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Truora SDK

The Truora SDK is a Swift package that provides functionality to integrate Truora's Digital Identity (DI) and Government services into your iOS applications. This package includes classes and protocols to initiate identity processes and handle their results.


You can install the Truora SDK via Swift Package Manager. Simply add the following line to your Package.swift file's dependencies:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", from: "1.0.0")

Digital Identity SDK


  1. Import the TruoraSDK module

      import TruoraSDK
  2. Initialize TruoraSDK To start using the Truora SDK, initialize an instance of TruoraSDK, set its delegate and add it as a subview of your view.

    let truoraSDK = TruoraSDK(frame: view.bounds)
    truoraSDK.delegateDI = self
  3. Load DI Frontend Load the DI frontend using the LoadDI method. You need to provide a LoadFrontendInput object with your API token.

    let input = LoadFrontendInput(token: "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE")
    do {
        try truoraSDK.LoadDI(input: input)
    } catch let error {
        print("Error: \(error)")
  4. Implement Delegate Methods Implement the TruoraSDKDIDelegate protocol methods to handle events and errors.

    extension YourViewController: TruoraSDKDIDelegate {
        func close() {
            // Handle close event
            truoraSDK.removeFromSuperview() // Recomended if it was added as a subview
        func handleError(error: TruoraError) {
            // Handle error
        func stepsCompleted(result: TruoraResultDI) {
            // Handle steps completed event
        func processSucceeded(result: TruoraResultDI) {
            // Handle process succeeded event
        func processFailed(result: TruoraResultDI) {
            // Handle process failed event



The LoadFrontendInput struct represents the input parameters required to use the Truora SDK.

public struct LoadFrontendInput {
    public var token: String = ""

    public init(token: String) {
        self.token = token


The TruoraSDKDIDelegate protocol defines methods for handling Di processes events and errors.

public protocol TruoraSDKDIDelegate: NSObjectProtocol {
    func close()
    func handleError(error: TruoraError)
    func stepsCompleted(result: TruoraResultDI)
    func processSucceeded(result: TruoraResultDI)
    func processFailed(result: TruoraResultDI)


The TruoraResultDI struct represents the values returned from a DI process.

public struct TruoraResultDI : Codable {
    public var processID: String = ""


The TruoraSDK class provides a method to load the DI frontend.

public class TruoraSDK: UIView, WKScriptMessageHandler {
    public weak var delegateDI: TruoraSDKDIDelegate?

    public func LoadDI(input: LoadFrontendInput) throws {
        // Load DI frontend through Truora SDK

Error Handling

The Truora SDK throws errors of type TruoraError during the capture or processing.

  • TruoraError.MissingToken: Thrown when the token is not provided.
  • TruoraError.InternalError: Thrown when an unexpected error occurs.

Important Notes

  • Ensure that you handle callback events appropriately using the provided delegates. Check for errors thrown by the SDK methods and handle them accordingly.
  • This SDK requires an API token obtained from Truora.

For more information, refer to the official Truora documentation.


Comming soon...


This SDK is provided under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.


  • Swift Tools 5.9.0
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