Raytracing in a weekend, week and life

Ray Tracing: Weekend, Week and Life

This repository is the ongoing result of working my way through Peter Shirley's wonderful series on learning ray tracing.

To aid in understanding how this repository evolves, it is helpful to list my own personal goals:

  • Learn something new that has always fascinated me.
  • Explore authoring high performance Swift code. My approach has been scientific, by writing, profiling (Instruments) and improving. I have made an effort to avoid reducing readability during this exercise.
  • Utilize macOS frameworks, including Grand Central Dispatch, CoreGraphics, simd, etc.

Swift Package

As noted previously, the RayTracing package is intended for macOS, as it intentionally leverages macOS frameworks in an effort to improve performance.


The first target, weekend, is the result of working through the book Ray Tracing in One Weekend.


  • Swift Tools 5.2.0
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