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What's New

Full Release


Release Notes

  • Fixed The Seeding
  • Added proper migrations to the database
  • Handled try-catch on seeds using try? optional operator
  • Used Crypto Random for secure generating number.
  • Fixed the startDate comparisons with the endDate
  • Push Notifications Implemented
  • deviceToken unique to only the user
  • Fixed OneSignal's weird player_id responses.
  • Added a cancel notification, for cancelling meetup.
  • Refactored code to improve performance
  • Minor bug fixes

FreshPlan API

Build Status API created in Vapor, and to be used for school project.


  • postgresql (Homebrew)
  • Vapor 2 and XCode 9

Set-up Project

  1. Retrieve the secrets folder.
  2. Next, run vapor build && vapor run prepare && vapor run seed. This gets all the pre-info seed database you need.
  3. Have fun!


  • Swift Tools 4.0.0
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