🔍 Elasticsearch integration for your Vapor apps.

Elasticsearch Service for Vapor

Swift Vapor

This library allows you to connect to a Elasticsearch server from your Vapor application, perform searches and get back Codable/Content results. Currently only searching is supported, not indices nor data manipulation.


Add Elasticsearch Service to your Package.swift file:

.package(url: "https://github.com/monstar-lab/elasticsearch-service.git", from: "0.9.0")

Register the configuration object and the provider inside your configure.swift file:

let elasticURL = URL(string: "http://localhost:9200")

if let elasticURL = elasticURL {
  let elasticConfig = ElasticsearchConfig(serverURL: elasticURL)

  try services.register(ElasticsearchProvider())

Using the service

After importing ElasticsearchService and obtaining instance of ElasticsearchClient from your container, you can send your search request (either wrapped in QueryContainer, or a simple [AnyHashable: Any] in case of complicated queries) and receive search results (again either as custom Codable structure, or as an [AnyHashable: Any]).

QueryContainer and structs that conform to the Query protocol allow you to model your queries in a type-safe, Swift-y way. However, not the entirety of Elasticsearch’s query language has been converted, only the most commonly used queries. In case a query you require is missing, feel free to submit a pull request.

func getSearchHandler(_ req: Request) throws -> Future<[Product]> {
  let elasticClient = try req.make(ElasticsearchClient.self)
  let query = QueryContainer(
      Fuzzy(key: "name", value: "bolster", transpositions: true)

  return try elasticClient
    .search(index: "product", query, decodeTo: Product.self)
    .map(to: [Product].self) { result in
      return result.hits.hits.map { $0.source }

For more examples, please feel free to look into the test suite or comments.

Known issues

  • BoolQuery’s usefulness is significantly hampered by the fact that only one type of queries can be passed as an argument, for example if you pass type [MatchPhrase] as an must argument, other arguments (filter, mustNot, etc.) must also be of type [MatchPhrase]. If you know how to solve this (type erasure?), a pull request is most appreciated!
  • Indices manipulation is not supported.
  • Data manipulation is not supported.
  • Aggregation is not supported.


  • Swift Tools 4.0.0
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