A Swift package for working with GraphViz


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A Swift package for working with GraphViz.


  • Swift 5.1+
  • GraphViz (only for rendering)


import GraphViz

var graph = Graph(directed: true)

let a = Node("a"), b = Node("b"), c = Node("c")

graph.append(Edge(from: a, to: b))
graph.append(Edge(from: a, to: c))

var b_c = Edge(from: b, to: c)
b_c.constraint = false

// Produce DOT language representation
let dot = DOTEncoder().encode(graph)

// Render image using dot layout algorithm
let data = try! graph.render(using: .dot, to: .svg)
let svg = String(data: data, encoding: .utf8)!

Example GraphViz Output

digraph {
  a -> b
  a -> c
  b -> c [constraint=false]

Note: The render(using:to:) method requires that the GraphViz binary corresponding to the specified layout algorithm is accessible from the current $PATH.

Using Function Builders, Custom Operators, and Fluent Attribute Setters

To use the following interface, add "GraphVizBuilder" to your package's dependencies and replace import GraphViz with import GraphVizBuilder as needed.

import GraphVizBuilder

let graph = Graph(directed: true) {
    "a" --> "b"
    "a" --> "c"
    ("b" --> "c").constraint(false)

Note: Swift 5.1 may require explicit typecast expressions in order to reconcile use of custom edge operators like -->. (error: ambiguous reference to member '-->')


Swift Package Manager

Add the GraphViz package to your target dependencies in Package.swift:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
  name: "YourProject",
  dependencies: [
        url: "",
        from: "0.1.3"

Add GraphViz as a dependency to your target(s):

targets: [
    name: "YourTarget",
    dependencies: ["GraphViz"]),

To render graphs to SVG, PNG, and other formats, you must have GraphViz executables (e.g. dot) installed on your system and accessible from $PATH. You can install GraphViz from the command line:

# macOS
$ brew install graphviz

# Linux (Ubuntu)
$ sudo apt-get install graphviz




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  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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