bytes is a set of Swift tools to cover many all-day tasks in iOS development.

What's New

1.4.0 UserDefaults extension for Set

  • feature Added extension on UserDefaults for Set


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bytes is a set of Swift tools to cover many all-day tasks in iOS development.

Get started

Install via Swift Package Manager (SPM)

As of version 1.3 bytes also supports SPM. To use it, add this repo to your packages in Xcode:

Install via CocoaPods

Add the bytes Pod

pod 'bytes'

The CommonCrypto Dilema:
To provide little hashing helpers such as public var md5: String in String+Hashes.swift, bytes uses the static C Library CommonCrypto. During the pod install we include CommonCrypto by modulemaps (CocoaPods/) in the framework. Those modulemaps have strong references to the default installation path of Xcode (/Applications/


Please read the documentation to find out about all the existing bytes.


Implementing your own byte

Please start a discussion about a byte before implementing one of your own. We love to discuss new ideas and get a concept straigt early on.


Please ensure proper testing of all your code whilst not blindly watching the coverage percentage.


Please add proper documentation to your code (Xcode Editor -> Structure -> Add Documentation). We use jazzy to generate the docset. Use the jazzy command to generate it on your own machine.


The version of this library is set in different ways for Cocoapods and SPM:

  • SPM: uses the commit tag, which must be a valid semantic version (i.e. 1.2.3) see documentation
  • Cocoapods: uses the commit tag to find the correct sources, but the version itself is defined in the podspec file


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.


  • Swift Tools 5.5.0
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