๐ŸชบA package manager to install an executable binary which is made with Swift.

What's New

0.0.10 (alpha)


๐Ÿชบ nest

nest is in development. It can broke backward compatibility.

nest is a package manager to install an executable binary which is made with Swift.

$ nest install realm/SwiftLint 
๐Ÿ“ฆ Found an artifact bundle,, for SwiftLint.
๐ŸŒ Downloading the artifact bundle of SwiftLint...
โœ… Success to download the artifact bundle of SwiftLint.
๐Ÿชบ Success to install swiftlint.

$ nest install XcodesOrg/xcodes
๐Ÿชน No artifact bundles in the repository.
๐Ÿ”„ Cloning xcodes...
๐Ÿ”จ Building xcodes for 1.4.1...
๐Ÿชบ Success to install xcodes.


nest is highly inspired by mint and scipio.

mint is a tool to install and run executable Swift packages. The tool is so amazing, but the tool requires to build packages at first. The build time cannot be ignored on Cl environment where caches are not available like Xcode Cloud.

scipio is a tool to generate and reuse xcframeworks. The tool drastically reduced the build time for the pre-build frameworks by fetching XCFrameworks from remote storage and reusing them.

nest adopts the concept of these tools and reuses an artifact bundle to reduce the build time. If there is an artifact bundle in GitHub release, nest downloads the artifact bundles and installs the executable binaries in the bundles. If not, nest clones and builds the package and installs the executable binaries.


Run this command. This script downloads the latest artifact bundle of this repository, and installs nest by using nest in the artifact bundle.

curl -s | bash

How to Use

Install packages

$ nest install realm/SwiftLint 
$ nest install realm/SwiftLint 0.55.0 # A version can be specified.
$ nest install 0.55.0

Uninstall package

$ nest uninstall swiftlint # All versions of swiftlint are uninstalled.
$ nest uninstall swiftlint 0.55.0 # A verision can be specified.

Show all binaries

$ nest list

Switch command version

If multiple versions for a command are ionstalled, you can switch the linked version.

$ nest switch swiftlint 0.55.0 // swiftlint 0.55.0 are selected.

Configuration file.

nest supports to install multiple packages at once with a configuration file, and the file needs to be written in Pkl.

generate-nestfile command generates the basic configuration file in the current directory.

$ nest generate-nestfile

And update the file based on your requirements.

amends "" // Do not remove this line.

artifacts = new Listing {
  // Example 1: Specify a repository
  new Repository {
    reference = "mtj0928/nest" // or htpps://
    version = "0.0.10" // (Optional) If version doesn't exit, the latest release will be used.

  // Example 2: Specify zip URL directly

Finally run bootstrap command. The command installs all packages in the configuration file at once.

$ nest bootstrap nestfile.pkl

Cache directory

nest stores artifacts at ~/.nest as a default. If you want change the directory, please update $NEST_PATH or specify nestPath in a configuration file (only bootstrap).

Why is the name nest?

A nest is place where Swift birds store their crafts.


  • Swift Tools 5.10.0
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