Implementation of the XDG Base Directory Specification in Swift


Implementation of the XDG Base Directory Specification in Swift.

This package has been largely inspired by a Rust implementation.


let dirs = try BaseDirectories(prefixAll: "my-amazing-app")
/* Get existing configuration path. */
let confPath = try dirs.findConfigFile("conf.toml")
/* If all paths are needed, just add an ā€œsā€. */
let confPaths = try dirs.findConfigFiles("conf.toml")
/* Get path for writing new config.
 * The method makes sure the parent directory exists for the file 
 *  and return the path where the file should be. */
let newConfPath = try dirs.ensureParentsForConfigFilePath("conf.toml")

This particular implementation of the Base Directory Specification makes sure the paths returned never escape the homes in which they should be.

For instance if XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/home/frizlab/.config, we make sure none of the functions that return a config path in this package would return a path outside of this folder, whichever prefixes and file names are required.

A simple example: let confPath = try dirs.findConfigFile("../conf.toml") will throw.


  • Swift Tools 5.7.0
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