SwiftUI OpenWeather One Call API library

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SwiftUI OpenWeather One Call API library

OpenWeather One Call API, "Make just one API call and get all your essential weather data for a specific location with our new OpenWeather One Call API."

OWOneCall is a small Swift library to connect to the OpenWeather One Call API and retrieve the chosen weather data. Made easy to use with SwiftUI.

Provides for current, forecast and historical weather data through a single function call.


Weather data from OpenWeather One Call API is accessed through the use of a OWProvider, with a single function getWeather, eg:

let weatherProvider = OWProvider(apiKey: "your key")
@State var weather = OWResponse()

// using a binding
weatherProvider.getWeather(lat: 35.661991, lon: 139.762735, weather: $weather, options: OWOptions.current())
Text(weather.current?.weatherInfo() ?? "")

// or using the async style, eg with `.task {...}`
if let results = await weatherProvider.getWeather(lat: 35.661991, lon: 139.762735, options: OWOptions.dailyForecast(lang: lang)) {
        weather = results

// or using the callback style, eg with `.onAppear {...}`
weatherProvider.getWeather(lat: 35.661991, lon: 139.762735, options: OWOptions.current()) { response in
       if let theWeather = response {
          self.weather = theWeather

See the following for example uses:


Options available:

Create an options object such as this, to retrieve the current weather data:

let myOptions = OWOptions(excludeMode: [.daily, .hourly, .minutely], units: .metric, lang: "en")

Additional convenience options to retrieve current and forecast weather data:

  • OWOptions.current(lang: String = "en")
  • OWOptions.dailyForecast(lang: String = "en")
  • OWOptions.hourlyForecast(lang: String = "en")

Additional convenience options to retrieve past historical weather data:

  • OWHistOptions.yesterday(lang: String = "en")
  • OWHistOptions.daysAgo(day: Double, lang: String = "en")

Use the lang options parameter to chose the language of the results, default "en".


Include the files in the ./Sources/OWOneCall folder into your project or preferably use Swift Package Manager.

Swift Package Manager (SPM)

Create a Package.swift file for your project and add a dependency to:

dependencies: [
  .package(url: "https://github.com/workingDog/OWOneCall.git", from: "1.3.0")

Using Xcode

Select your project > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency...

Then in your code:

import OWOneCall



Requires a valid OpenWeather key, see:




  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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