iOS调试库,支持iOS11+,无需添加任何代码,方便iOS开发和测试。 iOS debugging library, support for iOS11 +, without adding any code to facilitate iOS development and testing.

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[5.4.0] - 2024-06-12



  • Compatible with Xcode16


  • 兼容Xcode16


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iOS debugging library, support for iOS11 +, without adding any code to facilitate iOS development and testing.







Real machine or simulator shaking within 5 seconds twice to appear debug menu. Functions are as follows:

  • FLEX debugging tool (shaking to open)
  • PC Web debugging server, you can view mobile phone network requests, NSLog, open URL, real-time screenshots, etc. ("Web Server" entrance)
  • Check Swift object capabilities ("App Config" is enabled by default)
  • Measure view distance (switch toolbar to "ruler" mode)
  • Circular reference detection and analysis (click to search on the object view page)
  • View the header files of Class and Protocol (click "Runtime Headers" on the class view page)
  • FPS, memory, CPU occupancy rate display (shaking to open)
  • Mobile phone, App information view, simulation function ("Device Info" entrance)
  • App crash log recording and viewing ("Crash Log" entrance)
  • App crash log is reported to mailbox and server (code configuration crashReporter)
  • Recording and viewing of file logs ("Custom Log" entrance)
  • App file manager ("Browse Directory" entrance)
  • Documents file http, webdav server ("Web Server" entrance)
  • Real machine NSLog display ("System Log" entrance, "App Config" can be configured to filter system logs)
  • Generate dylib dynamic library and inject other App ("Dylib" directory, mobile phone jailbreak required)
  • App encryption tool ("App Config" can be configured to open)
  • CLLocationManager virtual location ("Fake Location" entrance)
  • Simulator virtual remote push sending and receiving function ("Fake Notification" entrance)
  • APNs remote push sending function ("Fake Notification" entrance "APNS Client" configuration)
  • View the startup time, controller loading and network request time ("Time Profiler" entry or click the frame rate icon to quickly view the current controller time)
  • WKWebView request packet capture function (just check "Network History" after turning on the "App Config" switch)
  • WKWebView automatically injects the vConsole function (just turn on WKWebView after turning on the "App Config" switch)
  • WebSite static web server ("Web Server" entrance, the web file can be placed in Documents/website)
  • WKWebView cleanup cache ("App Config" entry)


For everyone concerned about the issue of shelf audit, in particular, explain:

Since this debug library calls the private APIs, the on-board review will not pass, so please remove it when submitting to AppStore.

The CocoaPods project only needs to set :configurations => ['Debug'] when adding a pod, which will only take effect in Debug mode.

The Swift Package Manager project can remove FWDebug from the Target when packaging the AppStore.

Installation tutorial

It is recommended to use CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager to install and automatically manage dependencies and environment configuration.


This debugging library supports Debug and Release environments. It is recommended that Debug mode be turned on. Podfile example:

platform:ios, '11.0'

target 'Example' do
pod 'FWDebug', :configurations => ['Debug']

Swift Package Manager

This debugging library supports Swift Package Manager. Please note that when packaging AppStore, please remove FWDebug from the Target. Package example:


 import FWDebug


This debug library uses a third-party library, thanks to all third-party library authors. Listed below:




  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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