A library for reading and writing KML files in Swift

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Version 1.0.0



A library for reading and writing KML files in Swift, designed for simplicity and ease of use.


  • AEXML for reading and writing XML files
  • ZipFoundation for dealing with compression for KMZ data.


Supported KML Types

  • Feature
    • Container
      • Document
      • Folder
    • Placemark
  • Geometry
    • Point
    • LineString
    • LinearRing
    • Polygon
    • Multigeometry
  • StyleSelector
    • Style
    • StyleMap
  • ColorStyle
    • LineStyle
    • PolyStyle
  • Sub-formats
    • KML Color
    • Coordinates

Not all types are supported with all options available to KML files. I've focused on types and features that can be used in MapKit for now.


The root of a KML file is represented by the KMLDocument struct, which is used as a container for any number of Features, and any top-level global Styles.

When creating a KMLDocument from scratch (rather than reading from an existing file), you may optionally add a name and description to the document, then add an array of included features and a dictionary of global styles.

public struct KMLDocument {
    public var name: String?
    public var featureDescription: String?
    public var features: [KMLFeature]
    public var styles: [KMLStyleUrl: KMLStyleSelector]

Reading KML Files

let fileUrl = ...
let fileData = try Data(contentsOf: fileUrl)
let kmlString = try? String(contentsOf: fileUrl, encoding: .utf8)
let kmzFileUrl = ...
let kmzFileData = try Data(contentsOf: kmzFileUrl)

let documentFromData = try? KMLDocument(fileData)
let documentFromFileUrl = try? KMLDocument(fileUrl)
let documentFromString = try? KMLDocument(kmlString)
let documentFromKmzFile = try? KMLDocument(kmzFileUrl) //init(_ url:) works with either KML or KMZ files.
let documentFromKmzData = try? KMLDocument(kmzData: kmzFileData)

Writing KML Files

let kmlDoc = KMLDocument(...)

let asData = kmlDoc.kmlData()
let asString = kmlDoc.kmlString()
let asKmzData = kmlDoc.kmzData()

Further To-Do's

  • Documentation: How to add further KML type support


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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