A LibSass wrapper for Swift. SwiftySass allows you to compile Sass code from Swift.

As of October 2020, LibSass is deprecated. I am unsure what that currently means for the future of this project. For the time being, I am not planning on continuing work on SwiftySass.


First, you need to have LibSass installed on your system. SwifySass expects the installation to be located at /usr/local/include/. Using Homebrew is suggested:

brew install libsass

SwiftySass can be installed using Swift Package Manager. To use SwiftySass in a project, add it to the dependencies section in your project’s Package.swift:

.package(url: "https://github.com/r-thomson/SwiftySass", from: "0.3.0")


import SwiftySass

// Compile from a string...
let scss = """
$primary-color: #222;
body {
  color: $primary-color;
var css = try? compileSass(fromSource: scss)

// ...or from a file
let fileURL = URL(fileURLWithPath: "./style.scss")
css = try? compileSass(fromFile: fileURL)


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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