Make XML navigation by XPath easier


Make XML navigation by XPath easier.


Swift package only. Add this repo url to your package dependencies. Xcode 11 supports by default.


Initialize a Doc first

  let xmlDoc = try! Doc(fileURL: assetURL(forName: "xml.xml"), kind: .xml)
  // or if you want to use on HTML
  let htmlDoc = try! Doc(fileURL: assetURL(forName: "html.html"), kind: .html)
  // you can also init from data or string
  let dataDoc = try! Doc(data: #<data>, kind: .xml)
  let stringDoc =  try! Doc(string: "<html><body>Hello World</body></html>", kind: .html)

Navigate by XPath

// func select(xpath: String) -> [Node]
let nodes = htmlDoc.root.select(xpath: "//p") // Select all `p` on root node:

// func first(xpath: String) -> Node?
let p = htmlDoc.root.first(xpath: "//p")  // Select first `p` on root node:
let span = p.first("./span")                 // Select first child span on `p`

Evaluate XPath Expression

func eval(expr: String) -> Node.EvalResult?

// count how many p tags
let count = htmlDoc.root.eval(expr: "count(//p)")

Node Info

var tag: String?
var content: String?
var rawContent: String?
var innerRawContent: String?
var attributes: AnySequence<Node.Attribute>?
func value(forAttribute name: String) -> String?

Node Hierarchies

var parent: Node?
var childNodes: AnySequence<Node>?
var firstNode: Node?
func childNode(at index: Int) -> Node?
var prev: Node?
var next: Node?

Advanced usage on namespace

By default, XPaver will solve namespaces for you internally, you don't need to care namespaces if document has only one default namespace.

But if you encounter a XML which contains more than one namespace like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
<person xmlns="http://www.your.example.com/xml/person">
  <homecity xmlns="http://www.my.example.com/xml/cities">

You need to register namespaces and write namespaces in XPath directly:

let mnsXmlDoc = try! Doc(fileURL: url, kind: .xml)
mnsXmlDoc.register(namespaceURI: "http://www.your.example.com/xml/person", forPrefix: "p")
mnsXmlDoc.register(namespaceURI: "http://www.my.example.com/xml/cities", forPrefix: "c")
let cityName = mnsXmlDoc.root.first(xpath: "/p:person/c:homecity/c:name")

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