Cross platform graphics in Swift using WGSL. An implementation of wgpu-native


Implementation of wgpu-native in Swift.

Library binaries are provided for

  • macOS
    • arm64
    • x86_64 (testing)
  • manylinux
    • arm64 (testing)
    • x86_64 (testing)

General Notes

  • Create getters and setters for all KZ classes that make interfacing with them akin to C--just provide middleman

  • All the 'self.pointers' tuples can probably be compressed to just an [UnsafeMutablePointer], but readibility is key right now

  • WGPUChainedStructs should be removed eventually

    • Appears basically everwhere with "nextInChain" and what not
    • Maybe implement a .intoChainedStruct() for all classes, or allow all classes in the init()?
  • (1) Consider making any structs/classes that are just 'public var c: WGPUClass' into typealiases

    • Typealiases can have extensions for other functions. Any non-pointer holding classes can be converted easily
      • Extensions also may allow for getters/setters, so interfacing swift-like would be better
      • Removes the issue of invoking .c constantly, we can just use ?
      • Maybe make instance hold all pointers in [UnsafeMutablePointer], deallocate all at once (in Instance, for example--see the first comment)
        • Less memory efficient, cleaner code
        • Depending on how things are sized, it might actually be more memory efficient, as double-up'd objects wouldn't be an issue
  • Compress class files into more abstract files

  • (2) Set enums to have primitive WGPUTypes, that way no conversion is necessary (removes all the calls to constructors and .rawValues)

  • Make functions with callbacks (presumably async) into actual swift async functions

  • (3) Eventually exclude the header files, because we basically define it ourselves in this file

    • Would also remove all dependencies from the project, which is nice. WgpuHeaders would be irrelevent
    • Callbacks can become regular closures probably
  • The wgpu.h free functions are interesting. We unfortunately have to use strdup() constantly, so I wonder if it cleans those types for structs

  • Maybe change the definition of manualPointer() so it uses Unmanaged.passUnretained(). That way Swift's ARC handles memory as normal and we don't have to figure out deinit constantly

    • Changed definition. manualPointer has been split to have a copying method and a dangling method
  1. [Not possible due to all C types being derivatives of OpaquePointer]
  2. [Not possible, WGPUTypes cannot be the basis of enums, raw values are required (but inits might be possible)]
  3. [Not possible, C structs are not the same as Swift structs, we can't redefine those: we need at least one .h for structs]


  • Swift Tools 5.7.0
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Last updated: Fri May 17 2024 09:44:45 GMT-0900 (Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time)