iOS Package for Agora Video RTE SDK. Perfect for video calls and live streaming.

What's New

Agora RTC 3.7.0 Release


New Features and Updates

  • Spatial audio effect
  • New screen sharing methods
  • Local voice pitch
  • Reporting the user role switch failure
  • Reasons for connection state changes
  • Channel capacity improvement
  • Virtual background improvements
  • A new version of deep-learning noise reduction
  • playEffect improvements
  • Audio experience optimization
  • Transmission upgrade

For the full release notes, go here

Agora Swift Package Manager

Install Agora Video SDK easily with Swift Package Manager.

Click here for full documentation.


Add the URL of this repository to your Xcode 12+ Project.

Go to File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency, and paste in the link to this repository:

If you have issues installing this Swift Package:

In Xcode's File menu, select 'Swift Packages' and then 'Reset Package Caches'.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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