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IPA Uploader

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Uploads your apps to TestFlight & App Store.


  • Uploads IPAs to TestFlight and the App Store.
  • Designed to be invoked from an automation server e.g. Jenkins as part of your CI process.
  • Optionally provides the option to notify of upload status via Slack.

For more information on IPA Uploader, take a look at the keynote presentation.



To install using Homebrew:

brew install rwbutler/tools/ipa-uploader


The IPA Uploader tool is invoked as follows:

  • --ipa-path: The path to the IPA to be uploaded.

  • --username: The username of the Apple ID to upload the IPA as.

  • --password: The app-specific password to use when uploading the IPA (see below).

The following optional parameters may also be specified:

  • --itms-transporter-path: The path to ITMSTransporter for uploading.
  • --emit-app-name: Emits the application name as part of output.
  • --notify-only-on-failure: Output will only be emitted in the event of a failure.
  • --slack-url: The hook URL for posting to Slack.
  • --timeout: A timeout specified in seconds to wait on the upload.
  • --verbose: Emits more detailed output.
  • --verbose-on-failure: In the event of a failure, verbose output will be emitted to help diagnose the issue.

App-Specific Passwords

An app-specific password is one which is generated and then provided to a third-party app to allow limited access to perform authorized actions using your Apple ID. This prevents your account credentials from being compromised.

In order to generate an app-specific password login at https://appleid.apple.com and then scroll down to the Security section. Under App-Specific Passwords, follow the Generate Password... link.


Ross Butler


IPA Uploader is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

Additional Software




  • Cheats - Retro cheat codes for modern iOS apps.
  • Connectivity - Improves on Reachability for determining Internet connectivity in your iOS application.
  • FeatureFlags - Allows developers to configure feature flags, run multiple A/B or MVT tests using a bundled / remotely-hosted JSON configuration file.
  • FlexibleRowHeightGridLayout - A UICollectionView grid layout designed to support Dynamic Type by allowing the height of each row to size to fit content.
  • Hash - Lightweight means of generating message digests and HMACs using popular hash functions including MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256.
  • Skylark - Fully Swift BDD testing framework for writing Cucumber scenarios using Gherkin syntax.
  • TailorSwift - A collection of useful Swift Core Library / Foundation framework extensions.
  • TypographyKit - Consistent & accessible visual styling on iOS with Dynamic Type support.
  • Updates - Automatically detects app updates and gently prompts users to update.
Cheats Connectivity FeatureFlags Skylark TypographyKit Updates
Cheats Connectivity FeatureFlags Skylark TypographyKit Updates


  • Config Validator - Config Validator validates & uploads your configuration files and cache clears your CDN as part of your CI process.
  • IPA Uploader - Uploads your apps to TestFlight & App Store.
  • Palette - Makes your TypographyKit color palette available in Xcode Interface Builder.
Config Validator IPA Uploader Palette
Config Validator IPA Uploader Palette


  • Swift Tools
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