Swift wrapper package for NanoVG

Cnanovg - Swift wrapper package for NanoVG

NanoVG is a 2D drawing library written in C. It exposes an API very similar to the HTML canvas API. The API calls are buffered and then drawn via a backend like OpenGL (default). Ports to other backends exist as well.

To make it work with Swift a few blocks were moved around in the NanoVG source code.

How to use

First add .package(url: "", .branch("master")) to your package as a dependency.

NanoVG can be used with different OpenGL versions. This wrapper package currently only exposes the implementation for OpenGL 3.2 core. To use it, add .product(name: "CnanovgGL3", package: "Cnanovg") as a dependency to the target you intend to use NanoVG in.

Then you can simply import CnanovgGL3 in your code.

You can find examples for how to use the api in the NanoVG repository.

Tested on Linux (Ubuntu) and MacOS with Swift 5.2


NanoVG on Github

NanoVG uses libraries from stb


  • Swift Tools 5.2.0


  • None
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