Serialize/deserialize Codable types into SQLite tables or parameters.


SQLeleCoder contains extensions to SQLele that enable you to serialize/ deserialize Codable types into/from your SQLite database with no extra work.

Nested Codable types (that don't encode into a single-value container) are supported by encoding them into JSON strings.


struct Person: Codable {
    let name: String
struct Task: Codable {
    let id: UUID
    let text: String
    let assignedTo: Person?
    let due: Date?

let db: Connection = ...
let tasks = [
    Task(id: UUID(), text: "Add docs", assignedTo: Person(name: "Lukas"), due: Date() + 3600),
    Task(id: UUID(), text: "Enjoy", assignedTo: Person(name: "You"), due: nil),

try db.insert(tasks)

let fetched = try db.fetch(Task.self, orderBy: "text")

assert(tasks == fetched)


Codable types using nested containers or super containers are not currently supported.

When using insert(...), the method will encode the first value to an encoder saving the accessed keys and building the insert query. This means that types need to call one of the encode methods for all possible columns, regardless of data. The Codable implementation derived by Swift does this for you.

SQLite integers are 64 bit signed integers. The implementation allows encoding 64 bit unsigned integers, but will throw an error if they overflow. Similarly, decoding a value that does not fit in the requested integer type will throw an error.


  • Swift Tools 5.0.0
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