Schedule a notification-center reminder from the command-line because sometime we just want to use tools already at hand to get on with the rest of our work.


A simple notification-center reminder app that uses the Swift Argument Parser.

This project uses a build phase to install to /usr/local/bin. Make sure you can write to that folder or change the build phase.

OVERVIEW: Command-line notifier

Schedule reminders from the command line. "remind -m 20 Stand up and stretch",
"remind --at 1:30P Call Bob", "remind --at 13:30 Leave for Dr visit". Any
notifications scheduled earlier in the day (say it is now 2PM and you set a
reminder for 11:30), are pushed forward one day.

USAGE: remind [<message> ...] [--minutes <minutes>] [--hours <hours>] [--days <days>] [--when <when>] [--list]

  <message>               Notification message. 

  -m, --minutes <minutes> Delay in minutes. (default: 0)
  -h, --hours <hours>     Delay in hours. (default: 0)
  -d, --days <days>       Delay in days. (default: 0)
  -t, --at, --time, --when <when>
                          Sets time for scheduled reminder. 
  -l, --list              Lists scheduled notifications then quits. 
  --help                  Show help information.


  • Install homebrew.
  • Install mint with homebrew (brew install mint).
  • From command line: mint install erica/remind

Build notes

  • This project includes a build phase that writes to /usr/local/bin
  • Make sure your /usr/local/bin is writable: chmod u+w /usr/local/bin


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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