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What is AppIconSetGen?

AppIconSetGen is a command line tool that makes it easy to generate an App Icon set from a provided image asset (e.g. appIcon.pdf) for iOS, macOS, and watchOS platforms


  • Only a single vector source image is needed for the app icon
  • App Icon set generation can be added to project build phase.
  • All required app icon sizes are generated for a given platform


Using Make:

$ git clone
$ cd AppIconSetGen
$ make

Using the Swift Package Manager:

$ git clone
$ cd AppIconSetGen
$ swift build -c release
$ cp -f .build/release/AppIconSetGen /usr/local/bin/appiconsetgen


AppIconSetGen requires the following to be installed on your system:

  • Xcode 10.2 or later to provide Swift 5.0 tool chain
  • Swift 5.0 runtime (bundled with macOS 10.14.4 or if you use earlier version of macOS install Swift 5 runtime
  • Git


AppIconSetGen is a command line tool appiconsetgen, you can either run it manually or in a custom build phase using following command:

$ appiconsetgen <input file> [--output <output path>] [--iOS] [--watchOS] [--macOS] [--appIconSetName]

Command line options

  • input file - Path to an image file (.pdf, .png, etc).
  • --iOS - Generates app icons for iOS
  • --watchOS - Generates app icons for watchOS
  • --macOS - Generates app icons for macOS
  • --output - Output folder for the generated App Icon set
  • --appIconSetName - App icon set name


AppIconSetGen is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.


This tool is powered by


  • Swift Tools 5.0.0
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