Library for common enhancements to the Swift language developed by Apple

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Library for common enhancements to the Swift language developed by Apple


Create a common library of helpful extensions and classes that many developers use. This would allow us to use more advanced features while maintaining readability. You are encouraged to submit pull requests or issues with additional features that we can discuss to see if they should be added.


As git submodule

  • Run git submodle add https://github.com/drewag/SwiftPlusPlus.git external/SwiftPlusPlus
  • Drag 'SwiftPlusPlus.xcodeproj' into your project
  • Add import SwiftPlusPlus to the top of any file you would like to use this library in

Note: With this installation you will not be able to access extensions to Array and Dictionary as there is a limitation in Swift that will not allow extensions to generic types from frameworks. To get around this, you can link SwiftPlusPlus files directly into your main target.

Functionality Added to Swift



Returns a string by repeating it 'times' times

var aString = "Hello ".repeat(3)
println(aString) // "Hello Hello Hello "



Return a new dictionary with mapped values for each key and value

var foods = [
    "fruit": ["Apple", "Cantelope", "Strawberry"],
    "meat": ["Steak", "Chicken"],

var foodsStartingWithC = foods.map { $1.filter { $0.hasPrefix("C") } }
println(foodsStartingWithC) // ["meat": ["Chicken"], "fruit": ["Cantelope"]]


Merge two dictionaries together of the same type

var dict1 = ["Apples": 2, "Oranges": 3]
var dict2 = ["Apples": 3, "Cantaloupe": 1]
dict1.merge(with: dict2, by: +) // ["Oranges": 3, "Cantaloupe": 1, "Apples": 5]



Checks if the array contains a value that passes the given test

var numbers = [1,2,3,4,5]
numbers.containsObjectPassingTest({$0 > 3}) // true


Returns the index of the first element passing the given test or nil if not found

var numbers = [1,2,3,4,5]
numbers.containsObjectPassingTest({$0 > 3}) // 3
numbers.containsObjectPassingTest({$0 > 5}) // nil


A type safe, closure based event center modeled after NSNotificationCenter. Every event is guaranteed to be unique by the compiler because it is based off of a custom subclass that implements EventType. That protocol simply requires that the event define a typealias for the parameter to be passed to registered closures. That type can be void, a single type, or a multiple types by using a tuple. Because the EventCenter is type safe, when registering a callback, the types specified by the event can be inferred and enforced by the compiler.

See the EventCenter.swift file for more details.


Generic class that allows registration of multiple callbacks

See the MultiCallback.swift file for more details.

Commit Style

My commit messages follow these guidlines: CAAG Commit Style


  • Swift Tools 3.1.0
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