This swift package used to record NSLog()/print() information to file.


swift platform
This package implements a recorder to record runtime log to file.

How to use

Only need to invoke LogRecorder.shared.record(), Recorder will automatically log all stdout and stderr to a file. No need to modify NSLog(_:) or print(_:) in your code.

_ = LogRecorder.shared.record()

If you want the logs to have different levels, you can use the log enum.

Log.debug.write("This is a debug log")          // 🔍 This is a debug log
Log.info.write("This is a info log")            // 💬 This is a info log
Log.warning.write("This is a warning log")      // ⚠️ This is a warning log
Log.error.write("This is a error log")          // ❌ This is a error log

Log enumeration also supports ignoring logs by log level.

Log.setIngore(levels: [.debug])


  • Swift Tools 5.4.0
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