Swift audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform for iOS, macOS and tvOS

What's New

AudioKit Version 5.1

  • Made Node a protocol instead of a class
  • Massive cleanup of nodes including elimination of AudioUnitContainer, internalAU
  • Updated @parameter to include a ParameterDef so that all parameter definition is in one place
  • Added initial value to ParameterDef
  • Implemented new Triggerable and MIDITriggerable protocols
  • Used handleMIDIEvent blocks in DSP for more instructions (should be sample accurate and safe)
  • Improved performance of the CallbackInstrument with a new ring buffer class
  • Changed way STK Resources are included with AudioKit (might have Cocoapods ramifications - use SPM!)
  • Simplified STK Physical Models
  • Removed unused code
  • Updated scripts from AudioKitDevTools to autogenerate more of AudioKit


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AudioKit is an audio synthesis, processing, and analysis platform for iOS, macOS (including Catalyst), and tvOS.


To add AudioKit to your Xcode project, select File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Depedancy. Enter for the URL. You can define which version range you want, or which branch to use, or even which exact commit you would like use.


In addition to the Migration Guide, our documentation is now automatically generated on the Github wiki.


The AudioKit Cookbook contains many recipes for simple uses for AudioKit components. More examples are here.

Getting help

  1. Post your problem to StackOverflow with the #AudioKit hashtag.

  2. Once you are sure the problem is not in your implementation, but in AudioKit itself, you can open a Github Issue.

  3. If you, your team or your company is using AudioKit, please consider sponsoring Aure on Github Sponsors.

Contributing Code

When you want to modify AudioKit, check out the develop branch (as opposed to main), make your changes, and send us a pull request.

About Us

AudioKit was created by Aurelius Prochazka who is your life line if you need help! Matthew Fecher, Jeff Cooper, and Aure create AudioKitPro apps together, and Stephane Peter is Aure's co-admin and manages AudioKit's releases. Taylor Holliday has been instrumental in AudioKit 5 improvements.

But, there are many other important people in our family:

Group Description
Core Team The biggest contributors to AudioKit!
Slack Pro-level developer chat group, contact a core team member for an in invitation.
Contributors A list of all people who have submitted code to AudioKit.


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0


  • None
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