A swift implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing over GF(2^8)


A pure Swift implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing scheme.

A threshold secret sharing scheme to split data into N secret shares such that at least K secret shares must be combined to reconstruct the data.

This is scheme is information-theortic secure; An adversary with K-1 or fewer secret shares would produce any data with equal probability, meaning fewer than K-1 shares reveal nothing about the secret data.

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Krypton generates and stores an SSH + PGP key pair on a mobile phone. The Krypton app is paired with one or more workstations by scanning a QR code presented in the terminal. When using SSH from a paired workstation, the workstation requests a private key signature from the phone. The user then receives a notification and chooses whether to allow the SSH login.

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  • Swift Tools 4.0.0
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