BottomPopup provides a popup-like presentation style to any view controller

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BottomPopup provides a popup-like presentation style to any view controller

What does BottomPopup do?

It is a custom presentation style for view controllers to present any view controller with slide animation from bottom of the screen.

What does it look like ?

Actually depends on your view controller, a real world examples can be seen below;


How is it set up?

Using CocoaPods (Recommended)

Add below line to your Podfile;

pod 'BottomPopup'

Then you can install it with pod install command.


Download the project, just drag and drop classes under BottomPopupController file to your project.

How is it used?

After install, simply make your view controller subclass of BottomPopupViewController.

For navigation controllers, it works exactly in same way, make your navigation controller subclass of BottomPopupNavigationController.

Congratulations, your view controller is ready to show 🎉

Then you can present your controller with native presentViewController:animated:completion: method, bottom popup controller will handle rest.


Bottom popup comes with couple of customizable properties. Since your view controller subclass of BottomPopupViewController now, you can override following properties in your view controller to change behaviour;

  • popupShouldDismissInteractivelty: Bool

    Determines the popup should dismiss whether interactively or not. If it is set to yes, user can dismiss popup with pulling down it down. Default is YES

  • popupHeight: BOOL

    Height value. Default is 377 pt. For example you can return UIScreen.main.bounds.size.height to give it full screen height.

  • popupTopCornerRadius: BOOL

    Corner radius of popup. Default is 10pt

  • popupPresentDuration: Double

    Present animation duration. Default is 0.5 sec

  • popupDismissDuration: Double

    Dismiss animation duration. Default is 0.5 sec

  • popupDimmingViewAlpha: CGFloat

    Target alpha value of the black-colored dimming view after present animation. Default is 0.5

  • popupShouldBeganDismiss: BOOL

    Basically controls whether user can close the popup or not. You can change this variable at the runtime to control dismiss behaviour on spesific actions. Tap on dimming view, swipe down on dimming view and pan gesture on popup dont work if this variable set to false during these actions

  • popupViewAccessibilityIdentifier: String

    Accessibility identifier of popup's view. Default is bottomPopupView

    You can see how changing of these properties changes popup's behaviour below. (Gifs are extracted from example project)

    UIViewController UINavigationController


If you want to track popup lifecycle or current dismiss interaction percent, you can set popupDelegate;

popupVC.popupDelegate = self


func bottomPopupViewLoaded()
func bottomPopupWillAppear()
func bottomPopupDidAppear()
func bottomPopupWillDismiss()
func bottomPopupDidDismiss()
func bottomPopupDismissInteractionPercentChanged(from oldValue: CGFloat, to newValue: CGFloat)

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