Embarrassingly simple UIControl with binary state that appears as a garden-variety checkbox.

CI Platform iOS Swift 5.1 SwiftPM compatible License: MIT


Extremely simple checkbox control for iOS using CoreAnimation layers.

Included is a playground for playing with a collection of checkboxen.


  • isChecked -- the current value of the control.
  • borderLineWidth -- the line width of the border that is drawn around the view's frame
  • borderShape -- the border to render. Currently supports two shapes: square and circle
  • uncheckedBorderColor -- the color of the border when the control is unchecked
  • checkedBorderColor -- the color of the border when the control is checked
  • checkShape -- the checked indicator to render. Support 4 shapes: square, circle, check, and cross
  • checkLineWidth -- the line width of the check and cross shapes
  • checkInserts -- the amount to reduce the border frame before being used for the checked shape frame

NOTE: the color of the checked shape comes from the UIView tintColor value.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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