🎨 Makes your TypographyKit color palette available in Xcode Interface Builder.

What's New

TypographyKit Palette v1.1.0


Support for recursive color definitions.

Palette for TypographyKit

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Palette is a tool for use with TypographyKit which takes your app's color palette as defined in your TypographyKit.json or TypographyKit.plist file and generates a palette for use in Xcode Interface Builder so that developers can easily make use of the same colors regardless of whether they are being assigned programmatically or through IB.



To install using Homebrew:

brew install rwbutler/tools/palette


The palette tool is invoked as follows:

palette --color-list <color palette name> --config-url <url>

Where the --color-list parameter specifies the name of the color palette as you wish it to appear in Interface Builder and --config-url specifies the URL to your TypographyKit.json or TypographyKit.plist file. This may either be a path to a local file or remotely-hosted file using either http or https protocol.


Ross Butler


Palette is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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