SendGrid-powered mail backend for Vapor

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Sendgrid 4.0.0 🎉


Official tag for vapor 4 support.

SendGrid Provider for Vapor

Continuous Integration Swift 5.2

Adds a mail backend for SendGrid to the Vapor web framework. Send simple emails, or leverage the full capabilities of SendGrid's V3 API.


Add the dependency to Package.swift:

.package(url: "", from: "4.0.0")

Make sure SENDGRID_API_KEY is set in your environment. This can be set in the Xcode scheme, or specified in your docker-compose.yml, or even provided as part of a swift run command.

Optionally, explicitly initialize the provider (this is strongly recommended, as otherwise a missing API key will cause a fatal error some time later in your application):


Now you can access the client at any time:


Using the API

You can use all of the available parameters here to build your SendGridEmail Usage in a route closure would be as followed:

import SendGrid

let email = SendGridEmail()

return req.application.sendgrid.client.send([email], on: req.eventLoop)

Error handling

If the request to the API failed for any reason a SendGridError is the result of the future, and has an errors property that contains an array of errors returned by the API:

return req.application.sendgrid.client.send([email], on: req.eventLoop).flatMapError { error in
    if let sendgridError = error as? SendGridError {
    // ...


  • Swift Tools 5.2.0
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