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Swift Package Registry

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The Swift Package Registry is a collection of Swift Packages. Since the GitHub Swift Package Registry is not currently released and the IBM Swift Package Catalog is has been killed, the Swift Package Registry fills the current gap for easier searching and discoverability of Swift Packages.


This GitHub App is a Node.js application built with Probot. It parses all Swift packages using Docker. You can help contribue to this project by visiting the GitHub page. Issues and pull requests are welcomed!

Only public repositories are supported. When adding packages manually, a personal access token is used to fetch information about the package.

Docker is used to help validate packages. Just parsing Package.swift is not always enough. It is also an additional check for Swift version compatability.

You can access the Swift Package Registry via swiftpackageregistry.com (main site), swift-packages.com, swiftpkg.dev, SVVlFT.com, and swiftdependencies.com.



Install dependencies

npm install

Setup .env

Run the bot

npm start

GitHub Action

ncc build -o action action.js 


If you have suggestions for how Swift Package Registry could be improved, or want to report a bug, open an issue! We'd love all and any contributions.

For more, check out the Contributing Guide.


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