJSON A handy swift json-object serialization/deserialization library
CombinePrintout A Combine micro debugging package
OperatingSystem Retrieves information about the host device, such as its type (iPhone, iPad, TV, etc) and OS version.
CoreDataUtils A set of helper methods for CoreData
fswift A Swift package/framework that provides a functional API with a set of types, extensions and utilities
AgileDB Easy way to save and retrieve full object graphs from a SQLite DB
SwipeableView Simple editActionsForRowAt functionality, written on SWIFTUI
SwiftPlusPlus Library for common enhancements to the Swift language developed by Apple
swift-format Formatting technology for Swift source code
BluetoothConnector Simple macOS CLI to connect/disconnect a Bluetooth device. Useful for AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones.
Carbon 🚴 A declarative library for building component-based user interfaces in UITableView and UICollectionView.
SwifterSwift A handy collection of more than 500 native Swift extensions to boost your productivity.
SwiftyBytes A binary read/write library written in Swift.
JWTProvider (Deprecated) Adds conveniences for using JWTs in Vapor 2.
Menkyo OpenSSL wrapper for parsing x509 certificates in Swift
Commands Execute commands from within your application or command line tool
AdaptiveCardUI Snippets of UI, authored in JSON and rendered with SwiftUI
UPicCore uPic 核心上传部分
AttributedText Render attributed strings in SwiftUI
aws-signer-v4 Generate a signed URL or Request headers for submitting to Amazon Web Services.
Changelly Changelly API client written in Swift
OpenTracing This is a prototype OpenTracing API for the Swift language. This is intended to explore and validate decisions about implementing the OpenTracing API in Swift.
Guigna Prototype of a universal GUI supporting Homebrew, MacPorts, Fink, pkgsrc.
BMLTiOSLib This is a full-featured iOS communication infrastructure for the BMLT Meeting List Toolbox system.
WebMIDIKit Simplest MIDI Swift library
SideMenu An interactive iOS side menu with rich features.
Console Barebones-ish CLI module for Swift
SwiftyBase64 Native Swift Base64 Encoding
SwiftDotEnv Swift library that loads environment variables from .env files into the environment
MoreCodable MoreCodable expands the possibilities of `Codable`.
JSONUtilities Easily load JSON objects and decode them into structs or classes
Storage An interface for storing files with any API.
Spot Multiple minion function or extension union.
MyHTML A Swift wrapper for MyHTML, a fast, pure-C, HTML 5 parsing library
media-manager A Vapor micro-service for resource storage
UITextField-Navigation 🏄‍♂️ UITextField-Navigation makes it easier to navigate between UITextFields and UITextViews
Kuery A type-safe Core Data query API using Swift 4's Smart KeyPaths
ProntoSDK The Swift iOS Pronto SDK
Password New data type written in swift to working with passwords.
Goose Swift foundation
AnimatedGradientView 🎞 Powerful gradient animations made simple for iOS.
Stryng Swift strings taken to a whole new syntax level.
Shapes :rocket: Collection of SwiftUI shapes
SwiftStack A Swift wrapper for the Stack Exchange API
Transmission A Combine powered Transmission RPC API client.
SwiftArgs ⌨️ A Swift library for parsing command line arguments
INISerialization Swift package for INI file reading and writing
Reswifq Simple, reliable, background processing for Swift
AppStoreReviewManager Simple App Store review Swift Package for iOS and macOS
NaiveDate Naive date and time
swift-nio-irc A Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol implementation for SwiftNIO
GMCalendar GMCalendar is a customizable Calendar Pod written in swift.
SelectableStackView SelectableStackView is a customizable and easy to use UI element for showing and managing selectable elements in a stack written in Swift
SwiftParsec A parser combinator library written in the Swift programming language.
Keychain Focused subset of Keychain Services in Swift.
Reductio Automatic summarizer text in Swift
Shuffle Shuffle a Collection
Plotly Interactive data visualization library for Swift
LazyContainers A few lazy-initialization container types for Swift 5.1
SwiftPing ICMP Ping in swift
ColorCompatibility Use iOS 13+ system colors while defaulting to light colors on iOS <=12
cyborg Display Android Vectordrawables on iOS.
Poes A Swift command-line tool to easily send push notifications to the iOS simulator
Kitura-MustacheTemplateEngine Adapter of GRMustache Template Engine to Kitura Template Engine
KVObserver A Safer KVO
GLib A Swift wrapper around glib-2.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
Pathos File management and path analysis for Swift
BSWFoundation What should be in Swift's stdlib, but isn't
BAData Bryan Andersons API layer
SwiftColorGenLibrary This repository hosts the core package used by the tool SwiftColorGen
LCARSDisplayKit A Swift library for developing personal iOS apps with an LCARS© interface.
MegaUIKit Mega-Evolved UIKit
SplitView Resizable Split View
RxCodable RxSwift wrapper for Codable
WKCodable Well-Known Binary & Text Encoding/Decoding for Swift
DefaultCodable A convenient way to handle default values with Swift Codable types
HexavilleAuth A pluggable framework for providing various authentication methods(OAuth, simple password based etc.) for Hexaville
LNPopupController LNPopupController is a framework for presenting view controllers as popups of other view controllers, much like the Apple Music and Podcasts apps.
abseil-cpp Abseil Common Libraries (C++)
leveldb LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values.
AttributedStringBuilder Makes composing NSAttributedString pleasant by expressing each component within a closure
Unboxing An extension for KeyedDecodingContainer class to decode a collection of heterogeneous types.
ReactiveSSE Server Sent Events (SSE) parser operators for ReactiveSwift
iColor Quickly implement modern colors
ProvisioningProfile A Swift package to read your app’s provisioning profile
SDGKeyboardDesign Tools for Generating Keyboard Layouts
UniYAML Na(t)ive YAML/JSON (de)serializer for Swift
Relax A Protocol-Oriented Swift library for building REST client requests
HtmlVaporSupport 💧 Vapor plugin for type-safe, transformable HTML views.
swift-parsing A library for turning nebulous data into well-structured data, with a focus on composition, performance, and generality.
Erik Erik is an headless browser based on WebKit. An headless browser allow to run functional tests, to access and manipulate webpages using javascript.
Git A Swift wrapper around the git command line interface.
SnapshotTesting 📸 Delightful Swift snapshot testing.
Validated 🛂 A result type that accumulates multiple errors.
Selenops A Swift Web Crawler 🕷
JSONDecodeKit A Light weight JSON Mapper
FirebladeMath A dependency free, lightweight, fast math library for 2D and 3D vectors, quaternions and matrices in Swift with (optional) SIMD support.
ResolvingContainer IOC resolving container implemented in Swift.
SwiftPackageAcknowledgement Third-party acknowledgement plist from SPM Packages
Failable Property validation for constraining the valid values of a type
WolfLorem Functions to generate random placeholders in the style of Lorem Ipsum.
swift-tqdm Swift port of tqdm: A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Swift
PlayingCard Example package for use with the Swift Package Manager
swift-argument-parser Straightforward, type-safe argument parsing for Swift
SwiftGen The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs!
web3swift Elegant Web3js functionality in Swift. Native ABI parsing and smart contract interactions on Ethereum network.
Rimuru 🧊Rimuru is a tool that converts text into a different naming convention
shell-kit Shell is a simple package that gives you the ability to call shell commands through Swift.
DS18B20 A Swift library for the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
EmojiFireworksAndExplosionsPackage Provides APIs to create fireworks and explosions effects for Apple mobile apps using IOS.
CRToastSwift Porting CRToast in Swift, with some new features
LifeHash A beautiful method of hash visualization based on Conway’s Game of Life.
IPData Swift library to gather information for an IP using
soto-kinesis Standalone Repository of AWS Kinesis Client from soto-project/soto
GoogleStaticMapsKit GoogleStaticMapsKit provides a full swift API for dealing with Google Static Maps API.
RxBluetoothKit iOS & OSX Bluetooth library for RxSwift
EnigmaKit Enigma encryption in Swift
XMLParsing XMLEncoder & XMLDecoder using the codable protocol in Swift 4
Reusable iOS cell registration and reusing with generics and protocol extensions
TVDatePicker The missing SwiftUI DatePicker view for tvOS
SwiftLibXML A simple object-oriented Swift API around libxml2
LogKit Swift framework for easy logging
XcodeEdit Swift library for reading and writing Xcode project files in OpenStep format
CodableMapper A convenient way of custom mapping properties using Swift Codable and property wrappers
ShortcutRecorder A user interface control to record key combinations. For Mac OS X, uses Cocoa.
swift-distributed-tracing Instrumentation library for Swift server applications
Dusk Micro-framework to aid in supporting Dark Mode on macOS
pure-swift-json JSON encoding and decoding without the use of Foundation in pure Swift.
Dynamic Call hidden/private API in style! The Swift way.
swift-driver Swift compiler driver reimplementation in Swift
ACBTokenField A swift extension on NSTokenField which makes it highly customizable and removes a lot of boilerplate code from implementation
URLNavigator ⛵️ Elegant URL Routing for Swift
StreamReader line-by-line file reader
AppCenter Development repository for the App Center SDK for iOS, macOS and tvOS.
RxSwift Reactive Programming in Swift
HTMLString Escape and unescape HTML entities in Swift
SwiftySound SwiftySound is a simple library that lets you play sounds with a single line of code.
SimpleNetworking Scalable and composable API Clients using Swift Combine
CredentialsToken Token authentication plugin for the Kitura Credentials system
HMUtilities Common extensions and other utilities
SwimpleAudio Simple audio playback in Swift
SwiftFormat A command-line tool and Xcode Extension for formatting Swift code
EraCalculator Last library of 平成.
soto-iam Standalone Repository of AWS IAM Client from soto-project/soto
XcodeGen A Swift command line tool for generating your Xcode project
Once Minimalist library to manage one-off operations.
BluetoothLinux Pure Swift Linux Bluetooth Stack
AsyncNetwork Asynchronous Network support for Swift. UDP, Multicast UDP
TerrariaWorldParser Terraria .WLD File Parser written in Swift
PSPDFKitOCR-SP Swift Package for PSPDFKitOCR
ISPageControl A page control similar to that used in Instagram
State Swift @State
CDBus Swift C Module for DBus
S3Kit S3 Client written in Swift
TensorFlowModels Models and examples built with Swift for TensorFlow
Ola Check reachability of host
DecisionTree A Perfect based solution for Decision Tree in Server Side Swift
QuickLayout Written in pure Swift, QuickLayout offers a simple and easy way to manage Auto Layout in code.
AdzerkSDK Access Adzerk's ad serving APIs via iOS
CodableAlamofire An extension for Alamofire that converts JSON data into Decodable objects.
MADBike This is the public repository of the MADBike app for iOS. Public bike rental service for BiciMAD.
ButtonKit A button kit for both Sketch and Swift.
DataCompression Swift libcompression wrapper as an extension for the Data type (GZIP, ZLIB, LZFSE, LZMA, LZ4, deflate, RFC-1950, RFC-1951, RFC-1952)
BinUtils Swift functions to ease working with binary formats
Glide A Swift micro-framework for painless server-side development
MagazineLayout A collection view layout capable of laying out views in vertically scrolling grids and lists.
HttpSwift A tiny HTTP server engine written in swift.
PubFactory PubFactory provides class `Create` to build custom publishers which are fully cancellable and which can emit a stream of items.
GTMSessionFetcher Google Toolbox for Mac - Session Fetcher
NotebookExport Export cells from your Swift for TensorFlow notebooks as Swift packages
java_lang Swift bridge to java.lang.*
sql-kit *️⃣ Build SQL queries in Swift. Extensible, protocol-based design that supports DQL, DML, and DDL.
MessagePack It's like JSON, but fast and small…and Swift! –[Swift]
UIRotationEffect A SwiftUI modifier that wraps UIKit rotation animation behavior.
PersistentCacheKit A Swift package for caching items to the filesystem (using SQLite by default).
MNISTKit The better way to deal with MNIST model and Core ML in iOS
ANSIEscapeCode ANSI Escape Code. Build modern, interactive command line tool with colorful and dynamic output strings.
CCairo Swift C Module Cairo
swift-nio-redis A high performance Redis protocol (RESP) implementation for SwiftNIO
JoinedText A SwiftUI library for combining multiple Text views.
Base32 Base32 for Swift
ConsentViewController The Plug&Play Consent Management Tool for iOS
Concurrency Concurrency utilities for Swift
LayoutBob A micro library making writing layout code easier
ZeeQL3PG PostgreSQL Adaptor for the ZeeQL (EOF/CoreData/AR like) ORM for Swift
SwiftRater A utility that reminds your iPhone app's users to review the app written in pure Swift.
Curly Server Side Swift - HTTP Client (WIP)
SwiftLMDB Simple & fast key value store in Swift
PerfectHTTPServer HTTP server for Perfect.
savannakit A high-performance, protocol oriented, framework for creating native IDEs for iOS and macOS, written in Swift
LeafMarkdown Markdown renderer for Vapor
Tablier A micro-framework for Table Driven Tests.
ALanguageParser HTTP Accept-Language parser in Swift
Raster Rasterize SwiftUI views into bitmap images.
IconSelector A drop-in UI component to allow easy selection of alternate icons on iOS.
RIBsTreeViewerClient Real Time viewing attached RIBs Tree on Browser
VaporNotifications APNS and Firebase Notification support for Vapor framework
Bits A library for dealing with bits and sequences of bits inside of bytes and sequences of bytes
Moya Network abstraction layer written in Swift.
Lux A Swift library with a dedicated command-line tool to highlight plain code (e.g. for terminal output), HTML files code blocks or attributed strings (e.g. for macOS or iOS apps)
ocmock Mock objects for Objective-C
InjectKit Proof of concept for a dependency injection framework using function builder DSL and PropertyWrappers of swift 5.1
CocoaLumberjack A fast & simple, yet powerful & flexible logging framework for Mac and iOS
cmark CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
Ambassador Super lightweight web framework in Swift based on SWSGI
Trampoline Trampolining in Swift
VideoPlayer A SwiftUI based video player, that provides access to the underlying AVPlayerViewController object.
KituraWebSocket A SwiftNIO based implementation of WebSocket for Kitura
OpenLocationCode Swift implementation of Open Location Code (Plus Codes). Supports Swift and Objective-C for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, and Swift for Linux.
BetterSafariView A better way to present a SFSafariViewController or start a ASWebAuthenticationSession in SwiftUI.
IBPCollectionViewCompositionalLayout Backport of UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout to earlier iOS 12
RomanNumeralFormatter A Formatter that formats numbers as Roman numerals.
EmceeTestRunner Emcee is a tool that runs iOS tests in parallel using multiple simulators across many Macs
Promises Promises is a modern framework that provides a synchronization construct for Swift and Objective-C.
WSTagsField An iOS text field that represents tags, hashtags, tokens in general.
TraceLogAdaptiveWriter An adaptive system log writer for the TraceLog logging system. Logs to Linux systemd Journal & Apple Unified Logging System.
SwiftPM The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language
TimberSwift A message forwarding framework for sending logs, analytics, performance, network activity, and other messages to the Parent Application
PureMVC PureMVC MultiCore Framework for Swift
AECoreDataUI Super awesome Core Data driven UI for iOS written in Swift
TimeLapse Simple Date & Int extension with time lapse description format
Lilliput Low overhead file & byte processing for Swift. Has support for little and big endian data.
LockSmith Swift Process, File, and Thread locking utilities
Sublimate A DX improvement layer for Vapor 4
CLibreSSL libressl SwiftPM system package.
PerfectPCRE2 An express Swift class wrapper for PCRE2
now Times around the world because no brain should have to work out what time it is in NYC or what time it is here when it's 4PM in London or what time 4PM in London is here...
NWWebSocket A WebSocket client written in Swift, using the Network framework from Apple.
Autostat Server-side Swift library for
Statement Swift DSL for writing SQL statements.
Fluxus Flux for SwiftUI, inspired by Vuex
ApolloCombine A collection of Combine publishers for the Apollo iOS client
swift-tools-support-async Common infrastructural helpers on top of NIO for llbuild2 and swiftpm-on-llbuild2 projects. This is NOT a general purpose package and is unlikely to ever become stable.
Noise Generate and combine commonly used procedural noises and distributions, in pure Swift
UIView-Shimmer Easy way to apply fancy Shimmer effect to any UIView element for iOS applications using Core Animation.
RayTracing Raytracing in a weekend, week and life
DBNetworkStack DBNetworkStack is a network abstraction for fetching request and mapping them to model objects
SQLele A wrapper around C SQLite to use or build upon.
Magellan Routing dead simple
Unboxing An extension for KeyedDecodingContainer class to decode a collection of heterogeneous types.
Gherkin A Swift package for working with Gherkin (Cucumber) feature files.
SwiftConnection Library for making network requests
LiteRoute LiteRoute is easy transition for your app. Written on Swift 4
SOAPEngine This generic SOAP client allows you to access web services using a your iOS app, Mac OS X app and AppleTV app.
XCServerAPI DEPRECATED: A framework that models the Xcode Server REST API
Benchmark A swift library to benchmark code snippets.
SMosquitto Lightweight Swift wrapper around libmosquitto client library.
MotionMachine A powerful, elegant, and modular animation library for Swift.
Sass The Swift-Sass repository is a wrapper around the LibSass C/C++ port of the Sass engine.
Auth Auth client library for Swift command-line tools and cloud services. Supports OAuth1, OAuth2, and Google Application Default Credentials.
UIntX The unsigned integer to rule them all.
QminderAPI Qminder API for iOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS.
CryptoCurrencyKit A Swift crypto-currencies price library for accessing coinmarket APIs
URLFormat Type safe url pattern matching without regular expressions and arguments type mismatches based on parser combinators.
Swawsh Sign AWS Signature Version 4 requests
swift-test-codecov Simple executable to produce code coverage numbers from the output of `swift test --enable-code-coverage`
AENetwork Simple and lightweight networking in Swift
show Show and hide apps from the command line
SwiftGumbo A Swift wrapper and CSS like query library for the gumbo-parser HTML library
Perfect-OAuth2 OAuth2 Implementations with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Slack, SalesForce and GitHub providers.
ErrNo Swift enum wrapper for C errno values
DotWriter Graphviz .dot file writer in Swift
Interval Interval Arithmetic in Swift with Interval Type
GeoSwift Location-related APIs intended to be used by server-side Swift applications.
EnvironmentOverrides QA assistant for a SwiftUI app: change the color scheme, accessibility settings, and localization on the fly!
DadJokes A command-line utility for macOS to display a dad joke.
ScrollingPageControl An Instagram-like scrolling page control
DVR Network testing for Swift
Scalar2D Pure Swift implementation of SVG Parsing and Rendering Library (Early Development)
hex-grid HexGrid library provides easy and intuitive way of working with hexagonal grids.
IsCameraOn Check if the built-in Mac camera is on
AvailableHapticFeedback Unified haptic feedback interface for all subclasses of UIFeedbackGenerator, with availability checks for iOS 9.
SafetySynth A symbolic safety game solver written in Swift
Guaka The smartest and most beautiful (POSIX compliant) Command line framework for Swift 🤖
CSwiftV A csv parser written in swift conforming to rfc4180
jsonapi-openapi-test-server Server that builds a OpenAPI/JSON:API Swift test suite and runs it.
SwiftNpy Save/Load NumPy array files in Swift
Carting 🚘 A simple tool for updating Carthage script phase
Preferences Add a preferences window to your macOS app in minutes
SlidableImage Fancy slider for before&after images
CountdownView SwiftUI View to display sequence of views
ActionCableSwift ActionCable is a WebSocket server being released with Rails 5 which makes it easy to add real-time features to your app. This Swift client inspired by "Swift-ActionCableClient", but it not support now and I created Action-Cable-Swift. Also web sockets are now separate from the client.
BinaryEncoding Encoding/decoding of numbers, strings and arrays into binary buffer
SlidingTabView SwiftUI - Sliding Tab View
SwiftKuery SQL database abstraction layer
Senna a logging engine backend of Apple's swift-log
SwiftBeanCountModel Model for a ledger in SwiftBeanCount
Steem Hive client library for iOS, macOS and Linux written in Swift
SkeletonView ☠️ An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents they are awaiting
Pure Pure DI in Swift
FDBSwift FoundationDB client for Swift
CodableWrappers A Collection of PropertyWrappers to make custom Serialization of Swift Codable Types easy
JSONX Parse JSON data, simple, lightweight & without noise.
DiffedAssertEqual Assert equality in tests. Get a textual diff for inequality
AsyncOperationResult Asynchronous Operations Results in Swift
AssetLib Build and Parse Asset Catalogs in Swift.
SwiftRichString 👩‍🎨 Elegant Attributed String composition in Swift sauce
CurrencyText Currency text field formatter that fits your UITextField 💶✏️
BiometryTypeBugWorkaround A workaround for iOS 11's bug about LAContext.biometryType.
DifferenceKit 💻 A fast and flexible O(n) difference algorithm framework for Swift collection.
Spectre BDD Framework and test runner for Swift projects and playgrounds
SPMDemo Swift package manager demo
cmark CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
CLibdill libdill SwiftPM system package.
Kitura-CredentialsLocal Credentials plug-in for authenticating against e.g. a local database of users
UnityBuildKit A command line tool that generates an iOS application with an embedded Unity scene
hackscode A hacky partner for my life with Xcode
Music Structures for the creation, analysis, and performance of music in Swift
GdkPixbuf A Swift wrapper around GdkPixbuf-2.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
CombineGRPC Combine framework integration for Swift gRPC
Colorizer A Swift package that helps adding colors to strings written to the terminal.
GCCountryPicker A localized, searchable country picker view controller with optional calling codes for iOS 9+ written in Swift.
FontBlaster Programmatically load custom fonts into your iOS and tvOS app.
libheif-Xcode A wrapper for libheif + Xcode project. Support Carthage && CocoaPods && SwiftPM.
FractionFormatter Swift FractionFormatter, like NumberFormatter, but outputs fractions.
GraphQL The Swift GraphQL implementation for macOS and Linux
ResultK Result suitable to Swift's untyped throws
SwiftFlags Get emoji flag from a country name or country code (ISO 3166-1)
EnumKit EnumKit is a library that gives you the ability to simply access an enum associated value, without having to use pattern matching. It also offers many utilities available to other swift types, like updatability of an associated value and transformations.
Signals Generic Cross Platform Signal Handler
libavif-Xcode A wrapper for libavif + Xcode project. Support Carthage && CocoaPods && SwiftPM.
ScriptKit Rewrite your scripts in Swift
Dkst 👨🏽‍🏫 CLI app for controlling Deckset
Alamofire Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift
StarView SwiftUI StarView Shape, usable for displaying ratings
SwiftSyntaxHighlighter A syntax highlighter for Swift code that uses SwiftSyntax to generate Pygments-compatible HTML.
FuncBot BearyChat FP(functional-programming) hubot SDK.
MultiSlider UISlider clone with multiple thumbs and values, range highlight, optional snap intervals, optional value labels, either vertical or horizontal.
RxRealm RxSwift extension for RealmSwift's types
SortedArray An array that keeps its elements sorted according to a given sort predicate.
LibHoney-Cocoa A library for sending events Honeycomb written in Swift.
VaporTestTools Make testing Vapor 3 apps easy
Siesta The civilized way to write REST API clients for iOS / macOS
SwiftyBeaverProvider SwiftyBeaver Logging Provider for Vapor, the server-side Swift web framework
SwiftMoment A time and calendar manipulation library for iOS 9+, macOS 10.11+, tvOS 9+, watchOS 2+ written in Swift 4.
AEConsole Customizable Console UI overlay with debug log on top of your iOS App
Unxip A Swift command line tool to extract signed archives (.xip files).
FluxorExplorerSnapshot A struct to be used when communicating between FluxorExplorerInterceptor and FluxorExplorer
SwiftyRelativePath Swift equivalent of Ruby's "Pathname.relative_path_from()"
Benchmark Benchmark running times of Swift code
Superstring NSAttributedStrings on iOS using Swift @_functionBuilder
rsa-public-key-importer-exporter An importer and exporter for the ASN.1 DER encoding of an RSA public key
SwiftColor A platform agnostic representation of Color.
libsignal Modified version of libsignal to use with TigaseSwiftOMEMO
RxEnumKit Reactive extension for the EnumKit framework to enable easy working with observables streams of events as enum cases
Bitter A Swift Bits Manipulation/Bitwise Operations Toolkit
BitcodeFormat LLVM Bitcode File Reader in Swift
RxViewBinder RxViewBinder is a one-way architecture framework using Reactive.
PeakOperation PeakOperation is a Swift microframework providing enhancement and conveniences to Operation.
FileScanKit Scanning file path library for Swift
Quick The Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework.
SwiftyXML The most swifty way to deal with XML data in swift 5.
TerminalPaint A project that demonstrates how to build a TUI program in Swift
swift-sass Embed the Dart Sass compiler in Swift with custom importers and functions.
DocTest An experimental tool for testing Swift example code in documentation.
AECli Swift package for making simple command line tools
RuleKit RuleKit is a small framework for creating predicate rules that can be evaluated and used to e.g. filter arrays in a data driven way, without adding explicit if or switch statements to the code.
HighlightJS-Swift Highlight.js CSS/JS resources packaged up as a Swift Package Manager Package
Down Blazing fast Markdown / CommonMark rendering in Swift, built upon cmark.
Kitura-Session-Kuery Kitura-Session store using Swift-Kuery (SQL database abstraction layer) as the backing store
EventTracker Declarative tracking events for Swift
PerfectSessionRedis Redis Driver for Perfect Sessions
aws-xray-sdk-swift Unofficial AWS X-Ray SDK for Swift.
Marvin An extendable SlackBot written in Swift and based on Vapor 4 websockets
RAMReel :octocat: 🔍 RAMReel is a UI controller that allows you to choose options from a list. Swift UI library made by @Ramotion
Magic A Swift alternative for Objective-C's DLog macro.
CombineExpectations Utilities for tests that wait for Combine publishers
keychain-swift Helper functions for saving text in Keychain securely for iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS.
Sdift Swift diff library
Pango A Swift wrapper around pango-1.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
yes yes command line tool written in Swift. 60+ times faster than macOS built-in yes.
xcconfig-extractor Refactor BuildSettings into xcconfigs
Swdifft Swdifft is string diff library of longest common subsequence.
StatefulTabView A SwiftUI TabView that retains the state of each tab as well as some other goodies.
ScreenshotableView ScreenshotableView For SwiftUI
OpenAQKit A well written SDK that allows you to interact with the Open AQ API (
MNISTKit MNIST Tools for Swift
Lottie An iOS library to natively render After Effects vector animations
MotoSwift Generates Swift NSManagedObject subclasses
EPUBKit 📚 A simple Swift library for parsing EPUB documents
SwiftySCADKit A Swift package to allow OpenSCAD work in Swift
RxKeyboard Reactive Keyboard in iOS
Ease It's magic.
ResilientDecoding This package makes your Decodable types resilient to decoding errors and allows you to inspect those errors.
Mustache Flexible Mustache templates for Swift
DangerSwiftCoverage Show the coverage of the modified/created files on your PRs.
Cancellable Cancellable Protocol Extension
argtree Command line argument parser package in Swift.
Lux Open UI Look development framework for SwiftUI, iOS + macOS
pwdi A Swift Dependency Injection Package. Still in active development.
GFGoogleDirection Vapor 3. Google Direction API
SwiftUIPullToRefresh 'pull to refresh' feature in SwiftUI
Steem Steem client library for iOS, macOS and Linux written in Swift
GRDB A toolkit for SQLite databases, with a focus on application development
queues A queue system for Vapor.
Regex Regular expressions for swift
Tuxedo Tuxedo is a template language for Swift.
Curry Swift implementations for function currying
vincenty Compute vincenty distance in Swift
Checksum Checksum calculation extensions for Swift
PerfectTemplate Empty Perfect Starter Project.
MulticastDelegate An elegant multicast delegate written in swift
SwiftAA The most comprehensive collection of accurate astronomical algorithms in (C++, Objective-C and) Swift.
APIRequest A swift package to interact with a REST API
TerrariaWorldParser Terraria .WLD File Parser written in Swift
LLVS Low-Level Versioned Store
FFCLog i 💗 log
Pooling Pooling is an interface for classes that implement object pool design pattern
KZPeselValidator Validator for Polish national identification number PESEL
Kafka Swift Apacha Kafka (real-time data pipelines and streaming apps)
Cpng libpng wrapper for Swift Package Manager
XcodeHelperKit Some tools to help in the process of build cross-platform swift through xcode
GraphZahl A Framework to implement Declarative, Type-Safe GraphQL Server APIs using Runtime Magic 🎩
AnyCodable Utils that help encode/decode abstract types via Swift Codable API
SKVersion App Store Version Checker
DonateViewController A view controller to make donations.
Stem 这是一个app开发的加速库。This is an accelerated library for app development
JSONPatch A Swift μ-framework for creating RFC6902-compliant JSON patch objects
SKWebAPI Make requests to the Slack Web API
SwiftGUI A framework for creating cross-platform GUI applications with Swift.
Donut Xcode file template manager
Random Module for generating random bytes and numbers.
SmoothGradient Generate buttery smooth gradients.
JavaCoder Swift-Java Encoder Decoder
realm-core Core database component for the Realm Mobile Database SDKs
iLineChart ChartView made in SwiftUI
MonetaryExchange 💱 Provides exchange rates between currencies and converts monetary amounts - Swift Micro Package
DirectedGraph SwiftUI package for displaying directed graphs
KKBOXOpenAPISwiftPromises Use KKBOX's Swift SDK in a promising way.
HorizonCalendar A declarative, performant, iOS calendar UI component that supports use cases ranging from simple date pickers all the way up to fully-featured calendar apps.
SwiftHamcrest Hamcrest test assertions for Swift
redis-kit Helpful extensions and abstractions for using RediStack
TILogger TILogger is a simple logger for swift.
Keychain The easiest way to securely store data in the keychain. It's implementation is really close to the UserDefaults.
swift-distributed-tracing-baggage-core Minimal context propagation container
Bruynet This is the network layer implemented in Swift using Combine framework.
StripeKit A pure Swift implementation of the Stripe API.
Countries An Enum with All the Countries and Their Abbreviations
Box Box type for Swift, transform any value type into a reference type.
DLSuggestionsTextField An iOS framework to create custom auto complete or suggestions similar to Google Search.
TracingActivity TracingActivity provides Apples Activity Tracing as part of Unified Logging for pure Swift applications.
ChartUI A pure-SwiftUI lightweight charting library.
GoogleTokenProvider Google token provider for SwiftConnection
SDWebImageLottieCoder A Lottie animation coder which use SDAnimatedImageView instead of LOTAnimationView for bitmap rendering
UIKitPlus 🏰 Declarative UIKit with LivePreview for iOS9+ (best alternative to SwiftUI)
CoherentSwift CoherentSwift is a command line tool written in Swift that analyses the cohesion level of your Swift codebase.
MoyaNC NetworkClient based on Moya
DataCompression Swift libcompression wrapper as an extension for the Data type (GZIP, ZLIB, LZFSE, LZMA, LZ4, deflate, RFC-1950, RFC-1951, RFC-1952)
RSKPlaceholderTextView A light-weight UITextView subclass that adds support for placeholder.
Menkyo OpenSSL wrapper for parsing x509 certificates in Swift
CAtomics C11 atomics for Swift
Explorer Swift Elegant File Manager
SwiftEliza A Swift + iOS implementation of the ELIZA chatbot.
LifetimeTracker Find retain cycles / memory leaks sooner.
SwiftPackageIndex The Swift Package Index is the place to find Swift packages!
ReSwift-Router Declarative Routing in Swift, Extension for ReSwift
tencent-cloud-core Tencent Cloud support for Swift
redi-s A performant Redis server implemented in SwiftNIO.
secp256k1_swift secp256k1 library from Bitcoin core wrapped in Swift class
set-simulator-location CLI for setting location in the iOS simulator
LeftPad This is not a real Package, it's just for testing package metadata.
CoronaErrors Commonly used patterns for error handling in Swift
HTTPStatusCodes Swift enum wrapper for easier handling of HTTP status codes.
CoordinatorPlus A protocol-oriented approach to the Coordinator app architecture pattern.
PerfectSessionSQLite SQLite driver for Perfect Sessions.
NSAttributedStringBuilder Composing NSAttributedString with SwiftUI-style syntax
Stellar A fantastic Physical animation library for swift
XServiceLocator Light-weight Service Locator / Dependency Injection library for Swift: providing objects with the dependencies they need throughout your whole iOS app.
VerbalExpressions Swift Port of VerbalExpressions
SimpleMDM-Swift Swift bindings for the SimpleMDM API
CPango A wrapper around pango-1.x for Swift
SwiftSlash Concurrent shell scripting framework for Swift on Linux.
Secp256k1Swift A well-tested and easy to use secp256k1 wrapper in Swift 5
JSONConfig JSON Configuration reader for server side swift
CZeroMQ Module to access ZeroMQ library written in C
AgroAPI Swift Agro API library for satellite imagery
Bariloche An argument-parsing library designed for building declarative commandline interfaces in Swift
DBus Swift library for D-Bus
FluentProvider A provider for including Fluent in Vapor applications
Gitlab 📜 Gitlab Provider for Vapor
SwiftyDates Dealing with different date formats is always painful. This little library should help you do it a little better. Especially with ISO8601.
Squirrel Web framework in swift
UIViewPreview Mattt's beautiful gist to gain SwiftUI previews for your UIViews turned into Swift Package.
Requirement Describe requirements in a declarative, easy-readable format.
Gloss [Deprecated] A shiny JSON parsing library in Swift :sparkles: Loved by many from 2015-2021
FloatingLabelTextFieldSwiftUI Floating Label TextField for SwiftUI. FloatingLabelTextFieldSwiftUI
SwiftCBOR A CBOR implementation for Swift
CommandLineToolkit Small swift package to create command line tools faster
Perfect-SMTP SMTP Client for Perfect.
ServerCrypto Easy Cryptography for Server-Side Swift
SyntaxTree Model for building Syntax Trees
SwifCron ⏱Simple pure swift cron expression parser
Screeen Observe user screen shot event in macOS.
RestBird 🦉Lightweight, stateless REST network manager over the Codable protocol.
PostgresWireServer Postgres wire protocol server in Swift
StepProgressView Step-by-step progress view with labels and shapes. A good replacement for UIActivityIndicatorView and UIProgressView.
KineticSensors Objective C / C libraries for Kinetic Trainers and Sensors
ContentfulPersistence Simplified persistence for the Contentful Swift SDK.
APISpec Describe your Swift Vapor API using native code, and generate OpenAPI 3.0 JSON
ChessEngine A simple chess engine in swift
Stencil Stencil is a simple and powerful template language for Swift.
SwifterLog A framework in Swift to create log entries in up to 5 different types of destinations and at 8 different levels.
Bond A Swift binding framework
Gen 🎱 Composable, transformable, controllable randomness.
KituraCORS Kitura CORS middleware
xcproj Swift library for parsing Xcode projects
GPXKit A library for parsing GPX files, with no dependencies, written in Swift
Action Abstracts actions to be performed in RxSwift.
Zephyr Effortlessly synchronize UserDefaults over iCloud.
Cryptor Swift cross-platform crypto library using CommonCrypto/libcrypto
Badonde Automated PR creation, tailored to your project
Timely A tiny timing library in Swift
MicroPlaygroundProvider 💧 A Swift Vapor provider for adding Swift Playgrounds to your server
CryptorRSA RSA public/private key encryption, private key signing and public key verification in Swift using the Swift Package Manager. Works on iOS, macOS, and Linux (work in progress).
dotfiles 👨🏻‍🍳👌 macOS dotfiles
QRoute Declarative *walking* router for UI navigation in pure Swift.
BinaryCookies Read and write Apple's .binarycookies files
PushNotifications Pusher Beams Swift Server SDK
CornerStacks Layout SwiftUI views in corners with ease.
CryptorECC Elliptic-curve cryptography for Swift
ACKategories Swift tools, cocoa subclasses and extensions.
Scaletor Generate modal scales in a type-safe way using Swift
LocalizedStringKit Generate .strings files directly from your code
ParserAutograph Object parser generation utility.
Zlib Module map for Zlib library
Moderator A simple, modular command line argument parser in Swift.
Nuke Powerful image loading and caching system
Requests Sugar for your HTTP requests
Pathspec Swift library for matching file paths with gitignore style patterns
ProgressView SwiftUI wrapper for UIProgressView
CSV.swift CSV reading and writing library written in Swift.
NFCSupport Support library for NFC NDEF Records
UpgradeManager progress data when upgrade app
LiquidKit Liquid template language parser engine in Swift.
SimpleHaptics 👇 Core Haptics convenience wrapper for SwiftUI to make haptic taps simple
FileCheck A standalone Swift version of LLVM's flexible pattern matching file verifier
ElasticSwift Elasticsearch client in swift
Captain makes easy to manage git hooks for written in Swift products
WebRequest Declarative proxy for decoupling web requests from their delivery. Similar to js `fetch()`; helpful in unit-tests.
XCTest The XCTest Project, A Swift core library for providing unit test support
SmartQuotes 🗞 Swift String extension for typographically correct quotes & apostrophes
CNAMEPublishPlugin A plugin that generates a CNAME file for the Publish static site generator. 🚀
SwiftSVG A foundation-based SVG parsing library
AuthProvider Middleware and conveniences for using Auth in Vapor.
soto-ecr Standalone Repository of AWS ECR Client from soto-project/soto
provide-swift Provide Swift API client
Morphi Shapes for SwiftUI ♡☾
SwiftCSP A Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver in Pure Swift
UIFontComplete Font management (System & Custom) for iOS and tvOS
CoinSwitch CoinSwitch API client written in Swift
PackageListValidator A tool for validating the SwiftPM Library/Swift Package Index master package list.
slox Swift implementation of a Lox interpreter
PredicateKit 🎯 PredicateKit allows Swift developers to write expressive and type-safe predicates for CoreData using key-paths, comparisons and logical operators, literal values, and functions.
RVS_Generic_Swift_Toolbox A Collection Of Various Swift Tools, Like Extensions and Utilities
RVS_ParseXMLDuration A Smart parser for xs:duration
RVS_Checkbox This is a simple, programmatically-generated Swift UIKit "three-state" checkbox, to use as a UI element.
WXKDarkSky A pure-Swift Codable layer over the Dark Sky API.
SwiftyJSON The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift
JGProgressHUD An elegant and simple progress HUD for iOS and tvOS, compatible with Swift and ObjC.
GPUImage GPUImage 3 is a BSD-licensed Swift framework for GPU-accelerated video and image processing using Metal.
Nimble A Matcher Framework for Swift and Objective-C
GPEngine iOS entity-base game engine written in Swift
TextTable Swift package for easily rendering text tables. Inspired by the Python tabulate library.
KituraContracts A library containing type definitions shared by client and server Kitura code.
JSONFragmentDecoding A JSONDecoder extension to allow decoding JSON fragments
CLISpinner Swifty Terminal Spinner
KDTree Swift implementation of a k-dimensional binary space partitioning tree.
ContentFittingWebView A WKWebView subclass which sizes itself to fit its contents
MovingNumbersView Moving numbers effect in SwiftUI
GPX Small library for generating GPX files.
Endpoint Swift Package for (REST) Endpoint objects
OAuthSwiftAlamofire Utility method to sign Alamofire request
bv-ios-swift-sdk Bazaarvoice's Swift SDK
CFoundationdb Swift modulemap for foundationdb libfdb_c
CwlCatchException Catch Objective-C exceptions by NSException subtype in a Swift closure/function.
ImageWithActivityIndicator SwiftUI view that download and display image from URL and displaying Activity Indicator while loading .
CombineCocoa Combine publisher bridges for UIKit
Multiaddr Composable and self-describing network addresses as a modern Swift library
Patron JSON HTTP client
DateBuilder Create dates and date components easily (e.g. "first Thursday of the next month")
kubrick 🎥 Swift library for creating media processing pipelines using AVFoundation
Evaluation String evaluation class for swift
URI Swift implementation of a URI in accordance with RFC3986
MessageBox-Concept MessageBox is a simple concept for decoupling entities. Think of it as notifications but the opposite.
Prompt Prompts the user for more information.
OhhAuth Pure Swift implementation of the OAuth 1.0 protocol as an easy to use extension for the URLRequest type. (RFC-5849)
Futures Lightweight promises for iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux
Trails Trails of values over time in SwiftUI
OpenParking 🚗 Utilities for creating data sources for the OpenParking project
AppUpdater Automatically update open source macOS apps from GitHub releases.
flatbuffers FlatBuffers: Memory Efficient Serialization Library
Atom The lightweight & delightful networking library.
XCTest-watchOS XCTest-watchOS provides an implementation of XCTest that can run on watchOS
AXSwift Swift wrapper for accessibility clients
SunburstDiagram SwiftUI library to easily render diagrams given a tree of objects. Similar to ring chart, sunburst chart, multilevel pie chart.
Yaml Load YAML and JSON documents using Swift
StepperView SwiftUI iOS component for Step Indications.
RNCryptor CCCryptor (AES encryption) wrappers for iOS and Mac in Swift. -- For ObjC, see RNCryptor/RNCryptor-objc
Authenticator Local Authenticator Helper
LeafProvider Add leaf templating into your vapor app
Mantis A photo cropping tool which mimics written by Swift.
AppStoreConnect-Swift-SDK The Swift SDK to work with the App Store Connect API from Apple.
Meow MongoDB object persistence for Swift
Configure Manages resources, local or remote, for your app or server-side framework.
PoutouPush Swift server side - push notification. APNS and GCM
stripe Stripe library for Vapor
HTTPMethod Just an enum of HTTP request methods.
swift-termina Terminal rendering driver.
Defines A collection of runtime checks written in Swift.
veteran vapor 4 app 分发平台
Files A nicer way to handle files & folders in Swift
AutomaticSettings Data driven settings UI generation.
SlideOverCard A SwiftUI card view, made great for setup interactions.
SDGWeb Tools for Generating Websites
LocalizedTimeAgo Swift time ago framework localized in 42 languages.
Promis The easiest Future and Promises framework in Swift. No magic. No boilerplate.
swift-nio-irc-eliza A cheap and scalable therapist for SwiftNIO-IRC
CPLSwift Swift Module Map for PostgreSQL Server Extensions
SwiftObjCBridge A Swift Objective-C Bridge implemented using @dynamicCallable
VGASimulatorKit Swift framework and tool to parse and render frames from VGA simulations.
CrudRouter A Rails-inspired extension to Vapor's routing system
ServiceAutograph Service generation utility.
SwiftyBeaverVapor SwiftyBeaver Logging Provider for Vapor, the server-side Swift web framework
TypoChecker Typo checker made with swift
GitignoreIO Create useful .gitignore files for your project
Currency Type-safety and algorithms for working with money in Swift.
ByteBackpacker ByteBackpacker is a small utility written in Swift to pack value types into a Byte array and unpack them back.
Aperture Record the screen on macOS
Checkpoint Verify's Amazon Alexa requests
BMO Backed Managed Objects — Linking any local database (CoreData, Realm, etc.) to any API (REST, SOAP, etc.)
Pathman Swift type-safe path, file, and directory library using POSIX C APIs
SwiftCheck QuickCheck for Swift
AlecrimAsyncKit async and await for Swift.
GoSwifty A command line tool for analyzing Swift/Objective-C ratio in codebase
HTML A DSL for writing HTML in Swift
PerfectPython An expressway to import Python 2.7 modules into Server Side Swift
Lasso iOS architectural pattern and framework
DL4STensorboard Pure Swift TensorBoard plugin for DL4S
AFBilling In App Purchase
AEImage Adaptive image viewer for iOS (with support for zoom, gyro motion and infinite scroll)
swift-log-format-and-pipe Swift Logging API Handler that allows for formatting and redirecting log lines
Observable The easiest way to observe values in Swift.
Gzip Swift framework that enables gzip/gunzip Data using zlib
xcodes The best command-line tool to install and switch between multiple versions of Xcode.
RichEditorView This is the Swift 5 version of cjwirth/RichEditorView using WKWebView that added several awesome functionalities.
SCRecorder iOS camera engine with Vine-like tap to record, animatable filters, slow motion, segments editing
Prelude Swift µframework of simple functional programming tools
Kitura-TemplateEngine Kitura Template Engine protocol
RollView RollView is an iOS implementation of ListView on Android
DataStructure Data structures in Swift for fun
soto-ec2 Standalone Repository of AWS EC2 Client from soto-project/soto
Murray Command Line Interface to create skeleton iOS apps and add file templates
AdversaryLabClientSwift A port of the Adversary Lab client from Go to Swift
RouterService 💉Type-safe Navigation/Dependency Injection Framework for Swift
Kitura-net Kitura networking
AttributedStringTag 🖍 Small framework for easily applying attributes to NSAttributedString
GBig Swift 繁简对照字符串函数
java_swift Support code for Swift Java Bridge
StunClient Stun client written in Swift for exploration of NAT traversal details (iOS/macOs/Linux)
FSEventsWrapper Easily use FSEvents in Swift
PerfectINI Swift encoder and decoder for INI files.
Wormholy iOS network debugging, like a wizard 🧙‍♂️
PLSwift PostgreSQL Functions in Swift
SwiftkubeClient Swift client for Kubernetes
filemaker-nio A Swift FileMaker Data API wrapper built on top of SwiftNIO and Async HTTP Client
AlecrimCoreData Core Data made simple.
CollectionLoader Loading collections of objects by page, coming from arbitrary data sources
Entwine Testing tools and utilities for Apple's Combine framework.
simple-asn1-reader-writer Simple ASN.1 reader and writer
ws ⚠️ Deprecated - (in favour of Networking) :cloud: Elegantly connect to a JSON api. (Alamofire + Promises + JSON Parsing)
Cinotify inotify module for swift
Pool A generic object pool implementation for Swift that works on macOS and Linux.
FeatureFlags 🚩 Allows developers to configure feature flags, run multiple A/B tests or phase feature roll out using a JSON configuration file.
SquirrelConfig Configuration manager used in Swift Squirrel web framework
Arweave A lightweight Swift client for the Arweave blockchain
URLEmbeddedView URLEmbeddedView automatically caches the object that is confirmed the Open Graph Protocol.
HDF5Kit HDF5 for iOS and OS X
APIErrorMiddleware Vapor middleware for converting thrown errors to JSON responses
Logr Dead simple logging library for iOS
Thingy A modern device detection and querying library.
UTMConversion Convert between latitude/longitude and the UTM coordinate system.
FFProbe A Swift library for processing output from the ffprobe utility
Tempry Get a random temporary directory path
RecursiveSyncDispatch Implement recursive sync dispatch for private queues
SongPro A Swift package to convert SongPro songs to a Swift struct used to generate various output formats.
UIWindowTransitions 🏃‍♂️ Animated transitions for UIWindow's rootViewController property
Debugging A library to aid Vapor users with better debugging around the framework
Loaf 🍞 A Swifty Framework for Easy iOS Toasts
Poly A light-weight general-purpose library to help represent situations where the type of a value is one of a set of types. An alternative to type erasure.
Upsurge Multi-dimensional Swift math
WZQInstantSearch An Algorithm For Instant Search
HPLayout A simple layout DSL to make your Autolayout life a little easier
FlipBook A swift package for recording views
Stencil Stencil is a simple and powerful template language for Swift.
compress-nio Compression/Decompression support for Swift NIO ByteBuffer
Nappa Adaptable HTTP client
RVS_Persistent_Prefs A Simple Class For Basic Persistent Storage
SQLiteMigrationManager.swift Migration manager for SQLite.swift
GTBlurView Add blur effect to any view in iOS based projects using a simple, modern and declarative way. Available as a Swift package.
Atk A Swift wrapper around atk-1.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
Paseto Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens implementation in Swift
AutoLayoutProxy A simple and lightweight Auto-Layout-Kit that makes you feel like playing a fun game laying out views. BBLayaoutKit supports UIKit on iOS & tvOS and AppKit on macOS so you wouldn't have to worry about using different solutions on different platforms. AutoLayoutProxy is compiled on Xcode 12.0 using Swift 5.3 and will be updated for all future releases.
CCurl Modulemap for the libcurl library
async-kit Sugary extensions for the SwiftNIO library
Kitura-Credentials A pluggable framework for validating user credentials in a Swift server using Kitura
TimeKit Type safe, simple, lightweight date components.
SwiftBox Box implementation for boxing structs or scalars in Swift, to interact with Objective-C APIs
NIOErrorKit Extension of WebErrorKit for Apple NIO
AlamofireNetworkActivityIndicator Controls the visibility of the network activity indicator on iOS using Alamofire.
LiteNode A Lightweight HTML parsing for basic formatting.
SwiftySchwartzianTransform Advanced overkill sort operation for the swift language
iPaymentButton Quickly implement the Apple Pay button in SwiftUI
Poly 🦕 Unofficial Google Poly SDK in Swift – search, discover, and download 3D models and scenes
Incrementer Incrementer allows for the use of `++` and `--` postfix operators on Swift `Int` variables.
KeyboardObserving ⌨️A Combine-based way to observe and adjust for Keyboard notifications in SwiftUI
MMBannerLayout Custom Banner CollectionView Layout
RxGRDB Reactive extensions for SQLite
EmptyPage An empty state control to give visually appealing context when building iOS applications.
VaporTypedRoutes Typed Routes extension to the Vapor framework.
SenseHat Swift package for Raspberry Pi Sense Hat
Swiftagram A modern Swift wrapper for Instagram Private API.
SwiftUIWindowBinder Create SwiftUI Views able to access host windows from UIKit (iOS & tvOS) or AppKit (macOS), with zero set up. Works for existing apps, apps with @main/App, and even Playgrounds
EtherWalletKit Ethereum Wallet Toolkit for iOS - You can implement an Ethereum wallet without a server and blockchain knowledge.
GhostTypewriter 👻 A UILabel subclass that adds a typewriting animation effect
Recaptcha :key: Google recaptcha library for Vapor
FluxorExplorerInterceptor Intercepting actions and state changes and sending them to FluxorExplorer
Cpng libpng wrapper for Swift Package Manager
SquirrelJSON JSON wrapper used in Squirrel
NeumorphicStyle 🎛 Simple SwiftUI ‘neumorphic’ button style
SGSwiftyBind A light weight approach to event based programming
DependencyInjection Microframework for dependency injection in Swift based on PropertyWrappers.
DVNetwork Framework for making network request in Swift
ReactiveKit A Swift Reactive Programming Kit
SwipeSelectingCollectionView A collection view subclass that enables swipe to select multiple cells just like in Photos app.
WikiTranslate 📖 Use Wikipedia as a dictionary
IPAddress_v4 IPAddress_v4 is a Swift library for doing basic handling of IPv4 Addresses expressed as single addresses, ranges, or CIDRs.
AlertToast Create Apple-like alerts & toasts using SwiftUI
Expression A cross-platform Swift library for evaluating mathematical expressions at runtime
async-http-client HTTP client library built on SwiftNIO
FirebaseHelpers A swift Framework to help send push using firebase.
xcbeautify A little beautifier tool for xcodebuild
HCExtension extension of swift
MultiSelectSegmentedControl UISegmentedControl remake that supports selecting multiple segments, vertical stacking, combining text and images.
Serpent A protocol to serialize Swift structs and classes for encoding and decoding.
CLInterface Elegant @propertyWrapper-based command line argument parser
Argon2 A Swift wrapper for the Argon2 C implementation
ParserCombinators A parser-combinator library for Swift
BigNumber A lightweight, high performance bignum Library for Swift!
HTMLEntities HTML5 spec-compliant character encoder/decoder for Swift
LASwift Linear Algebra library for Swift language
AttributedStringBuilder A DSL for creating NSAttributedStrings
Typist Swift UIKit keyboard manager for iOS apps.
A11yUITests Accessibility tests for XCUI Testing.
AnimatedCollectionViewLayout A UICollectionViewLayout subclass that adds custom transitions/animations to the UICollectionView without effecting your existing code.
CurlyClient Embrace the power of curl in Vapor apps
Complex Swift Complex Numbers
NonEmpty 🎁 A compile-time guarantee that a collection contains a value.
PrettyCards Powerful view allowing to create views like iOS 11 AppStore cards or buttons
CodableJSON JSON in Swift - the way it should be
Swift2D Swift library for working in two-dimensional coordinate systems.
OreOre Making GraphQL + UITest easier
CGExtender Frequently reused helpers and functions for coregraphics types
Shallows 🛶 Your lightweight persistence toolbox
TypedNotificationCenter Typed version of Apple's NotificationCenter to avoid forgetting setting parameters in the userInfo dictionary and needing to handle not having those parameters.
VaporPostgreSQL PostgreSQL Provider for the Vapor web framework.
La A library for linear algebra with type-safety written in Swift.
SDL Swift library for SDL2
Symbolic A Swift library for dynamically loading shared objects
CoreGraphicsKit Swift framework with Core Graphics extensions.
ShellInterface A shell interface built as a thin abstraction layer over Foundation's Process
DataDecoder Swift Data Decoder. Easily Decode Data values
WolfOSBridge Conveniences for writing code that runs under both iOS and macOS.
SwiftGraphQLServer Vapor and Graphiti based GraphQLServer for Swift
TabNavigable A useful protocol and its extension when you make custom TabBarViewController
CEpoll A modulemap file and include to help Swift code use epoll on Linux
HealthKitCombine Combine extensions for HealthKit.
AirKit AirPlay SwiftUI Views
RxJSON RxSwift wrapper for JSON
swift-nio-http2 HTTP/2 support for SwiftNIO
BitArray A space-efficient bit array with RandomAccessCollection conformance in Swift.
SOSwift A swift implementation of structured data vocabulary.
Theo Open Source Neo4j driver for iOS, tvOS, Linux and macOS
Time 🕰 Type-safe time calculations in Swift
PolyKit Rounded Polygons in SwiftUI
ColorPickerRing Simple color picker. Looks like a wheel. Plain SwiftUI.
CoreDataPlus CoreData utils
PackStream PackStream implementation in Swift
Covfefe A parser for nondeterministic context free languages
Stacked Stack traces for Swift on Mac and Linux 📚
SynchronousNetworking Simple synchronous cross-platform networking for Swift CLI apps.
NextGrowingTextView 📝 The next in the generations of 'growing textviews' optimized for iOS 8 and above.
Wrap The easy to use Swift JSON encoder
PerfectFileMaker A stand-alone Swift wrapper around the FileMaker XML Web publishing interface, enabling access to FileMaker servers.
PerfectNewRelic This project provides a Swift class wrapper for New Relic Agent SDK.
ProtoKit ProtoKit is a collection of protocols and extensions that make prototyping faster and easier with Swift programming language.
swiftymocky Framework for automatic mock generation. Adds a set of handy methods, simplifying testing. One of the best and most complete solutions, including generics support and much more.
AboutThisApp A standard, customizable "About This App" panel for any Mac app
LazyArray Lazy operations on demande for Swift
StatusItemController A "view controller" for menu bar Mac apps
IDZSwiftDataTaskPublisher A (probably very naïve) attempt at implementing the `dataTaskPublisher(for: URLRequest)` extension on `URLSession` mentioned in WWDC 2019, Session 712.
ConventionalCommitsKit A small library to create and parse Conventional Commit conforming representations.
MetalCanvas [WIP]このフレームワークは、processingにおけるOpenGLのように、Metalを少ない手続き・インターフェースで使えることを目指しています。
AnimatableGradients A collection of SwiftUI View Modifiers for creating animated color gradients.
DTModelStorage Storage classes for datasource based controls
Playback Play audio and video
mongo-swift-driver The official MongoDB driver for Swift
Outlaw JSON mapper for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS
Regex A simple / light weight / independent regular expression extesion for Swift String. 轻量正则表达式
OrderedDictionary Ordered dictionary data structure implementation in Swift
SwiftkubeClient Swift client for Kubernetes
SystemKit macOS system library in Swift
NMeta Enforcing extra information in headers Ⓜ️
Quack Easy HTTP Client without HTTP hassle (DEPRECATED)
MotionProvider A Combine-based CoreMotion data provider as a Swift Package
Spawn Easily spawn new processes using Swift
AWSLambdaSwift A custom AWS Lambda Runtime for Swift
Work Execute shell command and get output. Simple and robust.
BFAstral An extension to Astral that uses BrightFutures as the abstraction of asynchronous programming
Cdns_sd Swift C modulemap for dns_sd.h
XCEPipeline Custom pipeline operators for easy chaining in Swift.
Mappable flexible JSON to Model converter, specially optimized for immutable properties
SwiftUTI A Swift wrapper around Apples Universal Type Identifier functions.
sqlite-nio Non-blocking wrapper for libsqlite3-dev using SwiftNIO
Eventitic Dispatching and listening events
Weakable An easy way to hold weak references in Swift.
DragonService Swift package to fetch data from DataDragon
SCRecorder iOS camera engine with Vine-like tap to record, animatable filters, slow motion, segments editing
JustSignals Signals to replace NotificationCenter and delegates, nothing more
Disruptive Client library in Swift for Disruptive Technologies' REST API
FitFileparser This provide a swift package to parse Fit File and have access to the information in swift.
Branch iOS SDK with SPM support (cleaned from `framework` files)
DifferenceKit 💻 A fast and flexible O(n) difference algorithm framework for Swift collection.
MagickPublishPlugin An ImageMagick plugin for the Publish static site generator
MacroLambda AWS Lambda API Gateway Support for Macro and MacroExpress (and all things built on-top)
XcodeProject Xcode utility for reading and writing pbxproj file format.
Tips A simple parser from John Sundell's tips and tricks
Parallel Some primitives for concurrent processing
tdQVecTool Tool for manipulating Lattice Boltzmann QVec files
CSVKit CSVKit is a very simple CSV parsing library for Swift programming
SwiftUICollection A collection view for SwiftUI
TensorFlow Swift high-level API for TensorFlow.
MLLineChart A simple Line Chart Lib
Chess A simple Chess game for iOS, written in Swift
Pax iOS Drawer/SideMenu/HamburgerMenu
users A small, useful user manager made for production application setups.
CloudEnvironment Convenience Swift package for accessing environment variables, credentials.
MessagePacker MessagePack serializer implementation for Swift.[Swift]
CoverflowKeyboard A customised content view for iOS keyboard
DSFRegex A Swift regex class abstracting away the complexities of NSRegularExpression and Swift Strings
Evotor Swift клиент к облаку Evotor
Bases ⚾️ Base16 and Base32 encoding in Swift
Resty A package for making expressive, intuitive REST calls in Swift.
StickyTabBarViewController Sticky and Collapsible View on top of tab bar
Mqtt Pure swift MQTT client
DSFFloatLabelledTextField A macOS Cocoa single-line NSTextField/NSSecureTextField that implements the Float Label Pattern.
Payment A modern digital payments framework.
AStar A* pathfinding library in Swift.
parsel Create complex parsers by combining simple ones with Parsel!
SwiftRestClient A easy to use rest api client for swift.
MistKit Swift Package for Server-Side and Command-Line Access to CloudKit Web Services
SwiftMath Math library for swift
Socket Socket framework for Swift using the Swift Package Manager. Works on iOS, macOS, and Linux.
MAImage Easy iOS image caching library
libdav1d A wrapper for libdav1d + Xcode project. Support Carthage && CocoaPods.
PropertyWrappers A collection of useful Swift property wrappers. Very much incomplete.
swift_qrcodejs QRCodeSwift: cross-platform/watchOS QRCode generator in Swift (without CIFilter)
CoreTensor Dynamic and ranked tensor data structures
DNS Swift implementation of DNS Records / RR
WhatsNewKit Showcase your awesome new app features 📱
HolidayJp :crossed_flags: Japanese holiday for Swift
LoggingKit A micro framework for logging in Swift
QuickSwiftCheck Quick + Nimble + SwiftCheck
Artisan Artisan is a DSL, MVVM and Data Binding framework for Swift
ios_system Drop-in replacement for system() in iOS programs
SwiftyStoreKit Lightweight In App Purchases Swift framework for iOS 8.0+, tvOS 9.0+ and macOS 10.10+ ⛺
CBSD Linux Swift module for libbsd
soto-lambda Standalone Repository of AWS Lambda Client from soto-project/soto
RxAppState RxSwift extensions for UIApplicationDelegate methods to observe changes in your app's state
RefreshableList A Pull down to refresh List. Also supports to perform an action when scrolling to the last row.
lua_ios Lua language, patched so it can be called from iOS apps
TCJSON Simple utility wrapper for Swift 4 Codable
Path.swift Delightful, robust, cross-platform and chainable file-pathing functions.
InstantMock Create mocks easily in Swift
cmark A SwiftPM wrapper around GitHub's fork of cmark, a CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
Commander 🚀The framework to write type-safe and structured command line program easily in Swift.
HighlightedTextEditor A SwiftUI view for dynamically highlighting user input
Opentracing OpenTracing API for Objective-C
CZlib Module map for Zlib library
network_ios Extension to ios_system, doing network-based commands
LibPNG Swift API for libpng
IHProgressHUD A clean and lightweight progress HUD based on SVProgressHUD, converted to Swift with the help of Swiftify.
YoutubeDirectLinkExtractor Get the direct link to a YouTube video for AVPlayer
AMScrollingNavbar Scrollable UINavigationBar that follows the scrolling of a UIScrollView
Swiftfire An extensible HTTP(S) server written in Swift that allows HTML code injection by Swift functions.
OWOneCall SwiftUI OpenWeather One Call API library
Ji Ji (戟) is an XML/HTML parser for Swift
Tribool A Swift µ-Library Providing a Tribool Type (AKA Trilean)
Beacon-iOS The Beacon iOS SDK
StellarKit A framework for communicating with a Stellar Horizon node
Gala Create SwiftUI preview variants for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS with ease
swift-numerics Numerical APIs for Swift
JavaScriptKit Swift framework to interact with JavaScript through WebAssembly.
OpenLDAP OpenLDAP C Library for Swift.
WolfPipe A simple implementation of the forward pipe operator |> for Swift.
SPMDeveloperInsider Swift Package Manager Demo for
Emit Simple signals library for Swift
dealer Example package for use with the Swift Package Manager
WebSocketKit Small utility around the Network framework and WebSockets
Render UIKit a-là SwiftUI.framework [min deployment target iOS10]
ZippyJSON A much faster version of JSONDecoder
Codability Useful helpers for working with Codable types in Swift
FootlessParser A simple parser combinator written in Swift
ServiceManager Lightweight, Enumerated and Protocol Oriented Networking Module written in swift 5.0.
BRPageControl A Bordered UIPageControl
Optimizely Swift SDK for Optimizely X Full Stack: A/B testing and feature management for product development teams
DSFVersion Swift 'Numeric Status Version' class supporting major, minor, patch and build integer values and version parsing.
Reusable A Swift mixin for UITableViewCells and UICollectionViewCells
RxFeedback The universal system operator and architecture for RxSwift
Amber An Apple Music API client written in Swift.
PayPal A PayPal Provider for the Vapor Server-Side Swift Framework
SDGCommandLine Tools for Implementing a Command Line Interface
Atlas Testing out swift package manager by importing Atlas as a library
SwiftProtobuf Plugin and runtime library for using protobuf with Swift
SGLMath SwiftGL Math Library
LocaleManager Changing iOS locale and language on the fly without exiting. RTL supported.
mecab-swift MeCab(Japanese Morphological Analyzer) wrapper for Swift
SDGInterface Tools for Implementing a Graphical User Interface
Ocha Listen to the file system change notifications and raises events when a directory, or file in a directory, changes. 🍵
Gluey Swift bare-bones unification framework
SwiftEntryKit SwiftEntryKit is a presentation library for iOS. It can be used to easily display overlays within your iOS apps.
SwiftLinkPreview It makes a preview from an URL, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images.
SwiftyBash Bash scripting & piping in Swift made easy !
Prephirences Prephirences is a Swift library that provides useful protocols and convenience methods to manage application preferences, configurations and app-state. UserDefaults
SDGSwift The Swift Compiler As a Package
ErrorAssertions Wrappers for Swift assertions that take Error instances instead of strings, and the means to test them in XCTest.
MiniLexer A teeny-tiny-weeny lexer written in Swift available as a Swift Package.
SplashScreen A little package that allows you to create an automatically fading splash screen
FragmentedMP4Parser Parses information in a fragmented MPEG-4 file for use in HLS playlist
Codextended Extensions giving Swift's Codable API type inference super powers 🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️
hummingbird-fluent Hummingbird integration with Fluent database ORM
VaporMailgunService 📧 Service to assist with sending emails from Vapor apps
SDWebImage Asynchronous image downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category
APJExtensions A Swift util extensions
ArgsToDict Library for Converting CommandLine Arguments To Dictionary
VIZ VIZ client library for iOS, macOS and Linux written in Swift
Cache :package: Nothing but Cache.
CircuitBreaker A Swift Circuit Breaker library – Improves application stability and reliability.
phase Define and manage your Xcode Build Phases from inside Package.swift
SwiftkubeClient Swift client for Kubernetes
Termios Type-safe Swift wrapper for termios
ElementaryEffectBuilder Experimental, uni-directional and purely functional effect builder in Swift.
MagickWand Swift wrapper for ImageMagick (MagickWand) for Linux and MacOS
SwiftErrorHandler Flexible library for handling Swift Errors
NilCoalescingAssignmentOperators A Swift µ-Library for ??/= Combo Operators ??= and =??
CFreeType swift freetype2
Cryptex Gemini, GDAX, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Binance, Kraken, Cryptopia, Koinex, BitGrail and CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency exchange API clients in Swift / iOS SDK. Check prices and account balances using Sample iOS app.
Flexer Lexing library for Swift
When :alarm_clock: A lightweight implementation of Promises in Swift
PusherSwift Pusher Channels websocket library for Swift
MKBlockQueue MKBlockQueue allows you to create a chain of blocks and execute them one after the other in a queue.
Email Set emails in my projects as data type
CommandCougar Simple & Elegant Command Line Interfaces in Swift
MungoHealer Error Handler based on localized & healable (recoverable) errors without the overhead of NSError.
SSLService SSL/TLS Add-in for BlueSocket using Secure Transport and OpenSSL
Connectivity 🌐 Makes Internet connectivity detection more robust by detecting Wi-Fi networks without Internet access.
REPL A simple CLT to prefix any command with a given one
ShellKit Access local shell as well as remote over SSH
SwiftZip Swift wrapper for libzip — library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives.
Reactor The most advanced state management framework for SwiftUI.
AttributedText NSAttributedString rendering for SwiftUI
EllipticCurve An elliptic curve library written in Swift 4
Weakify Provides a way use a method on a class as a closure value that would be referenced by some other component without causing memory leaks.
Tracery Powerful extensible content generation library inspired by
KeyboardAdjuster A Swift library that automatically resizes and adjusts views to scroll when a keyboard appears.
FloatingPointApproximation A correct way to determine if two floating-point numbers are approximately equal to one another in Swift
VJson A framework in Swift to read/write & parse the JSON Format.
SwiftKueryPostgreSQL PostgreSQL plugin for Swift-Kuery framework
SFFocusViewLayout UICollectionViewLayout with focused content
Diagnostics Allow users to easily share Diagnostics with your support team to improve the flow of fixing bugs.
ScrollStackController 🧩 Easy scrollable layouts in UIKit
Proxy Assign/Partial/ReadOnly/Proxy
swifter Tiny http server engine written in Swift programming language.
SwiftChecksDangerPlugin A Danger Swift plugin to aid with checking a Swift projects for inconsistencies
LocalizeXib Easy XIB and Storyboard localization. Reference translations directly from Interface Builder and resolve them at build time.
WKHTMLTOPDF 📖 PDF render for Swift and Vapor 3.
EthereumAddress Ethereum Address module in swift
Lifx A modern Swift library for controlling LIFX smart lights
Cnanovg Swift wrapper package for NanoVG
SafeCollection Safe Collection for Swift
SwiftFoundationCompression Foundation-oriented Swift wrapper for zlib
swift-docker-cli Build & test your swift packages using docker - `swift docker test`
IBMCloudAppID Swift server SDK for the IBM Cloud App ID service
Presentation Presentation is an iOS Swift library for working with UI presentations in a more structured way
SwiftAWSSignatureV4 AWS's signature version 4 in cross-platform Swift
SwiftyHYGDB Swift structs representing astronexus HYG star database
SwiftAWSS3 Amazon AWS S3 convenience
Rope Convenient, easy-to-use PostgreSQL for server-side Swift 3
SSSSOnboarding Simple Swifty Secure Solution for Onboarding
CApache Swift Module Maps for Apache, ApachePortableRuntime and APRUtil
SCNPath Create paths for your Augmented Reality environments using just points to represent the centre of the path.
BBAlert Ever felt the need to customise the boring default alert provided by iOS using UIAlertController? BBAlert let's you do just that, but not at the cost of loosing functionality of UIAlertController. Since it's build as an typealias of UIAlertController it doesn't require any more of the memory. Package is compiled using Xcode 11.4.1 on MacOS 10.15.4 using Swift 5.2.2 compiler.
RequestSwift A tiny HTTP client written in swift. URLSession alternative
URITemplate Robust and performant Swift implementation of RFC6570 URI Template
ProtocolBuffers Google ProtocolBuffers for Apple Swift
swift-service-lifecycle Cleanly startup and shutdown server application, freeing resources in order before exiting.
Titan The small & modular microframework for server-side Swift 3
Gherkin A Swift package for working with Gherkin (Cucumber) feature files.
BBLoader A light-weight minimal looking loading animation popup build on top of UIKit for iOS and tvOS. Provides an immersive loading experience while the contents are being loaded asynchronously.
TimeZones Strong typed, autocompleted time zones with locations for Swift.
codableRequest Swift 4.1 library that executes an HTTP Request and returns the data formatted in the supplied Codable object type.
BrightFutures Write great asynchronous code in Swift using futures and promises
Quickie Tired of creating all the boilerplate code from scratch every time you start a new project? Here is the solution. A Swift package that provides extensions to the most common functionality in the iOS and macOS world to significantly speed up development process.
Sunlight Calculate dawn, dusk, golden and blue hour times by using various algorithms.
Rainbow 🌈 Color conversion and manipulation library for Swift with no dependence on UIKit/AppKit.
MollieKit Mollie API client for Server-Side Swift.
InvestingInMeAPI An API for our application
swifty-holidays A holiday calculator written in Swift
NotationView Structures for displaying music notation
Swiftfall Wrapper for Scryfall API written in Swift
swift-package-directory Swift Package Directory - Website & Serverless Swift Code
SwiftRedis Swift Redis library
BatteryView Simple battery shaped UIView
swift-sysctl A Swift interface for `sysctl`
FunctionKit A framework for functional types and operations designed to fit naturally into Swift.
swift-log-syslog 📋 Syslog logging for Swift
SwiftHEXColors HEX color handling as an extension for UIColor.
SemanticUI-Swift SemanticUI CSS resources packaged up as a Swift Package Manager Package
AnyValue A Swift Codable type that serves as a placeholder for any JSON value
AMF An AMF decoder and encoder
DangerIBLinter [WIP] Automated IB linting on pull requests
ReadWriteLock A Swifty Read/Write lock for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS
GEOSwiftMapKit Add-on to GEOSwift that provides MapKit-related features
SerializedSwift A significant enhancement to the current Codable protocol for better and easier Serializing and Deserializing of JSON
CombineExt CombineExt provides a collection of operators, publishers and utilities for Combine, that are not provided by Apple themselves, but are common in other Reactive Frameworks and standards.
IBDecodable A tool to translate xib and storyboard XML into Swift models.
Burst 🎆 Particle burst interface elements in Swift
PCA9685 PCA9685 I2C Driver for Swift
BaseAPI BaseAPI is a small Swift library wrapper around URLSession.
NoopKit Short for No-operation Kit. Set of functions making work with empty closures a breeze.
Swiftline Swiftline is a set of tools to help you create command line applications.
path-wrangler A path library written in Swift
InAppSettingsKit This iOS framework allows settings to be in-app in addition to or instead of being in the Settings app.
Closures Swifty closures for UIKit and Foundation
SwiftLSPClient A Swift library for interacting with Language Server Protocol implementations
RxGesture RxSwift reactive wrapper for view gestures
DLog Modern logger with pipelines for Swift.
Composed A Swift framework for composing data.
PublishedKVO PublishedKVO provides Apples Combine `@Published` for class-types using Key-Value-Observing (KVO requires classes to be NSObject-based).
SwiftChatSE A Swift framework for creating chatbots for Stack Exchange.
Node A formatted data encapsulation meant to facilitate the transformation from one object to another
GL pure swift OpenGL function loading
Cstb Swift Package for Nothings' STB libraries
Patterns A lightweight, pure-Swift library for drawing patterns in iOS
RxGtk Reactive Swift extensions for gtk
Piz The simplest unzipper just works. (Swift)
IBLinter A linter tool for Interface Builder
SwiftCheck QuickCheck for Swift
DangerSwiftLint Automated Swift linting on pull requests
LineNoise A pure Swift replacement for readline
Ashton Converts NSAttributedStrings into HTML (and back)
nef 💊 steroids for Xcode Playgrounds
SwiftObjects A demo implementation of the WebObjects API in Swift.
NordicDFU Swift Nordic OTA DFU Library, compatible with nRF5x SoCs
XmlSwift A Foundation.XMLParser wrapper for swift.
GPUImage GPUImage 2 is a BSD-licensed Swift framework for GPU-accelerated video and image processing.
SwiftyJSON The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift.
SwiftyStringScore Swift string fuzzy ranking. Score of 0 for no match; up to 1 for perfect. "String".score(word:"str"); //=> 0.825
ParallelSwift Simple parallel function executer
BSON Native Swift library for BSON (
Interstellar Simple and lightweight Functional Reactive Coding in Swift for the rest of us
SweeterSwift Extensions and syntactic sugar to enrich the Swift standard library, iOS frameworks, and SwifterSwift.
SimpleCheckbox A simple Checkbox
LodePNG SwiftPM package for LodePNG (
Antlr4 A mirror of the ANTLR v4 Swift runtime suitable for use from Swift Package Manager
SimpleLogger SimpleLogger
CameraView SwiftUI View for live camera output.
Swiftish A fully generic Swift vector & matrix library
UPLogs lightweight logger library for swift
FDWaveformView Reads an audio file and displays the waveform
auth-scope A swift library to deal with authentication scopes
MimeParser Mime parsing in Swift | Relevant RFCs: RFC 822, RFC 2045, RFC 2046
FlexibleDiff A Swift collection diffing μframework.
DSFSearchField A simple NSSearchField with a localizable, managed recent searches menu.
Store Unidirectional, transactional, operation-based Store implementation.
ProgressX UI library for displaying progress
EquallySpacedStack Equally Spaced Stacks for SwiftUI
Audiograph Audio-Feedback on Charts for visually impaired Users
Pjango 一款基于Swift 3.x的服务端框架,使用MVC设计你的服务端软件。
remind Schedule a notification-center reminder from the command-line because sometime we just want to use tools already at hand to get on with the rest of our work.
HTTPParserC HTTP message parser written in C
JWT JWT with ES256 Signer
IBMPushNotifications IBM Cloud Mobile Services - Server side Swift SDK for IBM Cloud Push Notifications Service
SwiftKit Start your next Open-Source Swift Framework 📦
SwifQLNIO Helper library for SwifQL and SwiftNIO
soto-cognito-authentication-kit Authenticating with AWS Cognito
PerfectFastCGI FastCGI server for Perfect.
Sass-Swift Sass for Swift Package Manager.
OSet Fast, idiomatic Ordered Set data structure for Swift
TypedNotification Strongly typed notifications in Swift
DataOperation An Operation subclass intended to download data from a network.
SimpleToast SimpleToast is a simple, lightweight and easy to use library to show toasts / pop-ups inside your iOS application in SwiftUI.
my-home My DIY Homekit setup in Swift
GTSheetMenuView A customizable menu presented as a sheet that can be integrated in iOS projects. Available as a Swift Package.
Sica :deer: Simple Interface Core Animation. Run type-safe animation sequencially or parallelly
Bow 🏹 Bow is a cross-platform library for Typed Functional Programming in Swift
SPLarkController Custom transition between controllers. Settings controller for your iOS app.
Hydra ⚡️ Lightweight full-featured Promises, Async & Await Library in Swift
TransitionableTab TransitionableTab makes it easy to animate when switching between tab.
AlgoliaSearchClient ⚡️ A fully-featured and blazing-fast Swift API client to interact with Algolia.
Willow Willow is a powerful, yet lightweight logging library written in Swift.
XCServerCoreData DEPRECATED: An API and CoreData Storage framework for working with Xcode Server
TTProgressHUD TTProgressHUD is a light weight HUD written in SwiftUI meant to display the progress of an ongoing task on iOS.
SemanticString String abstraction for easy text localization and stylization
device-input Processes inputs read from /dev/input device streams
SwiftlierUIKit UIKit helpers and improvements
xProcs The resurrection of xProcs in the Swift world ;)
PXGoogleDirections Google Directions API helper for iOS, written in Swift
SwifterSockets A collection of socket utilities in Swift.
color-components A color component calculation library
TaxJar A Vapor client for the TaxJar API
IBMSwiftSDKCore Core networking services for the Watson Swift SDK
ProtocolKit A collection of Swift protocols that I use in all my projects
Prorsum A Go like concurrent system + networking/http library for Swift that works on Linux and Mac
PacketCaptureLibpcap A high-level Swift interface for capturing network traffic using libpcap
mysql-kit 🐬 Pure Swift MySQL client built on non-blocking, event-driven sockets.
SwiftSyntax SwiftPM package for SwiftSyntax library.
TicTacToe TicTacToe written in pure Swift, playable in your favourite shell! (ascii graphics)
CStack Swift wrapper for the C stack library
INIParser A lightweight INI file parser in Server Side Swift
Async Swift Async package that makes creating and using asynchronous tasks easier.
RxTimelane Timelane + RxSwift
WebArchiver A Swift package that saves web pages as WKWebView-compatible offline archives.
StackViewController A controller that uses a UIStackView and view controller composition to display content in a list
GameMath GameMath provides common types, related functions, and operators commonly used for interactive realtime simulations (games).
MyLibrary A swift package made to aid learning XCTest
TimelaneCombine Timelane + Combine
TwitterVapor Easy Tweeting from a Vapor
Goose Goose
swift-stm An optimistic STM written in Swift
DSFActionBar An editable, draggable bar of buttons and menus similar to Safari's Favorites bar with overflow support for macOS (10.11 and later).
ResizableController ResizableController is the custom model presentation style written in swift.
IQKeyboardManagerSwift Codeless drop-in universal library allows to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover UITextField/UITextView. Neither need to write any code nor any setup required and much more.
Atlas Country codes to emoji flags
BeaconKit iOS Beacon framework using BTLE
Percentage A percentage type for Swift
Expression A cross-platform Swift library for evaluating mathematical expressions at runtime
MQTTKit MQTT Client written in Swift
SwiftGD A simple Swift wrapper for libgd
IImagePicker iOS image picker save time and effort in Swift.
CodableGeoJSON Swift implementation of GeoJSON with Codable objects
Name New swift data type to validate user names
SuperCache 🚀 [Suspended] Extremely fast memory cache, written in Swift.
YoutubeEngine Swift ReactiveCocoa lib for Youtube api
BilibiliKit bilibili APIs in Swift. docs:
ConsoleIO Swift Console Helper for Input and Output
Restler Make simple API request using functional programming
ContentstackSwift Swift SDK for Contentstack’s Content Delivery API
PerfectMarkdown A solution to convert markdown text into html presentation in Swift, based on GerHobbelt's "upskirt" project.
Substrate A cross-platform render-graph based rendering system written in Swift
PerfectICONV A Swif Class Wrapper for ICONV, Inspired by Yasuhiro Hatta
Hue 💡 A Philips Hue library written in Swift, using Combine framework
MicroExpress A micro web server framework on top of the official Swift HTTP API
AwaitKit The ES8 Async/Await control flow for Swift
Carte 🍴 Open source license notice view generator for Swift
ComplimentaryGradientView Create complementary gradients generated from dominant and prominent colors in supplied image. Inspired by Grade.js
LoggingOSLog OSLog (aka Unified Logging) backend for Apple’s SwiftLog
Himotoki A type-safe JSON decoding library purely written in Swift
SwiftyXBee ⚡️ A Swift library for communicating with XBee radios in API mode
LetMeIn Effortlessly perform client certificate authentication in Swift to keep your server secure
Sukari 🍯 Sweet Syntactical Sugar For Swift
swift-cmark CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
Testify Testify converts XCTest output into a proper structure (JSON), or it'll miserably fail. 😉
ValidationToolkit Declarative data validation framework, written in Swift
DateStrings A Swift 5 Date extension library that adds helpful string accessors and a string based initialiser. With new methods and properties that make getting a string from a Date easy.
SwiftNIOMock A web server based on SwiftNIO designed to be used as a mock server in UI automation tests
PerfectMIME Basic MIME type support.
BigNum Arbitrary-precision arithmetic for Swift, in Swift
Bugsnag Report errors with Bugsnag 🐛
Multipart A simple multipart MIME encoder that supports form-data, files and nesting.
Ashton Converts NSAttributedStrings into HTML (and back)
BJOTPViewController Entering OTP made simpler.
swift-package-info Swift CLI tool that provides information about a Swift Package
SwagGen OpenAPI/Swagger 3.0 Parser and Swift code generator
GraphPoint A swift library for using the Cartesian Coordinate System in CGRect.
CameraManager Simple Swift class to provide all the configurations you need to create custom camera view in your app
SwiftToolbox A collection of swift extensions
Consolidate 🎳 Consolidates an array of Elements by KeyPath, Closure, or Conformance - Swift Micro Package
Stencil Stencil is a simple and powerful template language for Swift.
DSFColorSampler A Swift 5 class that mimics the magnifying glass in color panel of macOSX
SwiftUICharts ChartView made in SwiftUI
ySwiftExtensions YOCKOW's extensions of Swift.
TransitionRouter 🚡 Simple custom transition framework
MacSettings Mac Settings SwiftUI View
icu4c-swift Low-level ICU C APIs for Swift
BitcoinKit Bitcoin protocol toolkit for Swift
EventHub Simple typesafe EventHub in Swift using callbacks/listeners defined by generic types.
OpenAPIReflection Additional support for turning Swift Types into OpenAPISchema
RedisClient Redis client generic abstraction module for reswifq.
ScheduledNotificationsViewController See all your scheduled local notifications in one place
imglykit-sp Swift Package for ImglyKit
FlameGraph A simple tool to generate FlameGraphs from Xcode Instruments traces 🔥📊
scrypt Scrypt key derivation function for CryptoSwift
ibuild Build multi-architecture iOS libraries from build systems like CMake, Make, and Xcode.
TLS 🔒 Non-blocking, event-driven TLS built on OpenSSL & macOS security.
Shiny Iridescent Effect View (inspired by Apple Pay Cash) ✨
grpc The C based gRPC (C++, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C#)
Valet Valet lets you securely store data in the iOS, tvOS, or macOS Keychain without knowing a thing about how the Keychain works. It’s easy. We promise.
ExExpress A simple Express-like web/middleware framework for Swift
Stella All our utilities bundles into the Stella cocoapod.
path-kit Working with files and directories in a nice way using Swift.
JSONDump Dump any value as JSON for debugging
RxProperty A get-only `BehaviorRelay ` that is (almost) equivalent to ReactiveSwift's `Property`
WebView A SwiftUI component to use WKWebView
XPkgPackage Package support for XPkg
BBToast Simple toast with text using BBToast. BBToast is a light-weight minimal looking toast build on top of UIKit for iOS and tvOS. This doesn't obsruct user interaction like while showing a UIAlertController. Package is compiled using Xcode 11.0 on MacOS 10.15 using Swift 5.1.
RegEx Easy regular expression data extraction in Swift
IBGraph Generate a graph by reading storyboard connections.
Engine The engine that powers all my packages, tools and apps.
PutioKit A wrapper around api
SwiftPowerAssert Power Assert in Swift. Provides descriptive assertion messages.
Valet-THOTP Extensions for Valet to make THOTP persistence easier
IOSSecuritySuite iOS platform security & anti-tampering Swift library
Menu The most customizable menu for macOS apps.
SimpleHttpClient SimpleHttpClient
ZeeQL3Combine ZeeQL3 enhanced w/ Combine features
ElementaryCombine Experimental, uni-directional and purely functional architecture for SwiftUI.
CodeScanner A SwiftUI view that is able to scan barcodes, QR codes, and more, and send back what was found.
apple-device-information Contains a collection of device identifiers of apple devices
build-kit A Swift wrapper around common Swift commands.
HPOpenWeather Request OpenWeatherMap data with ease in Swift
librlottie A wrapper for librlottie + Xcode project. Support Carthage && CocoaPods && SwiftPM.
Hooks A SwiftUI implementation of React Hooks. Enhances reusability of stateful logic and gives state and lifecycle to function view.
KituraCache Kitura cache
APIKit Type-safe networking abstraction layer that associates request type with response type.
ckb-blake2b A Swift package wrapping the modified blake2b C lib for CKB.
Arrows Arrows is an animated custom view to give feedback about your UI sliding panels.
SwiftSMTP Swift SMTP client
Metron Geometry, simplified.
GPUImage An open source iOS framework for GPU-based image and video processing
DIKit A statically typed dependency injector for Swift.
Swiftchain A modern wrapper for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS Keychain.
DSFLabelledTextField A simple macOS labelled text field using Swift
RedShot Lightweight & dependency-free Redis client for Swift
CombineReachability Combine publishers for Reachability
CLibPQ A Swift ModuleMap module for PostgreSQL libpq
Configuration Hierarchical configuration manager for Swift applications
ApacheExpress3 Write Apache modules in Swift - Express.js style!
Shift Shift is a simple, declarative animation library for building complex view controller and view transitions in UIKit.
FTPopOverMenu FTPopOverMenu_Swift, swift version of FTPopOverMenu. FTPopOverMenu is a pop over menu for iOS which is maybe the easiest one to use. Supports both portrait and landscape. It can show from any UIView, any UIBarButtonItem and any CGRect.
SgRouter General Swift URI router
composable-core-location A library that bridges the Composable Architecture and Core Location.
Sourceful A syntax highlighting source editor for iOS and macOS using UITextView and NSTextView.
RegularExpressions A regular expressions library for Swift
Wormhole 🐛 Wormhole invites you to the fastest trip to AppStore Connect. (NOT STABLE)
Sliders Collection of unique fully customizable SwiftUI sliders, joysticks, trackpads and more!
Glob Glob for Swift 5
FeedKit An RSS, Atom and JSON Feed parser written in Swift
opentelemetry-swift OpenTelemetry API for Swift
DSFInspectorPanes Easily customisable, scrollable, collapsible inspector panels using nested NSView(s)
DITranquillity Dependency injection for iOS (Swift)
swift-nio Event-driven network application framework for high performance protocol servers & clients, non-blocking.
Termios Type-safe Swift wrapper for termios
FastDiff General purpose diffing library with parent/children n-level diffing
geodesic Compute distances in Swift
secp256k1 secp256k1 bindings for swift. Cocoapods, Carthage and SPM support. Linux support.
Predicate Pure Swift Predicate implementation (Supports Linux)
StorageManager Safe and easy way to use FileManager as Database
LFSPointers A Swift library and CLI that allows you to convert a Git repository directory of large files to Git LFS pointers.
Xcoder Command line tool for manipulating Xcode projects
TranscodeVideo A Swift wrapper around the transcode-video command
SwiftLazy Classes (Lazy, Provider) is intended for late initialization.
postgres-kit 🐘 Non-blocking, event-driven Swift client for PostgreSQL.
RxWebSocket Reactive WebSockets
RegexMatcher NSRegularExpression wrapper
OpenGL pure swift OpenGL function loading
FoundationKit Swift framework with Foundation extensions.
Ink A fast and flexible Markdown parser written in Swift.
StubKit A smart stubbing system.
CDMarkdownKit An extensive Swift framework providing simple and customizable markdown parsing.
Sampleable A lightweight protocol for describing types that can provide samples of themselves.
leveldb LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values.
Diagnostics Allow users to easily share Diagnostics with your support team to improve the flow of fixing bugs.
SwiftEngine Apple Swift based HTTP server. The answer for a Swift based, turn key, crash resilient, high scale, and production grade web server.
Flow Flow is a Swift library for working with asynchronous flows and life cycles
Bouncer Command line argument parser written in Swift.
LightChart SwiftUI charts
WebRTC Universal WebRTC XCFramework for iOS/macOS
Health An application health library for Swift.
JAYSON 🧱 A JSON decoding/encoding library that handles optimistically or strictly.
FCM ⚡️ PushNotifications through FireBase for Vapor 3 and 4.
CSV A simple CSV file parser and serializer
GCDWebServer The #1 HTTP server for iOS, macOS & tvOS (also includes web based uploader & WebDAV server)
RxSwiftForms A powerful Form Management, Binding, and Data Validation system for iOS using RxSwift.
DSFDropFilesView A Swift NSView class for nicely supporting drag/drop files.
HeliumLogger A lightweight logging framework for Swift
ProgressReporter Coordinate multiple objects on the progress of a single, complex task. It's like someone gave NSProgress a cup of coffee and an overdue birthday present.
StencilSwiftKit A framework bringing additional nodes & filters to Stencil dedicated to Swift code generation
Kitura-CouchDB CouchDB adapter for Kitura
MLAudioPlayer AudioPlayer for Swift projects
Yaap Yet Another (Swift) Argument Parser
SDWebImageWebPCoder A WebP coder plugin for SDWebImage, use libwebp
OrderedSet A Swift collection of unique, ordered objects
NextLevel ⬆️ Rad Media Capture in Swift
TelegramBotSDK Telegram Bot SDK for Swift (unofficial)
sciv Simple Cocoa Image Viewer
DataConvertible Swift code to convert any type to Data and initialise any type from Data
Carbon 🚴 A declarative library for building component-based user interfaces in UITableView and UICollectionView.
PerfectMongoDB A stand-alone Swift wrapper around the mongo-c client library, enabling access to MongoDB servers.
WeakMapTable A weak-to-strong map table
NKDiffable Custom implementation of UITableViewDiffableDataSource and UICollectionViewDiffableDataSource compatible with iOS 12 and lower.
S3Kit S3 v4 URL Signer to upload files to s3
ColorizeSwift Terminal string styling for Swift.
OAuth2 OAuth2 framework for macOS and iOS, written in Swift.
SingleBoard GPIO Library for Single Board Computers (Raspberry Pi / Rock 64)
SwiftParse A small parser combinator library written in Swift 5
SwiftyPing ICMP ping client for Swift 5
FoundationExtensions Useful extensions for Swift Foundation library
Operadics Standard Operators for the working Swift Librarian.
DFSearchKit Swift/Objective-C framework for macOS around Apple's SearchKit
JFLayout A simple way to use Auto Layout
Bunker Straightforward Core Data integration for SwiftUI.
Argo Functional JSON parsing library for Swift
Keyboard Never implement UIKeyboardDidShowNotification ever again. Ever.
Reactions Fully customizable Facebook reactions like control
ReactiveCocoa Cocoa framework and Obj-C dynamism bindings for ReactiveSwift.
CSRF A package to add protection to Vapor against CSRF attacks.
DockerProcess Use of Process (formerly NSTask) with Docker to run Swift code on Linux from Xcode
VaporExt ⚙️ A collection of Swift extensions for wide range of Vapor data types and classes
Guppy iOS pod about a curious fish named Guppy
DynamicCodable Swift PropertyWrappers that use Codable to decode and encode types that are determined at runtime based on JSON data.
Swiftilities Swift utilities that help me write expressive, declarative and clear code
Elevate Elevate is a JSON parsing framework that leverages Swift to make parsing simple, reliable and composable.
ReadingTimePublishPlugin Reading time estimation plugin for Publish.
OHHTTPStubs Stub your network requests easily! Test your apps with fake network data and custom response time, response code and headers!
KituraCompression Kitura compression middleware
DL4S Accelerated tensor operations and dynamic neural networks based on reverse mode automatic differentiation for every device that can run Swift - from watchOS to Linux
PactConsumerSwift A Swift / ObjeciveC DSL for creating pacts.
DrawerView A drop-in view, to be used as a drawer anywhere in your app
ILocalizer A localizations in application
TRETJapanNFCReader NFC (FeliCa) Reader for iOS 13 Core NFC / 日本の NFC、FeliCa カード向けリーダーライブラリ(iOS 13.0 以降 Core NFC)交通系IC(Suica、PASMO など)、楽天Edy、nanaco、WAON など、運転免許証、マイナンバーカードの読み取り
SwiftNormalization Normalization methods implemented in Swift (MinMax, Max, Mean, L1, L2, ZScore)
XcodeProjCExt 👩‍💻C extensions for XcodeProj
Hero Elegant transition library for iOS & tvOS
SwiftGridView Swift based data grid view.
SwiftNetrc Parse .netrc in (server-side) Swift
KDCircularProgress A circular progress view with gradients written in Swift
LocationProvider A Combine-based CoreLocation Provider as a Swift Package
Commandant Type-safe command line argument handling
SwaggerParser Swift library for parsing OpenAPI 2.0 (f.k.a. Swagger) documents into native structures.
SwiftSyntax SwiftSyntax SwiftPM module
COpenGL A quickie Swift module map for OpenGL on Linux
BRBON The specification of the Balancing Rock Binary Object Notation; a JSON-like binary format.
Axiomatic Swift unification framework for logic programming
UniversalCharsetDetection A Swift wrapper around the `uchardet` library to detect the character encoding of a sequence of bytes.
Schrodinger A promise library. But you don't know if the promise will be capt.
Options Sometimes there are situations where you want to use an Enum in an OptionSet or you want Enum backed by a RawType of Int but also have String labels as well
SwiftTestReporter A Swift library for creating JUnit XML test results that can be interpreted by tools such as Bamboo or Jenkins. Macos and Linux ready.
Perfect-GoogleAnalytics-MeasurementProtocol Server side Google Analytics, using Swift / Perfect
RVS_GeneralObserver A General-Purpose Observer/Observable Infrastructure
BetterCodable Better Codable through Property Wrappers
Table CLI tables in Swift
SagaParsleyMarkdownReader A Markdown reader for Saga that uses Parsley
RandomColor An attractive color generator for Swift. Ported from randomColor.js.
CliRunnable Create and parse command line options for your cli application
CommandLineKit A pure Swift library for creating command-line interfaces
DigicertSwift Digicert Client in Swift
GitHubKit GitHub API client written in Swift with the help of Apple NIO
SwiftArg A stupid simple command line argument parser for Swift.
PerfectWebRedirects Filter for specified routes (including trailing wildcard routes) and perform redirects as instructed if a match is found.
Doggie A Cross-platform Library for Swift
swift-app-store-receipt-validation Small wrapper around AsyncHTTPClient to verify App Store Receipts.
SwiftCheck QuickCheck for Swift
Kitura-CredentialsHTTP A plugin for the Kitura-Credentials framework that authenticates using HTTP Basic and Digest authentication
SwiftUIRefresh Pull To Refresh for SwiftUI lists
PSOperations A framework for advanced NSOperations usage
ArArchiveKit A simple, 0-dependency Swift package for reading and writing ar archives. Inspired by ar:
Carbon 🚴 A declarative library for building component-based user interfaces in UITableView and UICollectionView.
OrderedSet A static Set with a defined order.
grpc-swift The Swift language implementation of gRPC.
Coyote Document Scanning Made Easy for iOS
SwiftXGBoost Swift wrapper for XGBoost gradient boosting machine learning framework with Numpy and TensorFlow support.
CommandLineKit A pure Swift library for creating command-line interfaces
CLIKit Swift package for writing command line tools.
DSFFullTextSearchIndex A simple Swift/Objective-C full text search (FTS) class for iOS/macOS/tvOS
Alpaca Alpaca Swift Client
Workspace Automated Management of Swift Projects
neo4j-ios Open Source Neo4j driver for iOS, Linux and macOS
QuickTableViewController A simple way to create a UITableView for settings in Swift.
RxCombine Bi-directional type bridging between RxSwift and Apple's Combine framework
UIImageColors Fetches the most dominant and prominent colors from an image.
TypeDecoder A Swift library to allow the runtime inspection of Swift language native and complex types.
DSFToggleButton A macOS toggle button (inheriting from NSButton) that mimics iOS's UISwitch
swift-statsd-client metrics backend for swift-metrics that uses the statsd protocol
OpenSSL Swift modulemaps for libSSL and libcrypto
ScreenUI A multi-platform, multi-paradigm routing framework.
RouterX A Ruby on Rails flavoured URL routing engine in Swift.
SwiftSyntax SwiftPM package for SwiftSyntax library.
PerfectHTTP Base HTTP Support for Perfect.
PostgreSQL Robust PostgreSQL interface for Swift
LLVM A Swift wrapper for the LLVM C API (version 11.0)
QSH 🔍 Quiz shell for creating & playing quizzes using the macOS Terminal.
Hume Hungarian method solver
Boop A scriptable scratchpad for developers. In slow yet steady progress.
NextLevelSessionExporter 🔄 Export and transcode media in Swift
PartialSheet A SwiftUI Partial Sheet fully customizable with dynamic height
Instantiate Type-safe and constructor injectable InterfaceBuilder protocols.
macos-wallpaper Manage the desktop wallpaper on macOS
EasierCGRect Making CGRect play nice with data storage and calculations is annoying. Easier CGRect is a straightforward Swift extension that adds critically missing / boilerplate functionality to CGRect..
AdminPanel Build easy customizable admin features for your app ✍️
LetterCase 𝐓 String letter case conversion and JSON decoding / encoding strategies
PMSuperButton 🔥 PMSuperButton is a powerful UIButton coming from the countryside, but with super powers! 😎
Kodable A supercharged extension of Codable
GEOSwift The Swift Geometry Engine.
ProcessRunner Run Foundation Process asynchronously and perform easy reads and writes in closures.
DominoKit Swift library for creating applications with dominoes.
SeeURL cURL based HTTP(S) Client for Swift
FancyScrollView A SwiftUI ScrollView Designed to imitate the App Store and Apple Music ScrollViews (with or without a Parallax Header)
Cirrus ☁️ Simple CloudKit sync for Codable Swift models
Preferences ⚙ Add a preferences window to your macOS app in minutes
Runtime A Swift Runtime library for viewing type info, and the dynamic getting and setting of properties.
swift-metrics A Metrics API for Swift
HTMLBuilder Generate HTML with result builder
swift-quiz ❓Creates quizzes which can be distributed and played with support for a variety of question types and automatic scoring.
AutoGraph A GraphQL Client in Swift
SwiftJWT JSON Web Tokens in Swift
Verge 🟣 Verge is a very tunable state-management engine on iOS App (UIKit / SwiftUI) and built-in ORM.
Stitch Stitch is a swift library to sync a CoreData store to CloudKit
HealthDataSync HealthDataSync is a Swift library that simplifies and automates the export of HealthKit data to an external store.
StateViewController Stateful view controller containment for iOS and tvOS
Ciao Publish and discover services using Bonjour
FengNiao A command line tool for cleaning unused resources in Xcode.
Fakery :alien: Swift fake data generator
FinniversKit FINN's iOS UI Components
InternetProtocols A Swift library for parsing various Internet protocols
Toml Swift package for parsing TOML documents
CombineRealm Combine extensions for Realm
RBBJSON Flexible JSON traversal for rapid prototyping.
RVS_Spinner A Fancy "Popup Prize-Wheel Spinner" UIControl (Available as a CocoaPod)
Foil A lightweight property wrapper for UserDefaults done right
Sodium Safe and easy to use crypto for iOS and macOS
XcodeServer A swift framework for interacting with, and persisting data from an "Xcode Server".
hummingbird-core HTTP server for Hummingbird the lightweight, flexible web application framework written in Swift
LocaleSupport Swift toolkit for managing app localization & internationalization.
ruminant Swift persistent vectors à la Clojure
Cncurses A system library wrapper for ncurses to be used in Swift
xcframework A simple tool to create an XCFramework
MyNameIsURL URL Matching in Swift
Example3D A library of example 3D objects which is intended to demonstrate the recommended usage of the Object3D library
Dependencies Example of how to use SPM v4 to manage iOS dependencies
Flock Automated deployment of Swift projects to servers
BluetoothDarwin Low Level Swift Bluetooth library for the Darwin kernel
Realm Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for Core Data & SQLite
xctest-dynamic-overlay Define XCTest assertion helpers directly in your application and library code.
Nine41 Automate overriding the status bars for all running iOS simulators
Chord A concurrency, parallelism, and distributed computing library for Swift
CSelect Expose some of the <sys/select.h> file descriptor functions for swift
String+Japanese A simple library for converting between Latin and Japanese text Strings
SwiftyBibtex A Swift library for parsing BibTeX files.
SQLite SQLite Swift package that does not rely on system-provided SQLite and builds on Linux
Dwifft Swift Diff
Networking A super lightweight URLSession wrapper
PresenterKit Custom presenters and better view controller presentation for iOS
BlackLabsSwiftUIColor SwiftUI Color support for hex, web color constants, random, and UIColor constants.
AppAuth iOS and macOS SDK for communicating with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect providers.
xcutility A tool to find and delete files that are missing from Xcode projects
SwiftUIContactPicker Native SwiftUI contact picker
Matft Numpy-like library in swift. (Multi-dimensional Array, ndarray, matrix and vector library)
FinanceKit FinanceKit is a Framework for iOS and Mac to build apps working with financial data, like money, currencies, stocks, portfolio, transactions and other concepts.
COpenSSL C module OpenSSL import for Perfect.
LoggingGitHubActions GitHub Actions workflow logging for Swift
PostHog PostHog iOS integration
Clibwebsockets A Swift system module for libwebsockets
PacketCaptureBPF A high-level Swift interface to capturing network traffic on macOS using the Berkeley Packet Filter interface
TinyEvents A tiny event system for Swift (1 source file, 113 lines of code)
MapboxDirections Traffic-aware directions and map matching in Swift on iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux
Nifty Dice Roller Library for rolling dice.
Progress :hourglass: Add beautiful progress bars to your loops.
TelegraphKit The ultimate solution for showing ad hoc, server-editable web content (FAQs, Tutorials, Privacy Policy, etc.) in your iOS apps
SwiftTrace Trace Swift and Objective-C method invocations
graphql-syntax GraphQL Parser written in Syntax
KeyWindow Share values provided by views in the Key window to all other parts of your SwiftUI application including the commands block.
HypertextLiteral Generate HTML, XML, and other web content using Swift string literal interpolation
MicroInjection A tiny (40 lines or ~100 lines including documentation, comments and whitespace) dependency injection framework that can be used in a similar way to the SwiftUI environment
HTTPClient 🌐(🚜) Easy to use HTTPClient(s) built on top of URLSession and available for Combine
FranticApparatus Promises framework for Swift 5
SwiftUI-UDF UDF (Unidirectional Data Flow) architecture on SwiftUI/Combine
FMZDropInMinimalFacebookLogin iOS near drop in replacement for Facebook SDK if you only need Facebook Login and no other features (SPM).
ActionSheetCard A SwiftUI based custom sheet card to reuse in iOS application.
JJFloatingActionButton Floating Action Button for iOS
SagaSwimRenderer A renderer for Saga that uses Swim to turn a RenderingContext into a String
FieryCrucible A minimalist type safe Swift dependency injection library
GTMAppAuth Apple platforms SDK for using AppAuth with Google libraries.
CustomToolTip Easily add custom tool tips with arbitrary content to your AppKit project!
MacMenuBar Bringing the Mac Menu Bar into the SwiftUI age.
Asheron Asheron's Call Data File Parser
XprobePlugin Live Memory Browser for Apps & Xcode
AlgoBrain A very simple Swift Package with implemented Data Structure and Algorithms for direct use to project.
Mortar A compact but full-featured Auto Layout DSL for Swift
KSTimerView A simple SwiftUI timer view with Background, LocalNotification and Haptic support.
Cosmic A log reporting framework written in Swift
JKDrawer A Maps like drawer for iOS.
SwizzleHelper Swift package for swizzling Objective-C methods in Swift, and for attaching associated values to Objective-C classes and their instances.
Croc Swift emoji string parsing library
IkigaJSON A high performance JSON library in Swift
MapboxMaps Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps for iOS powered by vector tiles and Metal
Meridian Meridian is a web server written in Swift that lets you write your endpoints in a declarative way.
HTTP Client A barebones Swift HTTP client with automatic JSON response parsing.
RemotePlugin Control your iPhone from inside Xcode for end-to-end testing.
GoogleAPIClientForREST Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C for REST
Resultto A collection of handy result builders
Feedbacks Feedbacks is a tool to build feedback loops within a Swift based application. Feedbacks relies on Combine and is compatible with SwiftUI and UIKit
Fortify Making Swift more robust
Hyphenation Knuth-Liang hyphenation for Swift
KeyboardKitPro KeyboardKit Pro extends KeyboardKit with pro features.
RxSwift Reactive Programming in Swift
TidyHTMLPublishStep An HTML tidying step for the Publish static site generator
Yams A Sweet and Swifty YAML parser.
Disque 📮 Non-blocking, event-driven Swift client for Disque, a distributed job queue.
BackedCodable Powerful property wrapper to back codable properties.
ZIPFoundation Effortless ZIP Handling in Swift
AVFoundationCombine Combine extensions for AVFoundation
ios-dropbox-auth A simple library for authorising Dropbox API requests on iOS.
HotReloading Hot reloading as a Swift Package
CoreStore Unleashing the real power of Core Data with the elegance and safety of Swift
SwiftWinRT WinRT Bridging for Swift
CombineRx Helpful bridging functions between RxSwift and Combine frameworks
Annotated Annotate your Strings
DiffableWithReload Automated reloadItems for diffable datasources
SwiftQ Distributed Task Queue
HyphenationPublishPlugin A Publish plugin to hyphenate text
hummingbird-lambda Hummingbird running inside an AWS Lambda
BricBrac Bric-à-brac: JSON Schema for Swift on Linux, Windows, and Apple Platforms
RubyGateway Embed Ruby in Swift: load Gems, run scripts, call APIs seamlessly in both directions.
IndexStoreDB Index database library for use with sourcekit-lsp
Identity 🆔 Type-safe identifiers in Swift
hummingbird-compression Compression support for Hummingbird server framework
Publish A static site generator for Swift developers
Ink A fast and flexible Markdown parser written in Swift.
DSFRational A Swift extension for floating point values to return rational components
DSFColorPicker A Swift UI class to display a customizable color picker for macOS
hummingbird-auth Authentication framework and extensions for Hummingbird
hummingbird-websocket Websocket upgrade support for Hummingbird
Require Require optional values to be non-nil, or crash gracefully
Plot A DSL for writing type-safe HTML, XML and RSS in Swift.
DateTemplates A simple way to generate date formatting templates and localized date strings
ThreadExtensions Swift thread and queue extensions
WMATA WMATA.swift is a Swift interface to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority API
GTFS GTFS and GTFS-RT structures for Swift
Vandelay Vandelay is an iOS importer/exporter, written in Swift.
Appfigurate Appfigurate provides the ability to change configuration properties in iOS and watchOS, apps and app extensions, securely, at runtime.
Dunesailer Utilities A Swift package featuring various useful utilities, created by Dunesailer Research
SongSprout A Swift Package from Dunesailer Research for generating music using style definition genotypes
Greebler A Swift Package from Dunesailer Research for working with greebles
ShipShape A Swift Package from Dunesailer Research for generating the shapes of ships
Splash A fast, lightweight and flexible Swift syntax highlighter for blogs, tools and fun!
ShellOut Easily run shell commands from a Swift script or command line tool
TextBuilder Like a SwiftUI ViewBuilder, but for Text
RxStore Reactive State Management Tool for Swift
DSWaveformImage Generate waveform images from audio files in iOS
Sweep Fast and powerful Swift string scanning made simple
Sparse Sparse is a simple parser-combinator library written in Swift.
QRCode A QRCode Generator in Swift
Unbox [Deprecated] The easy to use Swift JSON decoder
Xgen A Swift package for generating Xcode workspaces & playgrounds
Down Blazing fast Markdown / CommonMark rendering in Swift, built upon cmark.
SwiftColorWheel Delightful color picker wheel for iOS in Swift.
METAR A METAR parser written in Swift
Degu 🐭 Degu is debug utility for iOS, tvOS and macOS.
Stream A simple data processing library for Swift
ChouTi 🗄 ChouTi (抽屉) - a framework for Swift development.
NicerTouchBar Utilities for a more pleasant NSTouchBar development experience
Meter Library for interacting with MetricKit
Rooster A Mini Networking Library
Frames Checkout API Client, Payment Form UI and Utilities in Swift
DashDashSwift An unopinionated command line parser for Swift CLI projects.
csv-dialect-swift DialectalCSV: A multi-dialect CSV parser in Swift for handling different separated value formats
HashableByKeyPath Add `Equatable` and/or `Hashable` conformance with a single function utilising `KeyPath`s.
Persist Extensible typesafe storage utilising property wrappers. Supports transformers such as Codable. Built in support for UserDefaults, NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore, FileManager, and in memory storage.
CollectionViewCenteredFlowLayout A layout for UICollectionView that aligns the cells to the center.
coinbase-ios-sdk Integrate bitcoin into your iOS application with Coinbase
Coinpaprika This library provides convenient way to use API in Swift.
JWT JSON Web Token library for Swift
cassowary A Swift implementation of the cassowary simplex solver
ComposedUI A Swift framework for building User Interfaces with the Composed framework.
ActivityIndicatorView SwiftUI replacement for UIActivityIndicatorView
Contentful A delightful Swift interface to Contentful's content delivery API.
BaseMath Basic math functions for float and double in Swift
CoronaMath Mathematical structures for Swift
Voronoi Swift framework for calculating voronoi diagrams using Fortune's Algorithm.
GrammaticalNumber 1️⃣🔜🔢 Turns singular words to the plural and vice-versa in Swift.
ThriftSwiftNio Thrift RPC Server stack implemented on top of Apple Swift-Nio library
ISO8859 🌍⏩📄 Convert ISO8859 1-16 Encoded Text to String in Swift. Supports iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS.
Nodes 🌲🌿🌳 Nodes is a class protocol for tree data structures with multiple children. Written in Swift.
StringCase 👇👆🐍 Converts String to lowerCamelCase, UpperCamelCase and snake_case. Tested and written in Swift.
UIExtensions Convenience extensions to UIKit and Foundation classes.
ConsulSwift Consul Client for Swift
CredentialsMicrosoft Kitura plugin to enable Microsoft authentication
SwiftyAWSSNS Swift AWS SNS endpoints based on Kitura HTTP client.
CryptomatorCloudAccess Swift library for accessing various cloud providers incl. Cryptomator vaults
ProfilePlaceholderView Add profile placeholder when there is no image 😎
SearchView Prove of concept on how to natively implement SearchView using SwiftUI API's
DiscreteMathematics Discrete Mathematics algorithms.
SwiftySweetness Basic extensions to make Swift a little sweeter.
RenameCommand A ParsableArguments implementation for making minimal rename scripts in Swift
Assimp Swift wrapper around Open Asset Import Library (aka assimp) for macOS and Linux
ImGui Swift wrapper around Dear imgui for macOS, iOS and Linux
MenuItemKit UIMenuItem with image and closure(block) action
DSFSparkline A lightweight sparkline component for macOS, iOS and tvOS
SKQueue Monitor changes to files and directories using kernel event notifications (kqueue) in Swift
cmark-gfm GitHub's fork of cmark, a CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
MockingKit MockingKit is a Swift mocking library that makes it easy to mock protocol implementations for unit tests and not yet implemented functionality. It lets you register function results, invoke method calls and inspect invokations.
TeslaSwift Swift library to access the Tesla API
SwiftUIKit SwiftUIKit contains additional functionality for SwiftUI.
Tutti Tutti is a Swift library that lets you create tutorials, hints and onboarding experiences.
Causality A simple thread-safe, in-memory bus for Swift that supports fully-typed Events and States.
ClosureChain Simplifies sequential async completion methods for Swift. It makes no promises and has no futures. ;-)
swiftui-app-icon-creator Create iOS and macOS application icon in Xcode with SwiftUI
Moxie A spunky mocking library for Swift
AllCache Instance caching library
Rehatch Delete all your tweets for good
MultiModal Use multiple .sheet, .alert, etc. modifiers in the same SwiftUI View
Time Building a better date/time library for Swift
SourceKitten An adorable little framework and command line tool for interacting with SourceKit.
DLAngle Provides an abstraction for mathematical angle written in Swift 4.
XCResultKit A Swift interface for finding and parsing xcresult files that Xcode generates when running tests.
KeychainAccess Simple Swift wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS.
Collections Various Collections and Data Structures
textbundleify This app will transform a directory of markdown files into a directory of textbundles.
GRDBCombine GRDB ❤️ Combine
ReactiveSwift Streams of values over time
CommandLine Parse arguments and use command-line tools from Swift
Termbox Swift Wrapper for Termbox: A Lightweight TUI Library
Instructions Create walkthroughs and guided tours (coach marks) in a simple way, with Swift.
LaunchAtLogin Add “Launch at Login” functionality to your macOS app in seconds
ImageUtility Helpers functions performing image operations for iOS
Conbini Publishers, operators, and subscribers to supplement Combine.
CodableCSV Read and write CSV files row-by-row or through Swift's Codable interface.
JASON Fast JSON parsing for Swift
Logg Logger for swift
DTOnboarding A macOS onboarding component
DTPageControl A PageControl component for macOS
KeychainStore Swift 5 Framework to access the Keychain in iOS
DTCollectionViewManager Protocol-oriented UICollectionView management, powered by generics and associated types.
ShallowPromises A Promises Library for Swift 5
DTTableViewManager Protocol-oriented UITableView management, powered by generics and associated types.
Orchard Device identification in Swift and Objective-C for iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.
LetMeWatch Protect your content by using client certificate authentication in Swift
BonMot Beautiful, easy attributed strings in Swift
Purchases In-app purchases and subscriptions made easy. iOS, MacOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and WatchOS support.
SheetPresentation A UIPresentationController and attendant clases for iOS to present a view controller pinned to the bottom of the screen like an action sheet.
Atem Blackmagic Design Atem network protocol implementation in swift 5.1 using NIO 2
xcman Manage Xcode templates and code snippets using command line
Draftsman Draftsman is a DSL framework for Swift
NetworkMonitor Network Monitor SDK for iOS
Cartography A declarative Auto Layout DSL for Swift :iphone::triangular_ruler:
AudioKit Swift audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform for iOS, macOS and tvOS
CareKit CareKit is an open source software framework for creating apps that help people better understand and manage their health.
Eureka Elegant iOS form builder in Swift
SwiftyUtils All the reusable code that we need in each project
Shiny Shiny uses your gyroscope to simulate lighting and motion effects on colors. Works on almost every SwiftUI View.
Graphiti The Swift GraphQL Schema framework for macOS and Linux
swift-numerics Numerical APIs for Swift