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A simple static blogging system written in Swift. Inspired by @an0's Letterpress. Markdown is powered by John Sundell's Ink. I made it because the idea of using SQL for a diary seems crazy. Swiftpress is designed to produce a static blog by periodically processing a bunch of markdown files. I run it locally and use cron to rsync to a sever. You can see it in action on my: blog. It also makes RSS.


swift build

That's it. I've supplied a enough content in the Tests to export a blog with two posts from Mr Samuel Pepes - hopefully this is enough to let you see the inner workings.


If built from repo:

.build/x86_64-apple-macosx/debug/swiftpress -c config.md

Set up

Config file

We need a number of items to produce a blog. Place them in a markdown formatted like the below.

frontpage dictates the number of posts to show on the front page.

url: http://yourdomain.com
output: /your/output/directory
templates: /your/templates/directory
posts: /your/markdown/posts/directory
postsOutput: /your/directory/for/posts
frontpage: 7

A post

Needs to be formatted like so:

title: It is a play of itself the worst that ever I heard in my life
date: 01 Mar 1661 16:58:24 +0000 
excerpt: A short extract that will be included in the RSS feed...
tags: Tags, Seperated By, Commas
lang: English       
link: if a link is provided, the title on the frontpage will point to it, if blank it will push to the post
a posts content...(in markdown format)


Custom config

Define an ad-hoc config.md and execute -frontpage, -archive and -posts. This way you can use a single install of swiftpress to press multiple blogs.

./swiftpress -c custom-config.md

Command line options

Removed individual options.


URL Format

Uses the post.title variable for a title and exports as postsOutput/YYYYMMDD-post-title.html .

: & ' , ! : are stripped out from the title.

space / are replaced with -.

Date Format

The default is to export European dates (dd MM yyyy). You can override this by writing a custom date function in the Post struct.


Removed command line options - config files are the default for now.


Swiftpress is licensed under a BSD-3-clause license. See LICENSE for details.


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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