A SwiftUI-oriented remote image caching system.


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A double-cached (NSCache and local files) web image library for SwiftUI.

For API documentation, check the Wiki.


Using an image as a SwiftUI View

TImage(try? RemoteImage(stringURL: ""))
    .frame(width: 800, height: 1200, alignment: .center)

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Editing a remote image locally

let remoteImage = RemoteImage(stringURL: "https://my.original/image")
let aCroppedVersionOfTheImage: UIImage = ...

// Let's save the edited version
remoteImage["edited-1"] = aCroppedVersionOfTheImage

// We can use this image in Apple's Image View

// ... inside a SwiftUI body ...

    // The image can be set and recalled simply by using a subscript with a tag name
    Image(uiImage: remoteImage["edited-1"])


  • Easy setup
  • SwiftUI native
  • Lightweight and easy to understand
  • You can implement your own optimized caching system
  • Can be set to try to refresh cached images from the Internet after a certain period of time
  • Double cached (persistent and volatile)
  • Uses a shared cached folder (across all apps) by default


  • Swift Tools 5.3.0
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