A flexible string masking and formatting library


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Easy and flexible string masking utility.


  • Platform independent (this is a pure swift package)
  • Provides masked and unmasked input (process method).
  • Easy integration to (UIKit, SwiftUI)
  • Input blocking comes free.


Veil comes with support for SwiftPM so just copy this repos url into your Xcode project


Veil enables string masking by providing a pattern of special characters

To create for instance a date formatter for mm / yy this is as simple as:

let dateMask = Veil(pattern: "## / ##")
let result = dateMask.mask(input: "234")
// result = "23 / 4"

Veil uses a configuration object to specify how to parse the mask pattern. The default configuration uses # to represent any digit and * to represent other characters.

Also notice that Veil will pickup any other character such as / and spaces as symbols in the pattern and will insert them automatically in the resulting string.

UITextField integration

UITextField integration is simple and doesn't require usage of its delegate.

This how you can accomplish live masking of textfields.

let dateMask = Veil(pattern: "## / ##")

@objc func textDidChange(_ sender: UITextField) {
    guard let currentText = sender.text else  {

    sender.text = dateMask.mask(input: currentText, exhaustive: false)

When performing masking of live input just make sure to use the exhaustive option set to false


  • Swift Tools 5.2.0
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