Swift wrapper for libzip — library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives.


macOS iOS Linux

SwiftZip is a Swift wrapper for libzip providing an API to read, create and modify zip archives. Files can be added from data buffers, files, or compressed data copied directly from other zip archives. Changes made without closing the archive can be reverted.

Note: SwiftZip is currently under development and API may change slightly as the project evolves.

Getting Started

Quick Instructions

Opening and inspecting an archive:

do {
    // Open an archive for reading
    let archive = try ZipArchive(url: archiveUrl)

    // Enumerate entries in the archive
    for entry in archive.entries {
        // Get basic entry information
        let name = try entry.getName()
        let size = try entry.stat().size
        print("\(name) -> \(size as Any)")

        // Read entry contents into a `Data` instance
        let data = try entry.data()
} catch {
    // Handle possible errors

Creating an archive:

do {
    // Open an archive for writing, overwriting any existing file
    let archive = try ZipMutableArchive(url: archiveUrl, flags: [.create, .truncate])

    // Load the test data
    let data = try Data(contentsOf: dataUrl)

    // Create a data source and add it to the archive
    let source = try ZipSource(data: data)
    try archive.addFile(name: "filename.dat", source: source)

    // Commit changes and close the archive
    // Alternatively call `discard` to rollback any changes
    try archive.close()
} catch {
    // Handle possible errors

Getting More Help

Auto-generated documentation based on libzip manual is available at https://swiftzip.github.io/.

SwiftZip is designed to be a thin wrapper aroung libzip. Please refer to the original libzip documentation to get more details on the underlying implementation: https://libzip.org/documentation/.

Current libzip API mapping and coverage is available at API.md


Swift Package Manager

To depend on the SwiftZip package, you need to declare your dependency in your Package.swift file:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/SwiftZip/SwiftZip.git", .branch("master")),
    // ...

and add "SwiftZip" to your application/library target dependencies, e.g. like this:

.target(name: "BestExampleApp", dependencies: [
    // ...

Using SwiftZip on Linux

SwiftZip requires BZip2 and OpenSSL development packages to be installed when building on Linux. You can install the required dependencies using apt on Ubuntu:

apt-get install libbz2-dev
apt-get install libssl-dev

SwiftZip Project

SwiftZip in currently under development. Please open an issue or submit a pull request in case you find any issues or have any improvement ideas.

Project Goals

  • the primary goal of the SwiftZip project is to provide first-class Swift bindings for libzip on all supported platforms
  • the initial target is the iOS platform without any external dependencies, macOS and Linux targets will be added later

Design Considerations

  • libzip must be included "as is" without any modifications to allow easy drop-in updates
  • the library should be entirely opaque providing a native Swift interface for all libzip functionality
  • the binding layer should propagate all underlying errors so client code can properly handle them

Project Structure

  • all libzip-related files are located under the Sources/zip directory and exposed as zip package
  • Sources/zip/libzip is a submodule referencing relevant libzip source code
  • Sources/zip/libzip-patches folder contains patches to be applied to the libzip header files, so they are compatible with the Swift package manager
  • Sources/zip/include contains public headers for the libzip as required by the Swift package manager
  • Sources/zip/include-private contains patched private headers to build libzip
  • Swift wrappers are located under the Sources/SwiftZip directory and exposed as SwiftZip package

Updating libzip

The SwiftZip wrapper is designed to make libzip updates as easy as possible. To update the underlying library, use the ./Tools/libzip-update.sh script to pull the latest version in the Sources/zip/libzip submodule and update public headers.


  • provide an initial set of wrappers for archive operations
  • adapt libzip docs and convert them to code comments
  • provide Swift protocol-based wrapper for custom sources API
  • add Linux build support
  • cover core functionality with tests based on libzip test suite



  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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