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DonateToUkraine uses monobank's official donation service. You can always donate on your own:

DonateToUkraine gives you a simple way to provide "donate to Ukraine" functionality in your app via an official donation service (endorsed here). The service will be opened inside the app, keeping a native feel. Apple Pay is supported.

Additionally, DonateToUkraine also provides you with DonateToUkraineButton out of the box in different styles, and a UserDefaults-backed way to track completed donations.

Buttons Step 1 Step 2
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Maintainer: @dreymonde


DonateToUkraine.withDonation(contextViewController: self) { donation in
    // success!

Using DonateToUkraineViewController

let donateVC = DonateToUkraineViewController { donation in
    // donation.amount
    // donation.amount.uah
    // donation.amount.approxUSD
    // donation.donatedAt
    // donation.receiptId
self.present(donateVC, animated: true)

"Donate to Ukraine" buttons

let button = DonateToUkraineButton(
    style: .black,
    variant: .donate,
    contextViewController: self
button.didOpen = { /* ... */ }
button.completion = { donation in /* ... */ }

// or:

let button = DonateToUkraineButton(
    style: .black,
    variant: .donate
button.contextViewController = self


.automatic // .black in light mode, .white in dark mode


Variants (text):

.donate // "Donate to Ukraine", default
DonateToUkraineButton.Variant(rawValue:) // custom text

Donation tracking & history

You can use this to "unlock" some functionality after a donation is made.

if DonateToUkraine.hasDonated {
    /* success! */
let allDonations = DonateToUkraine.donationReceipts
let totalDonatedUAH = DonateToUkraine.totalDonated.uah
let totalDonatedUSD = DonateToUkraine.totalDonated.approxUSD

Note: donation history uses UserDefaults and is cleared on app uninstall.

For transparency and reporting purposes, DonateToUkraine will report every successful donation to a dedicated service. The report consists only of receipt ID and donation amount, no other information is sent. However, if you want to opt out, add this line in your AppDelegate.swift or similar:

DonateToUkraine.isAnonymousDonationReportingDisabled = true

Apps that use "DonateToUkraine"


Swift Package Manager

  1. Click File → Swift Packages → Add Package Dependency.
  2. Enter

What happens to the money?

DonateToUkraine uses an official donation service created by Monobank, one of the largest and most trusted banks in Ukraine. The service was endorsed by the Ukrainian government here.

As you can read on the webpage, every donation is transferred directly to a special account opened by the National Bank of Ukraine to raise funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Official announcement of the account: here.

NBU regularly reports on the money it raises, and how it's being distributed. An example of such report here.

Keep in mind that weapons are negotiated between governments on a higher level and are funded / purchased through different channels. The vast majority of donations made to the official NBU account goes towards support payments for soldiers and their families, as well as local purchases of medical supplies, protective gear etc.

If you have any questions regarding the donations, don't hesitate to reach out to me at


  • Swift Tools 5.1.0
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