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2.1 - RectangleTools 2.10


RectangleTools found a way to solve the same problem without a major version change, so this downgraded to the newer RectangleTools 2.10.1

Swift 5 swift package manager 5.3 is supported Requires macOS 10.15+, OS 13+, tvOS 13+, watchOS 6+

Swift Color Swatches

A simple Swift package - all it does is draw rectangles of solid colors as NSImages and UIImages.

You can simply use .swatch on a native image:

import AppKit
import ColorSwatches

NSImage.swatch(color: .systemPurple)

Or .swatch on a native color:

import UIKit
import ColorSwatches



  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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Last updated: Sat Mar 16 2024 11:48:18 GMT-0900 (Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time)