A Beautiful Multipurpose Motion Toast Library in iOS using Swift

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MotionToastView - A Beautiful Toast Library for iOS Swift

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A Beautiful Multipurpose Motion Toast Library in iOS using Swift 😍

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Preview - Vibrant Toast 🌈


Preview - Pale Toast 🌟


Preview - Dark Vibrant Toast 🌈


Preview - Dark Pale Toast 🌈


Types of Toast Style ❤️

1. Pale Toast 2. Vibrant Toast 3. Dark Pale Toast 4. Dark Vibrant Toast


A Beautiful Multipurpose Motion Toast View in iOS using Swift with full customisation options. The library is developed using Swift 5.


To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.


MotionToastView is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'MotionToastView'

Import MotionToastView in your class

import MotionToastView

4️⃣ Toast types

        1 .success
        2 .error
        3 .warning
        4 .info

✌🏻 Toast styles

        1 .style_vibrant
        2 .style_pale

⌛️ Toast duration

        1 .short 	// 2 Seconds
        2 .long 	// 4 Seconds


Sample Code for - Motion Toast View 🌟

Success Toast


MotionToast(message: "You have successfully completed the trip", toastType: .success)             

Error Toast

(with corner radius)

MotionToast(message: "You have failed to complete the trip", toastType: .error, toastCornerRadius: 12)

Warning Toast

(with duration, style, gravity, pulseEffect)

MotionToast(message: "You are not in the location. Try again", toastType: .warning, duration: .long, 
              toastStyle: .style_pale, toastGravity: .centre, pulseEffect: false)     

Info Toast

(with duration, style, gravity)

MotionToast(message: "You have failed to complete the trip", toastType: .info, 
              duration: .long, toastStyle: .style_pale, toastGravity: .top)


Light and Dark mode are set using system preference

toastCornerRadius parameter is only for toast style - vibrant

Motion Toast View

Parameter Optional Default Value Type Values Available
message false nil String custom
toastType false nil enum [.success, .error, .warning, .info]
duration true .short enum [.short, .long]
toastStyle true .style_vibrant enum [.style_vibrant, .style_pale]
toastGravity true .bottom enum [.top, .centre, .bottom]
toastCornerRadius true 0 Int custom
pulseEffect true true Bool [true, false]

✍🏻 Want More Customisation?

MotionToast_Customisation(header: "Custom Toast", message: "It gives you more customisation options.",
                            headerColor: UIColor(red: 255.0, green: 255.0, blue: 255.0, alpha: 1.0), 
                            messageColor: UIColor(red: 239.0, green: 239.0, blue: 239.0, alpha: 0.7), 
                            primary_color: UIColor(red: 0.0, green: 0.0, blue: 0.0, alpha: 0.5), 
                            secondary_color: UIColor(red: 0.0, green: 0.0, blue: 0.0, alpha: 1.0), 
                            icon_image: UIImage(named: "apple")!, duration: .long, toastStyle: .style_pale, 
                            toastGravity: .bottom, toastCornerRadius: 12, pulseEffect: true)

Checkout Android version of this library Motion Toast

Design Inspired from @Spikeysanju


If this project helped you reduce time to develop, you can buy me a cup of coffee :)

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Sameer Nawaz,


MotionToastView is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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