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4.89.3 - Fix setting public folder for `FileMiddleware` when using bundles


What's Changed

Fix setting public folder for FileMiddleware when using bundles by @grantjbutler in #3113

This PR fixes an issue where, if you provided a subfolder within a bundle’s resources, the wrong path would be provided to the FileMiddleware, causing the resources to not be loaded.

For example, given a bundle with the following structure:
└── Contents/
    ├── MacOS/
    │   └── App
    └── Resources/
        └── web-app/
            └── Public
                └── index.html

If you tried to create an instance of FileMiddleware that tried to use web-app/Public/ as the folder to serve files from, FileMiddleware would incorrectly use the resource path of the bundle ( instead of the full path to the specified folder (

New Contributor

This patch was released by @gwynne

Full Changelog: 4.89.2...4.89.3


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