Tiny zero-dependency cross-platform Swift parsers for JSON, XML, and YAML incl. in-memory interchange formats and Either type

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Universal: A tiny zero-dependency cross-platform Swift parser and decoder for JSON, XML, YAML, and property lists.


Add the following dependency to your Package.swift:

.package(url: "https://github.com/marcprux/universal.git", from: "5.0.5")

The package provides the modules Either, JSON, XML, YAML, PLIST, or Universal, which is an umbrella module that re-exports all the other modules.


import Universal

func testUniversalExample() throws {
    // JSON Parsing
    let json: JSON = try JSON.parse(Data("""
        {"parent": {"child": 1}}

    assert(json["parent"]?["child"] == 1)
    assert(json["parent"]?["child"] == JSON.number(1.0)) // JSON's only number is Double

    // YAML Parsing
    let yaml: YAML = try YAML.parse(Data("""
          child: 1

    assert(yaml["parent"]?["child"] == 1)
    assert(yaml["parent"]?["child"] == YAML.integer(1)) // YAML can parse integers
    assert(yaml["parent"]?["child"] != 1.0) // not the same as a double

    let yamlJSON: JSON = try yaml.json() // convert YAML to JSON struct
    assert(yamlJSON == json)

    // XML Parsing
    let xml: XML = try XML.parse(Data("""

    let xmlJSON: JSON = try xml.json() // convert XML to JSON struct

    assert(xml["parent"]?["child"] == XML.string("1")) // XML parses everything as strings

    // fixup the XML by changing the JSON to match
    assert(json["parent"]?["child"] == 1)
    var jsonEdit = json
    jsonEdit["parent"]?["child"] = JSON.string("1") // update the JSON to match
    assert(jsonEdit["parent"]?["child"] == "1") // now the JSON matches

    assert(xmlJSON == jsonEdit)


Universal provides the ability to decode from (but not encode to) YAML and XML through their ability to convert to a JSON struct:

import Universal

struct Coded : Decodable, Equatable {
    let person: Person

    struct Person : Decodable, Equatable {
        let firstName: String
        let lastName: String
        let astrologicalSign: String

let decodedFromJSON = try Coded(json: JSON.parse(Data("""
      "person": {
        "firstName": "Marc",
        "lastName": "Prud'hommeaux",
        "astrologicalSign": "Sagittarius"

let decodedFromYAML = try Coded(json: YAML.parse(Data("""
    # A YAML version of a Person
      firstName: Marc
      lastName: Prud'hommeaux
      astrologicalSign: Sagittarius # what's your sign?
assert(decodedFromJSON == decodedFromYAML)

let decodedFromXML = try Coded(json: XML.parse(Data("""
    <!-- An XML version of a Person -->
      <!-- escaping and stuff -->
assert(decodedFromYAML == decodedFromXML)

let decodedFromPLISTXML = try Coded(json: PLIST.parse(Data("""
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
    <plist version="1.0">
assert(decodedFromXML == decodedFromPLISTXML)

let decodedFromPLISTOpenStep = try Coded(json: PLIST.parse(Data("""
        person = {
            firstName = Marc;
            lastName = "Prud'hommeaux";
            astrologicalSign = Sagittarius;
assert(decodedFromPLISTOpenStep == decodedFromPLISTXML)


Browse the API Documentation.


LGPL 3.0 See LICENSE.LGPL for details.


  • Swift Tools 5.4.0
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