Swift Game Engine and Entity Component System inspired by Redux and Composable Architecture

What's New

0.0.5 - Starter template support


There's still a lot to do but I wanted to focus a bit more on cleanup and fixing little issues so that I could start trying to share this project more openly with the community. With this release I'll also put out a clonal template people can use to start playing around with and asking questions


A Swift Entity Component System. Inspired by The Composable Architecture and focused on cross-platform.

Current Supported Platforms

  • iOS, tvOS, macOS
  • Web

Note: This is still under heavy development so documentation is sparse


  • Highly modular Entity Component System
  • Fully Codable game state
  • Separation of State and Game Logic through composable reducers.
  • Cross-platform, trying to have equivalents for all SpriteKit/GameplayKit capabilities (within reason)

Who is this Game Engine for?

  • People who love Swift, first and foremost. There are a lot of options out there with far more advanced capabilities, so if you don't love Swift, you may not see a point
  • Hobby Game developers, at least while this is under development for a while
  • People who want to publish fun little things written in Swift to all platforms. The engine is likely to prioritize cross compatibility over performance or depth of capabilities.
  • People looking for a Swift game engine to tinker with, contribute to, help measure, build and turn this into something that maybe changes who this game engine is for entirely. How meta.


The engine's architecture is highly inspired by The Composable Architecture, but a gaming-focused flavour.

Roadmap Ideas (unprioritized)

  • Review best capabilities of SpriteKit and Cocos2D-iPhone and determine what this engine should provide
  • Develop more components/reducers and algorithms to match GameplayKit capabilities and other common gaming problems
  • Investigate Windows support
  • CLI tooling
  • Significantly improve resource management
  • CodeGen to reduce boilerplate, help with templates
  • GUI Editor


  • Swift Tools
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