Backwards-compatible implementation of XPCSession


Backwards-compatible implementation of XPCSession

The idea here is to make a version of the new XPCSession class that can be used on older OSes. With this you can migrate your code to new structure without needing to bump your minimum OS version. When that time finally does come, minimal code changes should be required to move over to the real XPCSession.

This thing is still pretty young, and is missing a lot of features. Plus, XPCSession is still in beta, and the API could change. But, I figured why not.


  • Compatible with existing NSXPCConnection instances
  • Swift concurrency support
  • XPCSession extensions to add Swift concurrency support where possible


The wire protocol used here is not compatible with XPCSession. This means you cannot mix the two.


let connection = NSXPCConnection(serviceName: "com.yourcompany.YourService")
let session = XPCConnectionSession(connection: connection)

Task {
    let reply: String? = try? await session.send("hello")

    print("got back: \(reply)")

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  • Swift Tools 5.6.0
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