Typed version of Apple's NotificationCenter to avoid forgetting setting parameters in the userInfo dictionary and needing to handle not having those parameters.

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  • Fix xcframework blocking lldb from working

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  • Xcode Version 14.2 (14C18)


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This framework is about rethinking Apple's NotificationCenter to be more typesafe and about removing uncertainity of the needed value being present in the userInfo dictionary. It can be also used to handle NSNotification.Name subscriptions with better performance than NSNotificationCenter.

It is assumed that you already have (or at least know how to make) a DisposeBag-like system for keeping observations alive. (Observations are cleaned up when the observer token is deallocated)

Example usage

Typesafe API

// SampleNotification.swift
import TypedNotificationCenter

enum SampleNotification: TypedNotification {
    struct Payload {
        let type = "test"
    typealias Sender = MyCustomView
// OtherFile.swift
// Observe a notification and execute a block with the sender and the payload
var observations = [TypedNotificationObservation]()
observations.append(TypedNotificationCenter.default.observe(SampleNotification.self, object: nil, block: { (sender, payload) in
    print(sender, payload)

// Post a notification
TypedNotificationCenter.default.post(SampleNotification.self, sender: self, payload: SampleNotification.Payload())

// Stop observing the notification, this is also called when the observation object deinitializes

Typesafe bridging

enum KeyboardWillShowNotification: BridgedNotification {
    public static var notificationName: Notification.Name = UIResponder.keyboardWillShowNotification
    public typealias Sender = NSNull
    public typealias Payload = KeyboardNotificationPayload

1:1 drop-in replacement for existing NSNotificationCenter usage

var observations = [TypedNotificationObservation]()
observations.append(TypedNotificationCenter.default.observe(NSLocale.currentLocaleDidChangeNotification, object: nil, queue: NSOperationQueue.mainQueue()) { notification in
    print("The user's locale changed to: \(NSLocale.currentLocale().localeIdentifier)")


  • Swift Tools 5.7.0
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