Declarative proxy for decoupling web requests from their delivery. Similar to js `fetch()`; helpful in unit-tests.

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Finish url session when an error occurs.


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WebRequest decouples network resources from their request declarations.

A WebRequest allows you to compose all of the pieces and parts needed to build, execute, and test any sort of network request, using either static composition or dynamic building. Just describe the request, inject the web delivery-mechanism, then execute.

The WebResponse you get back will have the original request attached along with the status code, headers, and other data depending on whichever mechanism was used.

It comes with 4 built-in delivery mechanisms out of the box, all of which natively use Apple's URLSession:

  • HTTPWebRequestDelivery - default RFC-3986 and x-www-form-urlencoded interactions over HTTP
  • JSONWebRequestDelivery - same as HTTP, but tuned for JSON purposes
  • FileDownloadWebRequestDelivery - for file download requests
  • MultipartFormUploadWebRequestDelivery - for uploading files

To extend functionality, you can create new ones from scratch (such as if you want to wrap another request library like AlamoFire), or you can subclass the default ones and tweak them to your needs.


  • Swift Tools 4.2.0
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