API to generate 3D surface meshes for Apple platforms

What's New

Fixes for explicit support


Full Changelog: 0.5.0...0.5.1

Very minor changes - some improved documentation, and more explicit platform support identified (watchOS, tvOS) for when this library is consumed as a dependency.


API to generate 3D surface meshes for Apple platforms.

This is a bare-bones library sufficient to create surfaces meshes, and doesn't include tooling or API to generate geometries. The library is intended to be the bare components needed for a useful API that can be used to generate geometries.

The underlying computations for vectors, normals, etc from this library use simd from the Accelerate framework, if available.

The code owes inspiration, and considerable debt, to Nick Lockwood, creator of Euclid. Portions of the code are used, under license, from the Euclid project.

The library supports only triangles as a base type of polygon for rendering into geometries. If you want to work with quads or higher order polygons, or use constructive solid geometry, please look into Euclid, which supports generating geometries from paths and text, constructive solid geometry, as well as geometric primitives.


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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