Public repo for the Braze iOS SDK

What's New


  • Fixes a race-condition occasionally preventing HTML in-app messages with assets from being displayed from a test push.
  • Fixes an issue which prevented HTML in-app messages from opening sms:, mailto:, tel:, facetime: and facetime-audio: urls.
    • Previously, those urls would fail to open silently.
  • Fixes an issue where ABKContentCardsTableViewController was not displaying the "no update" label after the last card was deleted from the feed.
  • Adds methods addToSubscriptionGroupWithGroupId: and removeFromSubscriptionGroupWithGroupId: to ABKUser to manage SMS/Email Subscription Groups.
    • Also adds appboyBridge.getUser().addToSubscriptionGroup(groupId) and appboyBridge.getUser().removeFromSubscriptionGroup(groupId) to the javascript interface for HTML in-app messages.


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  • AppboyKit - Contains the variant of our SDK.
  • AppboyUI - Contains the open-source UI code of our SDK. Not all of the UI code of the SDK is open-source.
  • Samples - Contains sample apps for different Braze features.
  • Example - Contains the Stopwatch Sample App which contains integration examples for the iOS SDK.
    • The Stopwatch Sample App uses our CocoaPods integration (Appboy-iOS-SDK), so you must :
      1. Install CocoaPods
      2. Run pod install in the Example directory
      3. Open the Stopwatch.xcworkspace to open the project.

Version Support

The iOS SDK supports iOS 9.0+.

Carthage compatible as a prebuilt framework. Building from source currently not supported, see #85.


If you have questions, please contact


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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Last updated: Sat Sep 18 2021 02:18:07 GMT-0500 (GMT-05:00)