PostgreSQL Adaptor for the ZeeQL (EOF/CoreData/AR like) ORM for Swift

PostgreSQL Adaptor for ZeeQL3

Swift4.2 Swift5 macOS tuxOS Travis

This library contains a ZeeQL database adaptor for PostgreSQL.

Note: If your Swift code is running within Apache via mod_swift or ApacheExpress, you may rather want to use mod_dbd. mod_dbd adaptors are provided by the ZeeQL3Apache package.

Installing libpq

To operate, ZeeQL3PG currently requires libpq. You can get it on macOS via Homebrew:

brew install postgresql

and on Ubuntu using

apt-get install libpq-dev


ZeeQL documentation can be found at: docs.zeeql.io.


ZeeQL is brought to you by ZeeZide. We like feedback, GitHub stars, cool contract work, presumably any form of praise you can think of.

There is a #zeeql channel on the Noze.io Slack.


  • Swift Tools 4.2.0
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