Export cells from your Swift for TensorFlow notebooks as Swift packages


Export cells from Swift for TensorFlow (S4TF) notebooks to Swift Packages.

This is a library intended to run as an installed extension inside a swift-jupyter environment, and is based on fastai's current export mechanisms for both Python and S4TF Jupyter notebooks.


Use swift-jupyter's %install directives to install this package, alongside any other packages your notebook needs:

%install-location $cwd/swift-install
%install '.package(url: "", from: "0.16.1")' Path
%install '.package(url: "", from: "0.7.1")' Just
%install '.package(url: "", from: "0.6.0")' NotebookExport

For more details, please refer to swift-jupyter installation and usage guides.


Mark exportable cells

Mark the cells you wish to export with a //export comment in the first line of each exportable cell. For example:


public func notebookFunction()
	/* Code */

Mark executable cells

You can extract the code in a particular cell as an executable product in the exported package. For example, the following comment will generate a product called ls which you can run by issuing the command swift run ls inside the exported package directory.

//executable: ls


The generated executable automatically imports the package name (which contains all the code from export cells), as well as the libraries installed in %install directives. Other non-installed dependencies (TensorFlow, Python) must be imported manually, if required.

Multiple executables can be created this way. Each executable cell should have a different name to create a different target. Merging several executable cells in a single executable target is not supported yet.

Export cells (default name)

To export all marked cells, import the NotebookExport package in your S4TF notebook and use it in notebook cells like so:

import Path
import NotebookExport
let exporter = NotebookExport(Path.cwd/"swift-notebook.ipynb")

This exports marked cells from the notebook with the name you specified to a new Swift package with the name FastaiNotebook_<notebook_name> (minus the .ipynb extension). You can then %install that package in other notebooks you are working on.

Specify custom package prefix

print(exporter.export(usingPrefix: "MyProject"))

Exports to a package called MyProject_<notebook_name>.


Use NotebookExport.version to verify the version installed.


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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