Lua language, patched so it can be called from iOS apps

Lua for iOS shells and Command-Line-Interfaces

Minimal set of changes to Lua so it can be called from within an iOS app within Apple API constraints:

  • Xcode project to create dynamic libraries
  • rename main to lua_main and luac_main
  • rename system to ios_system
  • erase all memory when leaving the program


  • Run the shell script with sh It will download the source and patch a few files.
  • open lua_ios.xcodeproj
  • hit "Build" in Xcode.
  • you're done. You now have a lua.framework that you can link with your projects.
  • if you plan to call system commands from lua (ls, rmdir, curl...) you will need to link with the ios_system framework. Same if you want to call lua commands using system() calls.
  • if you only need Lua without any calls to system functions, comment calls to system() and do not link with ios_system.


  • Swift Tools
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Last updated: Tue Nov 28 2023 23:19:50 GMT-1000 (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time)