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  • 🐛 Fix Crash with useContentChecksums by @mlch911 in #209

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Full Changelog: 1.21.0...1.21.1


Working on a project with a huge amount of pods I had some troubles:
- Slow and unnecessary indexing of pods targets, which implementation I rarely try to edit;
- Redundant rebuild time, probably as a result of problems CocoaPods hooks or Xcode build system;
- Freezing UI during navigation.

You can read 📖 full story on my blog.


🏈 Rugby is CLI tool that was developed to solve the above problems:
+ Cache all pods dependencies and remove their targets from the Pods project;
+ Rebuild only changed pods;
+ Remove unnecessary sources from a project and reduce project size;
+ Drop any unneeded targets with sources and resources by RegEx.

What makes it different?

🕊 Not a dependency, just an optional step
🔒 Doesn't change Podfile and Podfile.lock
🛠 Custom steps
📈 Metrics after each command
Fancy log output
🚀 Swiftish!

Ruby alternatives: PodBuilder | CocoaPods Binary Cache | CocoaPods Binary


You can read more about 🏈 Rugby in discussions section.
Feel free to report any issues or suggest some new feature requests.

Install using Homebrew 🍺

brew tap swiftyfinch/Rugby https://github.com/swiftyfinch/Rugby.git
brew install rugby

More information 🎬 here.

🏈 Rugby Remastered

You can find all information in the readme.
📦 The latest pre-release is here.

How to use 🏈

Run in your project directory after each pod install:

pod install && rugby

Watch 🎬 Basic Usage Demo.
Read more about advanced usage.

Documentation 📚

Command Description
🚑 Help General Rugby documentation.
🏈 Cache Convert pods to prebuilt dependencies.
✈️ Plans Run a predefined sequence of commands.
🔍 Focus Keep only selected targets and all their dependencies.
🗑 Drop Remove any targets by RegEx.
🎓 How To
🎬 Installation Demo
🎬 Basic Usage Demo
🎬 Debug Demo
Known limitations

- Not supported WatchOS SDK

🐛 Contribution

Rugby 1.x is frozen for new feature requests. Please, open only requests with bug fixes.
That's because there is the new Rugby2.x version and it will be released soon.
This new version isn't back-compatible with the first one and has an absolutely different code base.
Also, Rugby2.x will be a closed code for the first time. And then I will open source after all preparations.
Sorry for that freeze time, I hope we continue to develop this product together in the nearest future.

📮 Support

If you want to support this project, you can do some of these:
1) Press ⭐️. It's a great sign that Rugby is useful;
2) Share the project 🌍 somewhere with anybody;
3) Leave feedback in the discussions 💬 section.

If you have any questions or feature requests, feel free to open a discussion or an issue.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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