🔄 Swift utility class designed to convert callback-based asynchronous methods into the modern async/await pattern.

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Asyncify 🔄

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Asyncify is a utility class designed to convert callback-based asynchronous methods into Swift's async/await pattern. This class is useful for adapting existing asynchronous code that uses callback functions / completion handlers to the newer async/await syntax in Swift, simplifying concurrency management in your codebase.

Usage Example for a Swift Function:

Suppose you have a function that performs an asynchronous operation using a completion handler to deliver its result. You can use Asyncify to wrap this function and call it using Swift's async/await syntax.


// Example asynchronous function using a completion handler
func fetchUserDataWithHandler(completion: @escaping (Result<UserData, Error>) -> Void) {
    // ... your function implementation

// Using Asyncify to wrap the asynchronous function
let userDataConverter = Asyncify<UserData>()

// Converting the callback-based function into an async function
func fetchUserData() async throws -> UserData {
    try await userDataConverter.performOperation { completion in
        fetchUserDataWithHandler(completion: completion)

// Usage
Task {
    do {
        let userData = try await fetchUserData()
        print("Fetched user data: \(userData)")
    } catch {
        print("Failed to fetch user data: \(error)")

This example demonstrates how Asyncify can be used to adapt a traditional callback-based function (fetchUserData) into a modern async/await pattern (getUserDataAsync), making it easier to use within Swift's concurrency model.


  • Swift Tools 5.9.0
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